Has Cole spat his dummy out?

I don’t generally hold much truck with stories that originate from The Sun, which I believe this one does – but it does make interesting reading.  Reports are circulating that Andy (Andrew) Cole is unhappy with his lack of prominence in the Forest team of late; which – depending on how these reports are phrased – could be a very good thing.  The way that it has been reported, and the ‘quotes’ which have been selected, make it scan more negatively.

So far I’ve been pretty unimpressed with Cole, his first start against Preston yielded a fairly limited contribution, as have his numerous substitute appearances.  I think it’s great that he doesn’t want to just sit on the bench and collect his wages, however, I do think he needs to earn his place in the side – and frankly, so long as the likes of Earnie, Tyson, Martin and McCleary are available, so far he hasn’t.  When Garner is fit he might yearn to even get that place on the bench.

I was pretty chuffed when we signed him; he’d done well at Burnley last season (as suggested by the warm reception he received from their fans during their recent visit to the City Ground), and is an undisputed great amongst modern strikers (albeit somewhat over the hill!).  Whilst it’s easy to make judgements on body language, Cole’s hasn’t been great – he barely involves himself in the pre-match warm up routines, and when he does appear on the pitch he looks disinterested beyond strutting around the gaff – not a player eager to prove his credentials for a starting place.

So, should he indeed be having a tantrum about his place on the bench – he should stop it; because frankly with a fully fit squad he’d be lucky to even be there.  I want to see him proving he’s worth a starting place.  Of course, this could be a bunch of selective quoting making him look bad; in which case he should continue his pursuit of fitness, and, well, prove he’s worth a starting place! I do still believe he could prove to have a lot to offer us; but so far he hasn’t shown it, and he needs to.