If you make your own luck, we’re screwed!

Sheffield Wednesday – 1
Nottingham Forest – 0

Ah, Hillsborough.  It will always evoke such bittersweet memories for me; the disaster that is now synonymous with the name of the ground lingers long amongst Forest fans, forgotten as ‘the other side’ on that fateful day in Yorkshire.  Counter that with a game on April Fools day when we annihilated the Owls by seven goals to one, and it could’ve been by more too boot.  It is rather an enigmatic conundrum of a place to visit.

So, down to the brass tacks.  We travelled away, we lost, we conceded what could be considered another one of those unlucky goals – this time a deflection from Ian Breckin’s heel rendered Smith helpless to prevent the ball ending up in the net.  Now, I can buy this ‘bad luck’ stuff to a degree, but at some point you have to just put your hands up and say ‘hang on a minute, you can’t keep waiting for the rub of the green.’ (now what does that mean?!). 

In much the same way a winning side will say that they make their own luck, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we are making ours right now.  Success breeds success, as we see so often – and like every action, it has an equal and opposite reaction, and unfortunate, the opposite of success right now clearly goes under the name of Nottingham Forest.  The bottom line is that we have had the worst run of results in the Championship.

That’s an irrefutable fact.  I have some sympathy with the ‘bad luck’ argument, with the ‘injuries’ argument, with the ‘acclimatising to a new level’ argument even; I think there is some degree of merit in all of them.  Just as I don’t really see the value in the plethora of internet based abuse directed at all and sundry; as a natural fence-sitter, I suppose that’s where I am bound to find myself.  I do think that if this dreadful run continues though, Smoulderwood’s days will be numbered.

Our squad is interesting; that the gaffer showed so much faith in the defence that arguably secured our promotion has proven a monumental gaffe, and one that many of us could have foretold.  His additions in attacking positions look good, but nobody is entirely convinced they’re being deployed well tactically – why sign all these wingers, and then play a formation that doesn’t feature wingplay?  Criticisms of him, I feel, are justified.  Abuse is not.  Would I sack him tonight?  I’m not sure – who would I replace him with?

So, the match.  Well.  My favourite barometer of a performance my fellow fans; it’s generally rather easy – particularly away from the City Ground – to establish the level of satisfaction derived from the performance.  This evening’s reaction come full time was appreciation, and applause.  As a collective, a reasonable sample of Forest fans appeared to be satisfied, nay, pleased with the performance – so perhaps we can assume are still subscribing to the ‘bad luck’ theory.

The first half was a bit of a none-event; Forest held possession better than in recent games (not saying much), but once again struggled to fashion meaningful chances to threaten the Owls goal.  Ex-Sheep Tudgay fell over and wanted a penalty, Tyson and Cole looked keen but were given little to work with, but ultimately there was very little end product from either side.  The home side had a late chance when another ex-Sheep Deon Burton was just wide just before half time.

After half time Forest fashioned a chance on goal immediately from a freekick, Cohen was fouled outside the box, and took the freekick himself – forcing a fairly routine save from Grant in the Wednesday goal.  A minute later a shot from 25 yards took a significant deflection, striking Breckin’s heel, giving Smith no opportunity to correct his positioning and leave the ball in the back of the net.

This spurred on the Reds; they pushed forward with more menace and numbers – unfortunately the first opportunity to strike back through Tyson was straight at the goalkeeper.  New boy Joel Lynch came close with a header that was tipped over the bar, from the resulting corner Cole nearly opened his Forest account with a header – only to find that man Grant in the way again.

Tyson was held back by Beevers right on the edge of the box, unluckily (but probably correctly), D’Urso awarded a freekick rather than a penalty, which was duly wasted.  Wednesday should’ve doubled their lead when McMahon was through on goal, but shot across both Smith and the goal, with Breckin doing enough to prevent Burton from doing any damage.

A double substitution with around 20 minutes remaining saw McCleary and Martin on for Chambers and Bennett, with McCleary immediately getting involved in the action by crossing to Thornhill – who couldn’t quite hit the target having done enough to beat the ‘keeper.  Forest kept the pressure up, a Cohen corner landing with Andrew Cole, but the veteran couldn’t convert the chance under pressure from the defence.

The home side did look potentially dangerous on the break, and Smith had his customary cracking-save-having-not-had-much-to-do that is becoming somewhat a feature of the season; this time conceding a corner from an O’Connor effort.  Shortly after he was again called into action to deny Deon Burton a goal.

However, if the headline writers are playing fair then Grant will be the one who features – who prevented Cole from getting Forest their first away point with a technically excellent turn and shot; unfortunately Grant pulled off a full length dive to the right to prevent the goal.  Cole then hit the outside of the post in stoppage time, and that was full time – and another defeat.

So, times is bleak – and having had a quite scout to gauge the mood around the internet, people are rightly worried.  It’s true the season is still young, but equally it’s true that we don’t seem to be getting results – and whilst there has been merit in many of our performances (excepting Wolves and Plymouth!), there have been alarming features too, that have cost us results.  And this is a results business I’m afraid.

Certainly I wouldn’t be calling for Smoulds’ head just yet, however the powers that be must be starting to glance at the fixture list and be starting to think about how long they can realistically afford to let this run continue; because a return to League One will be the straw that breaks many Forest fan’s backs – and looking at the attendances we’re already registering, that doesn’t bode well at all.

Still; Reading beat Wolves at Molineux – and we drew with Reading, so surely we can’t be that bad?  Or maybe that elusive lady called luck was on their side.  Do you make your own luck?  I think you do to an extent.  Saturday’s game against Crystal Palace becomes rather important.  They too find themselves at the wrong end of the table.  It’s quite depressing to see that even a win might not lift us out of the bottom three.

Woe is me.

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  1. I really don’t get to these references to ex-sheep, come on NFFC it is totally irrelevant- we have now lost 5 consecutive away games and only won one at home. OK we drew with Reading who then beat Wolves-I am sorry but pointless reference.
    We are in a lot of trouble and unfortunately CC is not the manager to take us forward out of this mess.
    Sadly the track record of Doughty/Arthur in recent appointments is dubious-Platt Megson Kinnear enough said, I think CC is a very decent person but is now struggling badly! He either neeeds an experienced manager to help or be replaced. We have to survive at least this season!! Something needs to change NOW!

  2. I’m not sure why I qualify them as former-Rams; it’s a subconscious thing, it’s like they taunt me by default because of their past associations – or, unthinkably, perhaps one day we shall prevail and be able to subconsciously taunt them as we get a good result. Or something.

    The ‘who do we replace him with’ stumbling block is one of the things that stays my theoretical hand right now… and the fact that, like you, believe Smoulds to be a decent person.. but yes, certainly he is struggling. I don’t think it’s quite time to pull the trigger just yet, though. That would be too hasty.

  3. The trigger should have been pulled long ago on Calderwood its now down to the next game again how many more next games is it down to.For so long i have been pointiong the finger at Doughty he is the man that took us to the depths of the third division,look how long it has took us to get this far. Just think back to all the managers we have appointed under Doughty Caldrwood is just the last in a long line of major bad decisions on manages that have been made. Some of you seem to be worried who we might get next should calderwood go well give me the job i will do it for nothing i am sure i couldnt do much worse.Never can i understand a mnager that buys players that arent fit or that are to old. It really is time to go, public oppinion will win in the end pluss a few more bad results its inevertable

  4. At least tonight there was a bit of fight and hope that we could pick up 3 points on saturday. I´m sure the confidence from a couple of wins could make such a difference to our young side.Still have doubts about C.C. and his tactics. 3 points against palace please !!!!! Nice to hear Cole is warming up. I hope he gets one on saturday…

  5. p.s We are only 9 points off a play off place !!!That got you looking at the other end of the table.
    Look where lowly burnley are now. We can do the same ! Can´t we??

  6. We are doomed I tell ya, I am sick to the back teeth of other people on other forums saying we are unlucky. What a load of rubbish. We have had crap away performances for years, that is why I don’t go anymore. 5 Points from 27. That is great that. We are not conceeding many goals now but now we can’t score.

    In the last seven games we have had only one named goalscorer, that is Earnshaw. What does that tell ya.

    Just face facts we are not good enough, it was clear we needed a centre back and full back in the summer yet we didn’t buy.

    I had high hopes for this season but I fear unless something is changed soon, we are doomed to league one again, this time however we won’t come back, the fans are already leaving, it won’t be like last time when we were getting 20K + every game.

    Doughty and Forest cannot afford to go down again, simple.

    Changes are needed and fast, you create your own luck in this game.

  7. Went to the game last night,yet another dire performance we had 3 wingers on the bench,yet clueless opted to wait till late on before bringing 2 on,they both then got decent crosses into the box somthing we had lacked in the match till then,how much i wonder are they paying Cole ,get rid and get a couple of kids with some fire in there bellys,because Cole is taking the piss big style.We looked a yard short in the tackle had no width and opted for the big boot on to many occasions,i have never been a fan of CC but if things are not changed quick Div 1 is calling,act sooner rather than later .

  8. We were always going to be looking nervously over our shoulders at the relegation zone at best this season so just back off and back the team.

  9. […] the risk of repeating what NFFCBlog has already said, you make your own […]

  10. Obviously our away record is as bad as it could be but no one associated with Forest can be blamed for that result last night. How many more times can we expect to lose due to a poor decision or an unlucky deflection?

  11. Went last night, still cant decide if we are rubbish or the unluckiest team in the land, their keeper made some great stops but then, in added time when we just needed the ball in the box, mccleary goes and whacks it straight out for a throw.

    on another note, i am appalled at the fans who spent last night abusing andy cole, who in my opinion, was the only challenger to cohen (again) for MOTM. I’m fed up of hearing people worngly quote he is on 25K a week and even if he is, so what? Last night he was playing deeper and made some execllent passes to bring the wide men into the game, and all he got was abuse for not beating 3 men and scoring in the top corner.

    a quick calculation in the car last night shows that in 9 days we had travelled 1,200 odd miles to see one point, no goals for and two agianst, both deflections, its all down to luck i tells ya!

  12. Dark days crowd at the entrance to the city ground again its gonna be another epic this season.We had a go last night which was encouraging but alas NO POINTS AGAIN.


    Clueless managers who cant motivate ( platt ,kinnear,megson )

    Clueles board who appoint clueless managers ,its too late when they appoint a new man

    Severe lack of goals ( always unlucky ,bad refs ,bullshite you make your own luck. )

    Suspect defenders out of there depth at this level.

    Formations that do not cut it at this level.

    Too many draws

    Does any of this look or sound familiar i think all forest fans are being served up this crap in the middle of economic turmoul i have to travel from edinburgh to games its a joke and after being a loyal forest fan for 30 yrs since i was 6 im sick and tired of the mismanagement of my beloved forest.

    Its the same old movie being replayed year after year i think its a sham wew are being ripped off .On this form and balsa woods ineptitude its gonna be over by christmas.

  13. The origin of the term “rub of the green”
    A Load of Bowls
    The natural and expected curving of the bowl toward the jack is a rub. The movement of a bowl that is deflected by the uneven ground of the green is called a rub of the green. Adaptation of this concept to golf (football?) is natural because of the similarities in playing a ball to a target over a green. “Rub” means to impede, interfere, obstruct. Such action may be bad luck, but the term does not mean that.

    Lets get behind them on Saturday, positive vibes and we’ll turn the season round.

  14. I have been following this club for 36 years and I’ve never felt so angry with all our ‘sit on the fence/we’ve had bad luck/give him a bit more time’ fans (sorry NFFC).
    The time has long past for those discussions.
    Its simple – Colin Calderwood, nice bloke – OUT OF HIS DEPTH BY A COUNTRY MILE.
    Nigel if you read this blog please listen to people like me who have the club running through thier veins!
    Act now – there are people out there (Sam A & Alan C) – Its the kindest thing is to do for Colin, and the club.

  15. No apology needed; opinions are bound to vary!

    And thanks Dan, I never knew that!

  16. Ured im on your side of the fence mate i cant stomach the bullshite anymore ,the excuses the constant bad luck and blaming refs .Did you ever see cloughie blame a ref for anything ? the great man would turn in his grave if he could see the state of a once footballing giant that rose from the ashes that is nottingham forest now.

    Curbishley for me would make a much better forest manager ,he likes to play football on the deck and did wonders with charlton AND may i add IN THE PREMIERSHIP.You cant blame the guy from walking from west ham and was not so long ago being tipped to be in the england set up.

    We need action by mid october but whats the bets that mr arthur makes a pigs ear of it again.

  17. Platt, Megson, kinnear and Calderwood, ALL CLUELESS MANGERS. what bad luck we have with mangers! Maybe the “rub of the green” will be with us if we get a new manger!

    Lets start supporting our team and stop slagging them off

  18. Well they certainly didint set the world on fire when they came to forest did they hucknall red.Platt left us in financial ruin and is despised in nottingham ,megson had us playing the worst football i have ever seen forest play in 30 yrs,kinnear lost the dressing room and failed to motivate the team.Calderwood is a decent guy but lacks the nouse at this level even a one eyed goldfish can see that

    And by the way im not slagging off my beloved forest simply stating the mismanagement of my club over the last 12 yrs.The board carry a heavy price in that department its us the fans who suffer spending thousands of pounds to support our club when others are clearly not managing forest correctly.So my message to you hucknall red is get your head out the clorofome and into reality.

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