Farewell Jimmy; Ireland, and other updates..

There’s a few things been occurring that deserve comment over the last few days.

Firstly a belated wishing of sympathies to our neighbours Notts County, who are mourning the loss of their legendary manager Jimmy Sirrell, whose name now graces a stand in their ground.  Being of an age not quite old enough, I have no personal recollections of him, but from what I’ve gleaned since then it seems that football has lost a real character, and Nottingham can now only reminisce about the time we had probably two of the most highly regarded managers in the game working within the city.  Rest in peace, Jimmy.

Secondly, fresh out of left field, Forest have announced a friendly with Ireland – yes, Ireland – to be played on the 9th October.  I for one am a little peed off that the notice for this was so short, I quite fancy a jaunt over to the Emerald Isle to cheer on the Reds, but alas unfortunately these days this poor blogger requires more notice than a week and a bit to be planning jaunts on cheap flights.  It’s a great opportunity for a bit of a jolly for those of you who can make it, so enjoy it!  I was going to suggest drinking responsibly, but unless you earn an obscene amount it’s difficult to do anything other than that in Dublin, in my experience!

The other news of note which you may or may not have noticed is that the Left Lion’s ‘Left Brian‘ column has risen like a reluctant phoenix from the ashes of last season’s petering out; a combination of lack of reminders, and me being a forgetful sod meant that my column with Nottingham’s premiere media gorgon ended with a mid-season whimper rather than the end-of-season bang that it perhaps deserved.  Or perhaps it didn’t; either way, myself and the powers-that-be at Left Lion shall be endeavouring to keep it alive this time around!

The final exciting news as the Reds build up to visit Plymouth is that, whilst we have the short-term disappointment of Robert Earnshaw’s lack of availability for the game, the news that McGugan, Anderson and Garner are all stepping up training and expecting to feature in reserve action soon is really rather exciting indeed; given our recent misfortunes in converting possession and chances into goals, the news that some of our (hopefully) potent attacking options are on the way back to contention is timely indeed.

Oh, and I still refuse to believe the appointment of Joe Kinnear to the post of Newcastle United manager isn’t some sort of elaborate hoax…

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  1. i just seen fat joe in a roadside cafe eating a full fry and hopping into a BP lorry must be a windup.

    Come on you reduns !

  2. I just like to add my regards on passing by to a great manager. I was a little kid collecting football stickers around the time he was manager (if I remember rightly) and also have read a lot about this manager. My friend a follow red was also coached by Jimmy when he was a lot younger. He said to me he was another great manager “a true football man”. R.I.P & I’m sure he’ll be teaming up with BC to talk football & tactics (when he want’s to get away from his Wife 🙂 )

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