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  1. Oh dear – very shoody defending at times. 1st goal – only 1 player tried to prevent the goal just right after the shot, the 2nd nobody saw the cross come in (which was a good cross) and for our goal – that just might be the worst of the 3, all the time in the world to clear the cross & he scores – at the wrong end!!

    To the point – we need a CCC defender to steady our defenders. Yes we have injuries but that’s no excuse. The finger points at CC (like it or not) for not getting 1 in. It’s very clear now that we’re conceding goals which shouldn’t be because of the vast inexperience in this league. I don’t know about Swansea or Doncaster if they have those type of players but we don’t either injured or not) & we desperately need 1 if we’re not going to talk about a relegation battle. For now, 3 wins can easily throw you into a playoff spot just as 3 defeats can send you into a relegation battle. 6 games gone -40 to play. CC has a bit of time still & things are looking positive.

  2. How on earth do you let a soft header in from over 15 yards out? That is one of the softest goals I have ever seen conceded.

  3. PS Thanks for posting the video, there is no way that I would have been able to see the goals otherwise…

  4. Make that another 3 at least:) Txs as always for the links. Unlike last year we were lucky to see any matches – this year we can see more of our beloved Reds (for us overseas)

  5. Well, if you hadn’t posted that and I hadn’t seen it, there’s no way I could believe how that header got in! It doesn’t happen even in Sunday league football!
    Our defence was our stronghold last season… Whatever happened to it?
    No, I’m not going to start criticising or losing my good humour. After all, you can see for yourselves that all clubs we’ve played so far, with the exception of just Burnley, were in the top 8 when we played them. And Charlton is eighth right now! We must remember “that” Cup performance against ’em and it’s certain we’re gonna get three much-needed points.

  6. CC laments shambolic defending but presumably it is his decision not to have a man on each post at corners. It cost us the first goal against Watford and it cost us last night. And what’s the betting we still have two men wandering around wondering who to mark when defending corners on Saturday. Poor. Very poor.

  7. …and you’re right Vassilis, it doesn’t happen ‘even in Sunday league football’ because no Sunday league manager worth his salt would leave his posts unmanned at corners. Basics Colin, basics.

  8. It appears we played better last night but obviously still lost!! We desperately need to win on Saturday, as losing can become a habit, i.e played well but lost against Swansea Burnley and Preston
    Surely the Forest coaches should work on Smith commanding and dominating his area, I think he is a good keeper and has saved us many times but he needs to be in total control of his area, he seems to lack confidence with crosses!!
    In terms of central defence I would play Breckin and Chambers, with Wes and Wilson as cover for injuries and suspensions etc
    Any news on Davies return? unfortunately we dont seem to have seen the best of him due to numerous injuries.

  9. To latenightpsycho:

    As far as I can tell from my years of watching football, the decision to have men on the posts (or not) tends to be down to the keeper. If I remember correctly, this was most obviously illustrated when Dave Beasant and Mark Crossley were vying for the number 1 shirt – Norm had a man on both posts, Lurch only had one on the front post. Both played under the same managers.

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