Home truths?

Nottingham Forest – 0
Crystal Palace – 2

I’ve been deliberately hanging fire on a match report to give my mind a chance to try to organise thoughts and apply a little perspective; I’m not sure that it’s really helped – but I do think that today I had somewhat of an epiphany; and to be honest, the match today was – whilst the catalyst – fairly mundane background noise as these thoughts took shape.  I’m not even sure it is a match report – if it was, and was somehow divorced from emotion, it would document an at times decent Forest performance against a cynical Palace side who took two rare chances exceptionally well.

I could rant and rave about the shameful behaviour of Warnock’s team ’til the cows come home, but there’s little merit in that – anybody who saw his Sheffield United team play will remember a group of talented players, playing largely decent football – and augmenting it with cheating, diving, kicking the ball away, mouthing off at the referee.  That’s pretty much the same here.  The real villain of the piece is not Warnock, though, it was the referee for blindly falling for nearly every single bloody obvious trick that was being played on him.

In a nutshell though, I don’t think we can blame the result on that.  Not really.  We were undone by a miskicked freekick that we didn’t clear, that was struck tremendously well to get the opening goal, and by a goalkeeping error where Smith came rushing out of his box, only to hesitate and get stranded – even then it was a bloody good finish by Kuqi to double the visitors lead.  We made some chances too, Bennett was on the end of no fewer than three corners without converting, McCleary made some good opportunities, Speroni (the cheating bastard) had a few saves to make.

I thought that Tyson had another solid game, with little sympathy from the referee as the Palace defenders challenged him in the air leading with a forearm smash or an elbow to his head.  I thought that McCleary provided some bright sparks, and Cohen worked tirelessly hard.  I actually thought, if you took the goals out of the game (and whilst both well taken, the opportunities leading to them were preventable), I think most of us would have been happy with the performance.

To those fans shouting abuse at Paul Smith; you really are clueless idiots.  Sure, it was a bad decision for him to rush out, it undoubtedly cost us a goal – it didn’t change the outcome of the game though, as if we were still playing now we wouldn’t have scored yet!  He’s not without faults, but along with Cohen he’s been probably our most consistent performer this season – he’s made countless last-gap saves to prevent defeats, and basically, I think we’re lucky to have him.  Because as well as all this, he’s young enough to develop the weaker elements of his game.

The ‘realisation’ I think, and it’s not really a new one, is that our defence is nowhere near good enough.  ‘Casual’ Kelv made a few appearances today and nearly got us in trouble, the previous underhit backpasses and defensive lapses could easily explain why Smith might have elected to make his mad dash out towards the end to try to clear the danger.  Wilson is probably the strongest candidate in our back four to make the step up, and he can be be found wanting at times.  I do think that in our ranks we have the makings of a decent midfield and attack, but in our manager we don’t have the tactics to best utilise them.

I had really wanted to promise myself that I wouldn’t leap on an anti-Smoulderwood tip too quickly; but it would appear he doesn’t learn.  Doesn’t see what seems so obvious.  Whilst I’m aware that it’s very easy to criticise from the sidelines, is it really that hard to see that we do better with men on the wings?  That our strikers operate better with a partner than without?  That James Perch has, every time he’s played there, proven a much more effective fullback than Chambers (so that’s one he got right today!).  Unfortunately I struggle to see where improvement will come under him.

The other factor is I can’t imagine who would want to come and replace him; rumours of Allardyce I am certain are rubbish, people talk of Curbishley which seems rather fanciful – and of course, there will be the inevitable clamour for Forest to employ the services of Pearce or Clough Jnr purely on the basis of the name.  Both people, I imagine, would think more than twice before accepting the poisoned chalice.  But I suppose you can’t stay your hand purely because a replacement doesn’t spring to mind either.  Can you?

It is still early days, but after ten league games there are five points between us and safety.  There has to be that natural tipping point where things become intolerable, because frankly a return to League One will be as good as a death sentence for any outlandish hopes of Forest establishing themselves at this level; let alone the top flight – fans, so buoyed with optimism after the unexpected promotion – have hit reality with a bump, and the City Ground has become a rather unpleasant place to visit.  Not least due to the fickle and delusional morons I referred to earlier in the post.

A depressing day.  Having said that, to bring things properly into perspective I noticed a supporter in the Lower Trent End who appeared to be being treated for some kind of cardiac problem, before being taken in an Ambulance.  The fact that I noticed the siren blaring as they were taken to hospital gives me hope that the paramedics were able to stablise them, and I truly hope that the fan is undergoing a full recovery – my sincere best wishes to them, and family or friends etc.  There is more to life than football, after all, so naturally I’m sure all Reds fans join me in wishing a speedy recovery to the person in question.

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  1. U r too right in saying CC doesn’t learn. I think the results of recent weeks is a direct reflection of our results in the pre-season friendlies, where we struggled to keep clean sheets and not winning the obvious. CC hasn’t done anything to bolster the defence and midfield – that will be his undoing. I am not sure if we can dig outselves out after 10 games if this recent trend continues. As the table shows, 5 pts adrift with the possibility of the gap growing wider. Whilst I remain positive, I can honestly say I can’t see the team performing well playing catch-up and while under relegation pressures.

  2. not a good day in all missed chances awful refereeing and a key player injured. The only way we can get out of this mess is be much more clinical. We had a good 6 or 7 chances today which could have won the game in the first 10 minutes. Also we have to improve at the back. I cannot understand why Joel Lynch wasn’t given his first home debut we’ve got him for a month he played decent on tuesday and Calderwood leaves him on the bench the whole game?? If we fail to get anything out of QPR next game Calderwood needs to go. Best Wishes to that forest fan U REDS!!!

  3. Top views nffc and by the way all loyal reds with a half a footballing brain realise that we are in mess.i have put some strong views across on the forum over the last few weeks only because i care deeply about our club and am at a loss at the moment.

    Its a results driven business and on that point colin is not measuring up at this level.As you say there are players in our team simply not goog enough.My question to you is do you think the board have the nouse or backbone to act to halt the slide before its too late ? and who would you appoint ?

    And by the way you are right there is a hell of a lot more to life than football.

  4. Warnock never changes, yet I still get frustrated by the muppet…

    However this shouldn’t detract from our own deficiencies exacerbated by erratic management. Cole and Tyson encouragingly forged a partnership on tuesday night so the obvious thing is to drop Cole to the bench…Whilst plenty of forwards were brought in during the summer, the defence/midfield was sadly neglected despite an obvious need to strengthen. I could go on…
    Pre-match I believed that Calderwood deserved until christmas because of our late surge to promotion. Post match I resorted to my long held belief that he is sadly not up to the job. “Judge us after ten games” said Colin; well if that’s his yardstick we’re in trouble!!! And the sheep won again, and Leicester appear to be making light-work of a league we toiled in for so long!! I’m going to have a drink.

  5. Alright ric – the comments are available to you to post your views, and that’s always welcome mate.

    In answer to your questions, I don’t think the board will act yet, unfortunately. I think much akin to the Kinnear era, a sound beating at Pride Park might just be what spurs them into action.

    As for who to replace him with. I have no idea. I wouldn’t want Big Sam, and I can’t imagine that (a) he would want to come here or (b) he is the kind of wholesome and savoury character that Doughty would want at the club.

    I suppose a strong reason for keeping Smoulds on is that you can never really seem to trust the board to appoint a decent successor. But that’s rather a shit justification for not acting!

  6. I’m convinced there are 20.000 forest fans, like me, not bothering to go down the CG because of the brand of footie we’re playing. That’s dictated by the Manager. Swansea at the CG last year, now that’s football, a lesson from the past, Bring it back home and I’ll knock you lot over to get down there.

  7. That’s the funny thing Steve, the football is not THAT bad… honest! In small glimpses, admittedly. There’s just no end product.

    And that means there’s no results going our way.

    It’s quite a conundrum.

  8. The important thing as that we dont suffer another relagation to that awful league. The results we are currently producing (if not the performance) are relegation fodder and we can’t afford to let that go on too long.

    Unfortunately, a change of management seems to be a necessary requirement for our survival.

  9. My mind is doing summersaults trying to deal with leage 1 football again.Im sick as a parrot if im honest but am prepairing for the worse.Thanks for response nffc i think the board do have an awful lot to answer for they have mismanaged our club for years it sticks in my throat im very disgruntled with them.

    However i do think we need a manager with premiership pedigree it sickens me think what keano has done at sunderland and he could have been with us.As you stated last year in th blog mr arthur is at the forefront of our plight then and now its he that should be emptied along with CC and coaching staff.Arent roberto martinez and swansea showing us how its done !

  10. In the past I have voiced my opinion regarding my desire to see Nigel Clough come back as gaffer. You report mentions people (like me) want to see him back because of his name. So for the record this is not the case. I want him back because;
    1, he has proved that he can mange
    2, he has a football brain
    3, the fans would be right behind him, we would sing his name ( when was the last time this happened to a manager of our team ? Frank Clark possibly.
    4, the players would play for him
    5, the players could not take the piss, he would be stronger. Calderwood is not and neither have the past managers.
    6, He would put bums on seats for sure.
    7, I for one would not judge him against his father, no point. Its not like we are desperate for two more European cups, mid table would be great.

    So not just because of his name!!

    Good luck to the forest fan you mentioned.

  11. Good reasoning, Ash.

    I don’ think he’s proven to be anything more than a competent lower league manager, in all honesty. Although from watching his playing days there is no disputing that he has a footballing brain!

    You are right about the fans, the last manager I remember being sung for was Paul Hart (“We love you Harty, we do!”…). Would the players play for him? Is he strong? Would they not ‘take the piss’? I don’t know, you could be right.

    He certainly would generate interest and probably fans, and whilst you and I would be realistic enough to not judge him against his illustrious father, do you really think that the rest of the fans and media wouldn’t?

    I’m not convinced. Of course, if he were to arrive, he’d have my full support!

  12. shorly to anyone that has played the game or followed Forest for the last few years it is plain to see that we are not upto this leauge yet ,all the pre season talk from Deadwood about maybe going straight up to the premiership looks rather silly now. In my oppinion deadwood as always been that to me deadwood his type of football belongs in the lower divisions we will never go anywhere with him only back to the third division.The board talks about a new 100million pound stadium what utter nonesense lets get a team worthy of it first. When i think of all the wonderful football i have seen over the 45 years i have been watching Forest it makes me feel disgusted ,it would be so nice if we could clear out the whole lot of them that control the city ground they are not fit to run our wonderful club. Some of the players aought to be ashamed at picking up there wages i wouldnt pay half of them in used bus tickets.They should be made to sit in our trophy room for a whole week and realise who they are playing for Clear out the deadwood and half of the players that pull on that red shirt every week.Most of thease players came from lower divisions and most of them still play that way.

  13. next in your town…..PSYCHO0000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Forest play well but lose at Sheff Weds so Clueless makes 4 changes!!! Wes straight back in despite crap performances-first time Cole shows any real form mid week-Clueless drops him.
    This manager is a joke, we need a change now before it is too late.
    ‘Make a judgment after 10 games’ quote the manager-i rest my case!!

  15. Talking of paul hart…I wouldn´t mind seeing him offered the job again but I doubt if he would accept. Certainly working with our young players would be good for everyone !!!He had the knack of encouraging the players to perform to the best of their abilities,which of course is what Cloughie did !!!!
    I hope there is something in the press soon saying how many more games cc has to turn things around . That would give a boost to Everyone !!!

  16. I was going to write my thoughts but after reading this article and everybody elses thoughts I have come to the conclusion that Deadwood needs to go before it is too late.

    We are five points from safety after ten games, that is just not acceptable.


  17. Quote ” Judge the team and the season after 10 games, that when the table shows the real positions” (C Calderwood, 3rd game of the season)

    Well Colin, we are bottom, can’t csore and your tactics are odd….time to step away and I hope Nigel D has the balls to force the issue.

    I’m fed up because this is relegation stuff, now 5 points from safety, how many before we do somthing and hand the next guy the impossible task

  18. Judging by every comment on the blog and nffcs balance views its a 100% daming.We have all had enough my prediction is he will still be in charge for october and by start of november we will be 10 adrift ITS THE SAME MOVIE WE HAVE WATCHED OVER AND OVER OVER THE YEARS A TOTAL MESS RAN BY VERY NIAVE PEOPLE I DONT THINK THE FOREST BOARD COULD SEE A GOOD MANAGER IF HE LANDED ON THE TRENT IN AN AIR BALLOON.

  19. As ever an incisive well balanced report; it is certainly the one I seek out first after every game. We have the potential but that counts for nothing if it is not realised and football is a results game. I am afraid the Club is so clearly lacking leadership on and off the field that without a major change the youngsters will simply get demoralised and give up, if they haven’t already; winning or losing quickly becomes a habit. I am not a CC basher but I believe he has to go because to do nothing is definitely the wrong answer. Moreover we need some experience and leadership on the field and Breckin is not that man. Against that, the question of who is, is a very good one and I don’t have an answer – but then again I’m not paid to, others are!

  20. Calderwood out.

  21. I was going to mention CC’s quote about judging after 10 games.

    Well, I think it’s judgement day and I think he should resign now while we have the break to re-group.

  22. How can the quality of a manager be judged by whether or not the fans are singing his name? ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS?
    nffc, you are wrong too, the last song about a manager (and I have heard it with my own ears at the City Ground) was: “HE’S FAT, HE’S ROUND, HE’S SENDING DERBY DOWN, JOE KINNEAR, JOE KINNEAR…”
    I think I rest my case.
    Calderwood in.

  23. Vassilis,
    Singing the manager’s name is a sign of respect and confidence in him from the fans. This is a strong indication that the manager is in charge and has the support of the people who pay the wages. This is very important and makes the manager very strong. Look at the guy down at Swansea, I bet he does not get web-sites calling for him to leave. It puts him in a strong position with the owners and the PLAYERS. I bet you £500 that at least some of our players are thinking “whats the point, CC is has lost it and will not be here much longer or I wonder who the new boss will be?” I will have another £500 on that the first game with a new “respected gaffer” will show a really big difference in our game and our “luck”!!!
    CC needs to go NOW

  24. Redash: with regard to your last point, the first game with a new boss often leads to a victory – how often does it lead to a sustained improvement though?

    I am not an apologist for Calderwood, he has made mistakes, but as I have stated elsewhere, I think that the footballing ethos is about right, but the players seem to lack the nous to make the right decisions at the sharp end (either in defence or attack).

  25. We are in trouble and some of the blame lies with the manager, however I said it last season and will say it again – CC is not the one wasting the chances we get to score goals and he is not the one failing to close down the opposition and conceding goals.
    The players have to show more desire and more inteligence.

    Yesterday the football was okay and has been for most of the season – not the dire stuff of last season, despite what some might say. A couple of comments though:

    Tyson looked like he had a glorious chance in the first half but slid in with the wrong leg (again).
    Bennet had 3 unchallanged headers from corners and put them all over.
    Smithy only came rushing out because Kelvin initially hesitated (again).

    The players are not makeing the correct decisions on the pitch and that is not the fault of CC.

  26. Rish – just read you comment – you are totally correct. The football is good, it is just the players are not making the correct decisions at crucial points.

  27. It’s the manager who hasn’t the nous to make the decisions. He spent too long trying to keep all his centre backs happy, including playing one of them out of position at right back. We don’t have a regular captain because the ‘proper’ captain is rarely in the team and when he does make the team, the stand in captain is stripped of the armband – how ridiculous!

    As has been said above, how can you drop Cole to the bench after his best display and then complain about a lack of finishing touch? The manager should know his best team and stick to it like O Neill has done this season at Villa. In a PROPER 4-4-2 formation!!!

    Don’t wait until November, make the change now while there is time to turn it around. Personally, I’d love to see someone like Gary Johnson at the helm – someone that clearly knows what he’s doing. I doubt he’d walk out on Bristol for us though.

  28. Once again we’ve played reasonably well but not had enuogh to finish off our chances. I’m not pinning that on any one player but a theory that I’ve thought about in the past was bourn out today and that is that Tyson, whilst I cant doubt his effort and endeavuor, and given the right service, ie balls through the channels his finishing. but the fact is he’s not a great footballer, countless moves breakdown when he becomes involved, he seems incapable of seeing a an early ball or sometimes any sort of pass at all. He is only concerned with running to the byline then not looking up and just shooting at the near post. At this level he needs more to his game.
    As for yesterday i was surprised not to see cole start as i’d heard he’d done ok in the away game and indeed he looked capable of creating something when he arrived yesterday. I think that the last half hour or so when Macleary was allowed to play wide we looked quite dangerous, hopefully CC will have seen this and allow him to play as an out and out winger in future. but doubtless he’ll continue to change the system every twenty minutes

  29. at the end of the day the fans just don’t want calderwood as the manager so whatever he does will be wrong …palace came with a game plan and stuck to it forest just seemed to make it up as they went on …alan curbishley for me

  30. CC out but who in??? None of the names mentioned here would want to manage forest. We are now a weak, poor middle leagues team. There is little hope for any manager. At least CC knows the job. He just needs some better defence and work from there. This is going to take time. Only goal this year is to stay in Championship and move on. Dont force CC out until there is clearly no hope AND we know someone else can come and do better. BUT, i cannot see who that will be.

    Here’s to a grim season…….. ( sorry)

  31. Cheer up – Hull have just gone 3 points clear of Derby’s total – in just 7 games! Come on you red tigers!!!!!

  32. Early I know. But, if CC cannot bring in any quality then we need to prepare for relegation and the financial implications that will bring to the club again. The sad truth being that we are well equipped for life in the 3rd tier so no adjustments are needed!. If the club ARE SERIOUS about staying in the 2nd tier a small warning. INDECISION WILL BRING FAILURE. If Calderwood is incapable at this level (the results suggest nothing else!) the n act Doughty!. I find the clubs pipedreams about a new stadium somewhat embarrassing in light of results..

  33. This hurts to say, but once D*rby have stuffed us (ouch) at Pr*ck Park ND will have no choice but to get rid. Thank God.

    But the question is who for???

    Nobody really stands out. Clough? Not for me, I’m afraid.
    Pearce? Behave.
    Big Sam? Buy yerselves neckbraces.
    Curbishly? Hmm, maybe.
    Holloway? See, limited options.

    One thing for sure…NONE of the above would do a worse job.

    Get an unfit striker/winger on a season loan. Who’s already got a long-term injury???!!!
    Don’t get any decent cover for the 2 weak positions in the team??? (full-backs, in case you’re wondering).
    Finally get a defender in on loan. And leave him on the bench??!!!

    And don’t get me started on formations.

    No, sorry but I’ll repeat myself for the 20th time: We have struggled the whole time he has been in charge. We got lucky last season. This season we have actually played, in patches, some tidy football at last. But we still need 2 wins and other results to go our way JUST TO GET OUT OF THE RELEGATION ZONE.

    Wake up and smell the roses CC fans, we are going down with him in charge.

  34. don’t really like to say this but i really do hope we lose the next couple of games . it will beefit us in the long run

  35. Nice to hear Brown,the hull city manager after their latest win. on the bbc sport site.If you wear a hull shirt you have to put sweat on it. If you dont fight for the cause you are out of the team. Everyone knows the game plan and everyone sticks to it. Everyone HAS to fight for each other or else they are out of the team.
    Is there a Brown clone anywhere??

  36. Those who follow this blog know I’m no CC fan but his comments don’t breath confidence nor does he lay blame anywhere nor does he admit he’s a lot to learn.

    Going over the web @ Lunch & I’m seeing the board’s giving his backing. Here we go again…. If by the time we play Derby things haven’t changed- no matter what the score it may be time for him to go….

  37. The last time we have a side that played free flowing attacking football that set the division alight wasn’t actually that long ago..

    After Megson walked, McParland & Barlow reverted to a simple 442 system, gave the players licence to play, and for 10 games we ripped it up, coming unstuck at the final hurdle.

    The team was in a lull before Megson went, we had the players but they just weren’t being utilised right, just the same as what is happening now.

    There is not one Forest fan that can honestly say that Forest look so much better playing 442, yet for some reason unknown to us, CC refuses to give it ample chance.

    He asked for 10 games before we judged him, he’s had them, and the table does not lie.

    Time for a change before its too late.

    I for one, do not want to be on the end of another embarrassment at Sheepdip Park… the last 2 league visits still haunt me.

  38. I agree with Steve – bring back Charlie and Frank!

    We’re being cut adrift at the bottom of the league and we’re all worried we could ‘do a Derby’ and go straight back down. We all know that work needs doing to find the right formula on the pitch to get us scoring again. So what is our manager doing about it?

    Going to f*&king China for 5 days with the chairman!!!

    That has to be the final straw. I appreciate that the China trip could be important but surely the manager should be working hard with the team to put things right???

  39. On a slightly different note, I know somebody who was happy we lost on Saturday.

    My Cat!!

    I accidentally put his collar in my pocket on Saturday and if we had won, I would have to take it to every match. (the collar, not the cat)

    He’s not allowed outside without it, so I expect he was purring with delight when we lost.

    (plus I would have walked round making a “ringing noise” all the time)

    Every cloud and all that….

  40. Whilst I too am baffled by some of CC’s tactical decisions, I think we must remember that he is not to carry the blame alone for the decisions re transfers/loans.

    We must remember the club has a complicated system of ‘vetting’ incoming players involving their very own version of the X Factor panel (although David Pleat is definitely no Cheryl Cole!).

    It is unclear how much or little say CC has in incoming players and there is no doubt it is the CLUB’s policy to go for young players. It is the lack of experience and know how that is killing us at the moment.

    Few who go to the games can doubt that the quality of the actual football the team is playing is light years ahead of the dross that was served up last year. I am clearly in the minority but in most respects I would rather see us attempt to play good football and lose than kick and rush/cynical football that wins.

    The irony is not lost on me that so many now talk up Paul Hart. When Forest went 8 games without a goal, he was getting exactly the same comments thrown at him as Calderwood is now. He had brought in Michael Chopra and Marlon King (not bad players as it turned out?) and the fans were quick to say he hadn’t replaced Marlon Harewood. Maybe if we’d been more patient, he would still be here now, possibly along with Andy Reid / Michael Dawson etc.

    Bloody hypocrites, the lot of you. Be careful what you wish for……….

  41. Barrow red – you make a point which I’ve been hitting on time & time again – EXPERIENCE – we’ve only a handful of players who’ve played at this level b4 and that was 3 years ago. I reckon we should renew our interest in Leon Best (back from inj & on the score sheet I noticed) & pay silly money to prise hm away from our midland rivals.

    Anyway, CC’s got confidence in the players – that’s not the problem – we got no confidence in him – that’s the problem. Wake up call for ND & CC in China!!

  42. Hmm, Barrow. Not sure where to go with this…
    We are all hypocrites? No sir, I said when we appointed him that it was a mistake. And I hold to that belief. But for a few really lucky results going our way last 2 weeks of last season he’s hardly been either a roaring success or even a steadying hand on the rudder, has he…
    If you are enjoying this season, bottom of the league with no real chance of getting out of the relegation zone until november then fair enough.
    Personally, I think when we get McGugan back fully fit, and the likes of Anderson and Garner back it will make a big difference to us. But thats because they are good players in their own right, not because CC has imparted words of wisdom and advised them to play a specific position.

    I have never booed the players off as i don’t blame them. I blame in part the managers’ tactical naievity and those forest fans moaning and groaning at the slightest mistake which hardly helps their confidence.

    And i thought Hart was a great person to lead this club, shame the board didn’t agree.

  43. Oh, and for the record, I don’t know how to fix our problem as in who to bring in.
    Sorry if thats a bit of a cop-out!

  44. I personally do not have a problem with CC’s transfer dealings, I think this is one of his strong points.

    He has built a really strong looking squad, but he just doesn’t seem to know how to play them, when everyone can see 442 is the best option, If only he’s start with it..

    Credit where Credit is due, CC has done a very good job sorting out the club, we have an exceptional academy, the majority of his signings are young and for the future as well as for present.

    Its the bit that matters thats letting him down tho, on the pitch.

  45. I would like to make one observation relating to Paul Smith. He is a good keeper but will not improve until he has a serious challenger who will provide him with the catalyst to further improve. CC does not appear to see this as an issue but I think it needs addressing now.

  46. MattyBoy

    Actually it sounds like you and I are actually coming at this from a more similar angle than it at first appears.

    CC was certainly not my choice, however neither were the clowns Kinnear and Megson before him. The club had a clear policy under Paul Hart (bring on young players and then sell them on) but at least the youngsters played to a clear pattern and would over time have developed into a good team. As it turns out, we would have been better off sticking with Harty EVEN IF IT HAD ENDED IN RELEGATION. (Just look at how many of those players now play in either the Premiership or Championship)

    There is part of me that thinks we should not make the same mistake again. The club once again has a clear policy of developing a young team – I have no doubt that the likes of Cohen, Anderson, Garner, Chambers, Tyson, Thornhill. Martin & Wilson will have successful careers and I hope as a ‘group’ (CC’s favourite word) they achieve that success with us. The danger with sacking CC is that Doughty will once again appoint a kick & rush merchant who will discard our talent for eleven Andy Impeys and Nicky Eadens. If that is what you want – fine.

    In the long run, sticking with the current set up will pay dividends – I’m not saying this season as we do look like relegation fodder at the moment – but over the next two to three years. You must be blind not to be excited by the young talent the club is acquiring and bringing through. That is what keeps me going to the games, what makes me clap them off every match and what makes it easy to handle when the piss is taken out of me at work on a Monday morning.

    Rather than slagging the club, the manager and the team off – remain positive, get behind them and make them realise that if they make a mistake, they aren’t going to get 15000 people calling them a James Hunt. Yes Mr Angry in the Lower Trent End, you know who you are. Brave footballers are good footballers. Slagging them off gets us nowhere.

    Although it doesn’t seem like it at right this minute, we have made strides forward from the dark days of Megson & Kinnear. It is a huge rebuilding job and the only thing the first 10 games have proved to me is that we are still still have a long way to go to return the playing side to the standard we had five years ago, let alone ten or twenty years. Give them the time and support and we will get there.

  47. Aah, Barrow red, you must sit near me in the Trent End. You’ve heard Mr Angry spouting his crap too!

    Kick and rush, no no no. I do believe the players we have are good enough to entertain AND keep us in the Championship this season and build on that. I just don’t think that CC is the man to mould these good young players into the team we need right now.
    I don’t know who is, so maybe my opinion is worthless, but sadly I believe I’ll be proved right at the end of this season.
    That belief wont stop me singing and chanting for my lads though.

    Hope springs eternal, and I’ll happily tuck into yet more humble pie come May!

  48. There’s this bloke, plays for Shrewsbury, scored 5 today. I wonder if we can get him on loan?

  49. Forest Forest – ask CC – he discarded him!!! Just in case the rest don’t have a clue still who he is – the name & you lot have slagged him off so much in the past GRANT HOLT!!!! Yes, I’ll type it again GRANT HOLT!!!!

    On a more positive note, Garner & Anderson have hit the comeback trail in the reserves and Anderson scores too to rescue a point vs the Imps.

    Barrow Red, I understand your fear but there is no guarantee that a) A new manager would get rid of them b) If we were to go back down (& I don’t want to start discussing it yet) that we’d keep the core of this young team.

    Don’t get to blows with Mattyboy or any other fan. We all want what’ss good for Forest and almost all of us here are not CC fans. I definatly ain’t but he’s the manager & if the results don’t turn around soon he’ll be out the door by Christmas. If he goes any later we’ll only end up doing another mistake just as the board did when they finaly got rid of Mugson – 2 or 3 matches earlier we wouldn’t be writting all this!!!

  50. Nice to see anderson and garner playing.Two fresh positive players to lift us all.
    CC still has to go. He doesnt learn from his mistakes.
    Cole should certainly have started against palace. His confidence and experience is what the team needs. Come on you REDS !!!!

  51. As cc is not managing the team against ireland, its a pity pemberton was not given his chance.
    Lets hope kerslake has a mind of his own and is not infuenced by cc. and the team selection is good and anderson and garner are brought on again. we need a good performance without cc and maybe he will stay in china especially if arthur stays with him !! I´m dreaming again …….

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