Has Cole spat his dummy out?

I don’t generally hold much truck with stories that originate from The Sun, which I believe this one does – but it does make interesting reading.  Reports are circulating that Andy (Andrew) Cole is unhappy with his lack of prominence in the Forest team of late; which – depending on how these reports are phrased – could be a very good thing.  The way that it has been reported, and the ‘quotes’ which have been selected, make it scan more negatively.

So far I’ve been pretty unimpressed with Cole, his first start against Preston yielded a fairly limited contribution, as have his numerous substitute appearances.  I think it’s great that he doesn’t want to just sit on the bench and collect his wages, however, I do think he needs to earn his place in the side – and frankly, so long as the likes of Earnie, Tyson, Martin and McCleary are available, so far he hasn’t.  When Garner is fit he might yearn to even get that place on the bench.

I was pretty chuffed when we signed him; he’d done well at Burnley last season (as suggested by the warm reception he received from their fans during their recent visit to the City Ground), and is an undisputed great amongst modern strikers (albeit somewhat over the hill!).  Whilst it’s easy to make judgements on body language, Cole’s hasn’t been great – he barely involves himself in the pre-match warm up routines, and when he does appear on the pitch he looks disinterested beyond strutting around the gaff – not a player eager to prove his credentials for a starting place.

So, should he indeed be having a tantrum about his place on the bench – he should stop it; because frankly with a fully fit squad he’d be lucky to even be there.  I want to see him proving he’s worth a starting place.  Of course, this could be a bunch of selective quoting making him look bad; in which case he should continue his pursuit of fitness, and, well, prove he’s worth a starting place! I do still believe he could prove to have a lot to offer us; but so far he hasn’t shown it, and he needs to.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more nffc. Let’s hope his contribution off the pitch has been more meaningful than his limited efforts on it – judging by what Garath McCleary had to say a few weeks ago, it seems so.

  2. What’s more interesting is the rumour circulating that Sam Alladyce has been approached to takeover.

    A may be just a rumour but I for one would not be unhappy to see Big Sam at the CG!

  3. I feel he does deserve more playing time….his contribution on Saturday did not set the game on fire but his quality made at least 2 chances in his first few minutes….when we have games like Charlton, I feel he is the type of player that can make a difference, lets face it as hard as Ernie worked, with Tyson, we would still have been playing at 9pm at 0-0…it was one of those days when we were destined to not score….or the reff was making sure we didn’t….

    What a plonker he was!

    But all the positives aside, Palace away next and I can see it being another game without a win, and we could find Forest with more tan a win away from the bottom 3….I just hope the Board are bold in allowing change in either the playing staff or coaching because as a club we cannot afford to waste this chance to build the club into more than what we have been in recent years.

    We still have Anderson and Garner to come but I am not sure…..we still don’t seen to have that ability to set the game on fire….long periods of possession and no end result, a bit like the playoff season in League 1……and look what happened then.

    But in the mean time come on reds….show your metal and get some points on the board before we have to start looking over our shoulder….

  4. Cole has complained that he’s not happy on the bench – I agree he needs more time on the ptch but he has to prove it like the rest & he does more than have it in him to do that. It was in the daily mail too that he’s not happy.

    Big Sam for Forest? Nice but I think CC needs a little more time before we seriously start believing these rumours. We have too many injuries which need to be considered too. Let the board give CC & these players time to sort themselves out before we start hitting panic buttons.

  5. I agree with you nffc. The telling point for me was immediately before kick-off at Preston – 10 players encouraging and trying support each other with Cole standing on his own, trying very hard not to participate. He reminds me of Neil Lennon!

    If the Sun story is true and he is keen to play, then great and we should have some excitement to come from Cole, but at the moment everything about his body langauge suggests otherwise.

    As for Allardyce to take over; I would be appalled. We are only a few games into the season, playing attacking, often attractive football and it is very clear that the Championship is a big step up from Lge 1 and it will and is taking time to adjust. I think one or two players are being found out, we are giving the ball away too easily (although Saturday was better) and the strikers have to take their chances.

    Be patient, support the team and take a more considered view after 10-12 games, but allow CC to manage.

  6. I thought that Cole showed a flash of his class on Saturday. There was an opportunity to play the obvious but probably ultimately ineffective pass in the box, but he instead held on and threaded a fine ball through to Tyson which was unlucky not to result in a goal. There’s more to come from Cole and i’m sure it will. Funny thing is that he will probably play in the next match as Earnshaw may be injured (although there’s been no confirmation of the severity of the injury as of yet). What we really need is a big powerhouse up front to give us another type of goal scoring threat, together with a midfielder who can find a killer pass to provide more opportunities for Tyson and Earnie through the middle.

  7. Andy Cole was a great player but you might have noticed i said was he wanted to hang his boots up last year and know one knows better than yourself when the times up. Maybe Andy thinks becasue of his past stature that he can just walk in to the team well sorry Andy get in line and earn your place stop talking and show us w if anything hat you have left

  8. Andy get in line stop talking earn your place and show us what you have left if anything

  9. I was never taken in with the andy cole scenario,tyson and earnie have been running themselves into the ground recently.He was a great forward in his day but hasnt showed any passion for ( SO CALLED HOME CLUB ) he ambles around when he comes on and i think he is living on past memories.

    Now its CC fault for not playing him NOT hes a carthorse that can be very moody and i dont think hes a good teamplayer i think this will end in tears for mr andrew cole.


    This is another niel lennon job ,waste of time and money i give it 6 weeks also i dont think CC can man manage older pros.

  11. Well now, Andy. You havent exactly done much with your time on the pitch so far, have you? Shots on target? Rare. Pace? Zero. Goal Threat? Laughable. Work Rate? Pathetic. Sadly, a season too far, I think. Just like Lennon. Prove me wrong – EARN your place.

  12. Give him time..this guy will more than prove his worth toward the end of the season

  13. Closed door friendly – time on the pitch for Andrew? Will he wake up & smell the coffee.

  14. This article is absolutely spot on. I attended my first game of the season on Sat and was very disappointed with Cole – his body-language was a disgrace and he seems about 3 stone overweight, it was painful to see him shuffling around. Can I just give a big 10/10 to Tyson: ran himself into the ground on Saturday. Excellent.

  15. Now it’s all but done that he’ll start he’s got a great chance to get some “proper” football under his feet. He must show to all of us what made him achieve all those accolades. He didn’t earn them by luck nor did he score all those goals from the spot.

    A good competitive match is what he wants & we all want to see THE Andrew Cole. He hasn’t come for a pay-cheque, he said time & time again he wants’ to play football for Forest, his hometown club. Andrew, you don’t need to be told anything more, you know what is expected by the Fans, by the Players & by the Manager too.

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