Forest trial for Arsenal youngsters..

According to the Evening Post, we’ve taken three Arsenal youngsters on some sort of trial – with a view to a permanent move (presumably a loan between now – assuming success – and January could be arranged).  The good news is that amongst them is a right back and a centreback – with defence being an obvious concern (that said, I wouldn’t be blinded by the defence and fail to notice the lack of goals scored as well as the problem of shipping them at the back.

Anyway, they are called James Dunne; a defensive midfielder – he’s described as ‘often an antithesis to the flamboyant players that occupy midfield with him’ – meaning he’ll probably be a flair player compared to some of our midfielders!  Abu Ogogo is a midfielder converted to rightback, with a reputation for tough-tackling but also pace and an eye for attack.  Paul Rodgers is a central defender, although originally trained as a full-back; again he appears to be noted for both athleticism and composure – pretty vital for a central defensive role.

The Evening Post piece comes complete with a quote from Smoulds, so that would mean it’s actually happening; he also elucidates that the players in question are seeking a permanent move – now, I’m reasonably excited by the prospect if we can get them on board, because frankly if they’re not quite making the grade at Arsenal – there’s a bloody good chance they’d excel here!  They’re all set to feature in a couple of reserve games, and I guess we take it from there on arranging a deal should they impress.

All three are 18 and about to turn 19; so you would hope that – from both our and their point of view – any move is with a view to pretty rapid first team involvement; I can’t see why they would be interested in graduating from Arsenal’s youth team/reserves into ours – indeed, that would be a significant relegation in anyone’s language!  So we await developments, and hope it’s not just something that’s been publicised to deflect attention from activities on the pitch.

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  1. Most good English prospects at London French have to move elsewhere to get a game. Bentley and Hoyte are good recent examples. So bring them on!

    I remember Big Fat Joe used to tell us he was always at Arsenals training ground and had been talking to Arsene Wenger about players etc. But the loan players never materialised and, you know the rest.

    So maybe this is all Kinnear’s ground work finally paing off?!!!

  2. Rodgers is a very solid defensive player imo,better now than Gavin Hoyte who played against shef utd,Althought Hoyte should be the better player in the long run.Rodgers would be at his best in one of the wing back positons.

    James Dunne would be a hard working tackling midfielder who isnt great on the ball,A very poor mans Flamini if you will.

    Ogogo i have never really ratted although he made the bench against shef utd in the cup for the first team

  3. Hello, Arsenal fan here. I can start by saying that if you get these 3 players, this is a bargain indeed.

    All of them can become premier league standard I believe, and Ogogo was even in the carling cup squad against sheffield. Rodgers is a very good centreback, I rate him higher than Hoyte actually since he is better on the ball, and I believe his future is as a RB. Nonetheless he is still a pretty good CB but behind serveral arsenal players in the pecking order. Dunne is a tough tackling midfielder who can be deployed wide. He reminds us arsenal fans alot of Flamini. Ogogo is an attacking fullback who can be deployed wide, but plays best as a RB if you ask me. All of these players could make it in the Premier League if you ask me, and again if you land them, it is a bargain indeed.

  4. What ever additions are made need to be an improvement on the current squad, every new signing is a gamble but personally I would like to see money spent on an experienced and quality defender come January. Lets hope theres money in the pot & fortunes have changed by then!

  5. cracking blog – if the replies by gooner fans is anything to go by – bring em in, my god we need something positive, any body else see that ex scum t**t in goal for wednesday telling the ball boy to leave the ball alone so he could run 40 yards to retreive it himslf 1-0 uo with about 2 plus injury to go and d’urso said f**k all to him dare say 0-0 been bit different !!! wanker

  6. Anyone see them in the reserves tonight then? any good?

  7. Funny old game football. Question is if CC signs them will he play them as he should or will he use them how he feels & damage them? Time will tell.

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