You must be jokin’ ‘ere..

It’s not Forest news, but Gary Megson was today joined in the top flight by another pilloried former-Forest manager. Troubled Newcastle United have appointed Joe Kinnear as an “interim” successor to Kevin “the bottler” Keegan today; until the end of October.

Presumably Joe’s CV must have been a bit sketchy on his time at Forest latterly; either that or the Magpies are intent on pressing the self-destruct button in style! Apparently Alan Rogers and Andy Impey are on standby for a shock return to playing, Sunderland is “just another game” and Shay Given is in intensive training involving coffee cups.

Surely it can’t be an April Fools gag a few months early? A shockingly bad decision unless Kinnear has had a brain, personality and body transplant. God bless you Dennis Wise, I can only think this must be the work of the poisonous cross-eyed dwarf!

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  1. Unbelievable.

  2. Priceless, absolutely priceless! Can’t think of a better man for the job, unless of course a certain Mr Platt is available on a long term basis………..

    I genuinely feel sorry for the Geordie fans – what a shambles.

  3. I too can´t believe it. It must be a joke. Maybe the players will react in a positive way.I don´t know if baked beans and brown ale go together.
    At least there will be no pressure and the players can relax…..

  4. Absolutely priceless!

    A nice little pay day for Big Fat Joe’s retirement fund. What odds would you have got that our previous 2 useless managers would both end up managing in the premiership?!!

  5. genuinely unbelievable. how does he do it. i assumed he retired, but clearly was just waiting for the right offer to come along, no doubt he’ll have had plenty of others!!

  6. Couple of years ago The Guardian started referring to Newcastle as Jongleurs FC and they’ve certainly continued to live up to that nickname, and to appoint another cockney too!

    Personally i have little sympathy for Newcastle or their fans, just as they have had little sympathy for us, as we know, no one has divine right to success and they, along with tottenham, might just get whats coming!

  7. Quite right Dave.
    I can remember when Newcastle were in the then 3rd division getting 7000 gates. And it wasnt actually that many years ago. Soon after Man City were in about the same situation yet were getting in excess of 30000 a week. Then it was us and Leeds. And even we managed over 20000. So forgive me if I don’t have any sympathy for these so called sleeping giants!!

    In fact, I think its bloody hilarious!!!!

    I mean, they think KK was the best thing since sliced bread for heavens sake, a man who spent the last 8 months achieving bugger all then buggered off!
    And now they’ve got Kinnear!!
    Just when I was getting bored with football in general this has really perked me up!!

  8. Stand back and watch the toon react to this one what a fiasco.Lets hope we can start to pull our fingers out our arse and start to climb the table or we will be a laughing stock again.

    U reds

  9. I agree with you Dave, nobody deserves anything in football and maybe they will get what is coming to them, though I hope it is more so for Tottenham, even more again for Derby. But the sad thing is, and I do feel sorry for the fans, as much as West Ham also had similar problems, is that the clubs are being directly affected by ‘Off-the-pitch” antics, through a bunch of idiots who really don’t know how to run a football club. The players peformances have been affected which is obvious, as I guess they think the higher powers don’t give a damn about the team (so why would you want to play for them) and the one manager they respected and would want to play for left because his abilities to manager had pretty much been taken away. It’s a sad day in football and again shows how much money, friends with people in power (like Shevchecko’s laughable move to Chelsea coz he was mates with the boss) and some spectacular naivety on the part of the bosses is taking it’s toll. At least Newcastle will be entertaining this year as they will get soundly beaten (especially with that fat wanker as boss) on a regular basis. You cannot say Derby were not entertaining last season, watching them lose 5-0 or 6-0 ever game. Lots of goals to be enjoyed! Personally, tomorrow’s Plymouth trip is the only thing on my mind, as for me, it’s all Nottingham Forest and little else. Uuuuuu rreeedddsssss!!!!!!!

  10. What a great signing for the so called BIG CLUB,1969 the last time they won a decent cup ,lets hope fatso gets no points in his short term contract,then the so called toon god KK returns to take them on to the championship BIG CLUB MY ASS.

  11. I actually feel sorry for Fat Joe. He doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for.

  12. If ever we need an example of a football club having lost the plot, this would be it. Signing on Fat Joe for a month and the fact he unashamedly accepts it, well, speaks volume about his integrity. The Geordies are fast becoming a laughing stock. But like PachucaRed said, this is the state of the football business these days!

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