Poor finishing and abysmal refereeing, but we got a point!

Respect the referee?  Its hard to do that in the face of such ineptitude.

Respect the referee? In the case of Karl Evans, that is impossible I am afraid.

Nottingham Forest – 0
Charlton Athletic – 0

A frustrating afternoon; one it would be easy to take out on the yet another utter useless git of a referee, or on the incredibly cynical behaviour of the visiting players (and of course, the subsequent failure to deal with this from aforementioned referee), but ultimately the take-home from this should be that we really should have done better with the multitude of chances we created in this game against a Charlton side who rarely offered much going forward at all.

We had the first solid chance of the game, a corner headed by Guy Moussi was diverted late by Earnshaw – bringing a great save from Nicky Weaver to keep the ball from crossing the line.  Shortly after he was called upon again to block a Martin shot at his near post – although having gotten into a good position, Martin really should have been looking to square the ball to Earnshaw or Tyson, both of whom were lurking ominously in the area.  Shortly after this Martin wonderfully skinned a couple of Charlton defenders before shooting just wide.

After another break forward Cohen burst forward with the ball, rather than elect to slip a throughball to either Tyson or Earnshaw the midfielder rattled a shot from range which Weaver blocked but spilled; Earnshaw pounced on the rebound but the big keeper was equal to the follow-up, and the linesman had his flag up anyway (didn’t lok offside to me either!).  A freekick was won after Tyson was (not for the only time) fouled which was flicked on by Tyson to Perch, whose header was just over.

In an unusual show of correctness, the referee spotted that despite Kelv definitely bringing down Varney (having tried to be too clever and arse around with the ball instead of making the clearance), Wes was covering and therefore a yellow card was appropriate.  Smith had his first real activity after this, saving a powerful shot by Bouazza before pouncing on the loose ball.  Charlton did start to put on some pressure towards half time, but it came to nothing and we reached half time pretty pleased with how things were going.

The second half began rather sloppily; Chambers had been withdrawn for Thornhill, with Perch slotting in at right back and Thornhill taking his place in midfield.  The referee seemed determined to give Charlton a freekick every time the ball was within 10 yards of Cohen, and to ignore the constant kicks, shirt-pulling and niggles from the Charlton players, who – to a man – went to ground should a Forest player so much as fart near them.  Needless to say Mr K G Evans fell for it every time, because he was a buffoon of the highest order.

After little was happening aside from a Martin snapshot, the loan man was withdrawn for McCleary who was almost immediately involved in a break forward, he eventually fed the ball through to Tyson whose effort on goal wasn’t the most challenging thing Weaver had to deal with all afternoon; frustrating because Earnie was in the box too – Forest’s final ball or shot was generally pretty poor this afternoon, and it’s annoying because Charlton were easily there for the taking.

The hard-working Earnshaw was withdrawn for the, well, not quite so hard working Andrew Cole, who in fairness was very nearly in the right place at the right time to open his Forest account.  Tyson did well to escape the attentions of the defenders who’d been kicking him around all game, and whilst he was forced wide he dug a decent cross out which evaded Weaver, unfortunately it was too high for Cole to connect and eventually ended up in a safe position.

Probably the best chance we wasted was to follow though, McCleary burst down the left and into the box, finding Thornhill inside the area who played the ball across to the far side of the goal with the strikers all running in – he looked to have done everything right, but nobody could quite get the decisive touch to give Forest a certain, and deserved (on balance of play, certainly not on finishing!) goal to get a much-needed win.

The referee rarely made a blunder in our favour, when Wilson clearly hacked a Charlton player and should have picked up his second booking; amazingly he was allowed to carry on.  However, unfortunately Thornhill wasn’t to be so fortunate.  He was booked earlier in the game for absolutely no reason at all – he’d basically won a header, the Charlton player – as all of them had all game – made a meal of it, he was booked.  The second booking was for a late challenge, although the ball had clearly I thought crossed the line for a throw-in.  

Fired up now, Forest continued to press, and after some great work down the left Tyson worked himself into a great position, but could only dredge up enough energy to fire tamely at Weaver.  Charlton did break though, and it was a tremendous reaction save from Smith that prevented Andy Gray from putting away what looked like a certain goal.  Interesting the swathes of fans who ironically cheered as he went for crosses, or took a rare opportunity to roll out a ball, were on their feet and applauding.  Two-faced bastards.

There was a lot of stoppage time, largely owing to the rolling around on the floor Pardew’s team of nancy-boys partook in throughout the game, but Forest were starting to tire and look frustrated; Ambrose had a late chance which Smith saved easily, and gradually the game petered out into full time, which was greeted to a cacophony of boos, all targeted at the referee, I might add – whose over-fussy and inept officiating may not have changed the result, but it hadn’t done much to improve the game either!

So, despite another shit referee and another set of cynical opponents brimming with gamesmanship, we were the architects of our own downfall this afternoon.  That can be viewed as a positive thing, because these are very much things within our power to change.  It was heartening to see Tys and Earnie working hard despite lack of service and lack of protection from the clown in black, as for Charlton, if that’s their way of playing I can see why they have to bus people from Kent over to try to fill a few seats at the Valley!

I think I might have over-estimated Charlton as contenders this season; as they certainly didn’t show that today – indeed, even when down to ten men Forest managed to keep them contained and break forward occasionally.  Today’s result ends three defeats in the league on the bounce, and that’s important, but a win would’ve been so much sweeter and I believe we created enough chances to have done that – so we must work to finish them off.  So we’re still in the drop-zone, but I’m still not too concerned about that just yet.

To see Pardew lashing out at the referee in the press is laughable, considering how that very referee allowed his despicable tactics and gamesmanship to carry on throughout the game.  Get back in your box you negative, cheating bastard.  You should be grateful you got a draw because you scantly deserved that.  Now kindly bugger thee off, you pointless, petty, blinkered man.

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  1. The ref was truelly dire, and for Pardew to criticise him is insane. From early on when Varney left a high foot in on Smith it was clear what their game was about. But for Smith’s briliant save at the end from Gray they hardly threatened we just need that little bit more cutting edge which hopefully Garner or Anderson can provide when they come back; and someone needs to tell Tyson to look up now and again as time and time again he just runs untill he can run no more and never sems to look for a pass untill the last second, Cole looks like he couldn’t care less so I think we need to get another striker in on loan who has a bit more presence about him, as willing as Earnshaw is he’s not gonna win much in the air! but if we play likwe we have today I cant see us being second bottom come May!

  2. On a day when cloughie was in the thoughts of all true forest fans we didint deliver again respest to nffc on his article on the man cloughie.Ive seen the reds relegated too many times since the glory days, patterns spring to mind.

    In years gone by we have played good football been unlucky and had decisions go against us ,this is the pattern that starts to form in teams that get relegated.Im still not convinced about CC tactics wise i know nffc and posters from last season saw some bizzare decisions IS HE THE MAN TO TAKE US TO THE NEXT LEVEL ?

    If after 10 games we are still in the drop zone we are in the poop again and i cant see us picking up points at mo we are not ruthless enough.

    4 3 3 ? not good enough at mo

  3. Its was finishing that let us down yesterday. Pure and simple! We had enough chances to have buried Charlton in the first half and had we had taken even 50% of them, the game would have been over.

    CC always says it about taking the right options and time and time again we didnt. Shots when we should have passed and passes when we should have shot.

    We need to rack up a win soon, somehow, anyhow and I still beleive we are good enough for this league.

  4. If everything we lack at this moment is just mentality, and I believe it is so because for what I saw we do have the skills to belong to the Championship party, it will not take us long to pick up wins and start climbing. I can’t see us go down, since in all games except v Wolves (who apparantly are thrashing everyone) I read that we played from not too badly to well. We have to maintain that consistency and results will come.
    Even CC is learning – I thought the Thornhill for Chambers substitution was far from what we had seen from our manager in the past. He is willing to take risks, he gives chances to McCleary, and when Anderson, McGugan and Garner will be ready there will be plenty of competition in the squad.
    Now we should just stay together as a team because coming up are two away games that I believe we have a serious chance to win if we keep our football and our chins up.
    U REDS 4 ever

  5. Due to circumstances out of my control I’ve only been once so far this season (home or away)….they were expensive season tickets!

    So I’m indebted to you nffc for providing unbiased match reports.
    Have we now sorted out the defensive worries? I said at the end of last season the 2 full-backs would get found out. And as for Cole, I don’t care if he is a nottingham lad, his heart isnt in it and hasn’t been for the last 5 years (apart from wages day).

    But, your reports aren’t all doom and gloom despite our position and for that I’m thankful. I’m back now, so I’ll lead the singing in the Trent End next home game!! (When is that?!)

  6. Did you hear the Smould’s Radio Nottingham interview after the match. The Burnley ref contacted him to apologise for his mistake in giving the penalty. Incredible but we don’t get our point back and we have to put up with the likes of Burnsie, Steve Sutton and most cringingly Gary Birtles having pops at our leaky defence.

  7. Last year, dodgy refs, this year, dodgy refs. Is that the excuse for our loss of points etc.? I hope not.

    Lets be clear a little bit here CC deserves a bit more time considering all our injuries around. He may not be the best manager, he may not be a Premiership Manager either but for now he’s not doing too bad a job, but does have work to do & he is taking on lessons – From what I read he played 4-2-2 (according to Sky). He made a sub. at half-time unlike his usual last 10mins. Seems as Thornhills’ red was harsh. Was or not, u got to get your timing right or else you leave yourself expoed to poor decisions.

    As for Cole – a thought crossed my head it might be the managers tactics hindering him. I mean, a Champions League winner can’t be a bad player can he?

    Anyway, in other Forest results, congrats to the U-18’s finally winning this season & 2ndly for the Forest Ladies getting a point off Liverpool a week after kicking them out of the League Cup.

  8. Yes the ref was truly dreadful but I think you are being harsh on Pardew – he has two very good points – Charlton should have had a pen and Wilson should have been sent off. he was very lucky to stay on the pitch when he received his yellow as while Wes may have been covering, he was quite some distance away and, IMO, Wilson was a very lucky boy to still be on the pitch following that reckless piece of play – and not the first time he’s been caught like that either, it just doesn’t usually happen with a player going through on goal. He absolutely should have been booked for his second, wild, challenge that he completely got away with.

    Cole is a waste of space. His legs have gone, thats crystal clear. Good man to have around in the dressing room and on the training ground but not in the first team playing squad – let him hang up his boots and give him a coaching role.

    We should have won that game easy but rather than wasteful finishing, it was the final ball that wasn’t quite right or far too often, the wrong option taken.

    Moussi was awful. Had a couple of good touches late on but for the other 98 minutes he was not the same player we’ve seen in other games. I hope he just needs a rest. Problem is who to bring in now Thornhill is suspended?

    I think we’re really missing McGugan’s craft, his eye for a pass and his ability to shield the ball. Also, we are absolutely crying out for someone who can get their head on the end of the punts upfield. Cohen is doing an admirable job and he was not only my MoM on Sat but I think he’s been our best and most consistent outfield player so far this season by quite some distance.

    Paul Smith – FKING BRILLIANT. His reaction save from Gray was Bankesque and the standing ovation from 3/4 of the ground the very least he deserved. Stunning, simply stunning. We really need to come up with a chant for this fella.

    Overall, I was dissapointed with the performance. I can see why CC is pleased but in the grand scheme of things, it just wasn’t good enough.

  9. Loathed though I am to do it, I have to agree with Pardew over the Wilson last man incident. Wes was never going to get there. In fact, he didn’t start moving until after the challenge, which was basically what fooled the ref and prevented an early bath for the skipper. The ref was terrible on Saturday, but in fairness both sides suffered.

  10. Pardew went further yesterday by questioning the Respect agenda. I had a bit of a rant about it on our site and it seems to have wound up a couple of Charlton fans. Incidentally, I think Kelvin was a very lucky man, he could have gone for the professional foul, and definitely should have had a second yellow for the slide tackle.

  11. Now where’s that fan who was on Paul’s back a few days ago… Standing ovation from 3/4 of the ground doesn’t make you a poor keeper. Yes, he’s weaknesses which need sorted but they can’t be that bad.

    Let Mr Cole realise he’s gotta work for his place & that the young players are no “dummies”. Work with the manager so u get get what u want!!!

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