So we lost, again, forvthe third time in a row no less! We scored thanks to an own goal for the second time away from home. But do you know what? It wasn’t all that bleak, and the warm round of applause the Reds exited the pitch to is testimony to that.

Ten minutes without concentration cost us tonight, against a side unbeaten in the league at home so far we put in a credible performance; much better than I expected – and more people would expect the Spanish Inquisition than to have predicted Smoulds to put a 4-4-2 formation out!

Cohen was cracking at left back, which is unfortunate as he’s also cracking in midfield! We should clone him forthwith. We need to be ruthless in taking our chances, if we are in forthcoming games our unfortunate early appearance in the relegation zone shouldn’t prove ominous yet.

More later when I’m done travelling; my battery is running out!

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  1. Well that short report has made me feel a little less depressed…..not a lot…but a little!

  2. Another defeat even tho we did some positive things ,anglia red disagreed with my comments about our defence on last game.The reality is we are being found out at this level the table doesnt lie.

    Were in the relegation zone now and without reinforcing our defence and having a quality midfield man with experience its gonna be a long seaeson.Andy cole isnt the answer either hes past it sloppy on the ball and lacks drive now at 36 .I hope smoulds can motivate the lads i cant handle leage 1 again.

  3. Just back home from Preston – the display was generally good – much better than Wolves away and on a par with Saturday. The Championship is clearly a big step up from Lge 1 and I will say now; “we are and will be too good to go down”.

    It is the small things that are costing us – a few moments lack of concentration, a few misplaced passes played too quickly – these will come good and confidence will be restored. I think Cohen is a revelation, as is Perch and I would pair Breckin and Wilson at the back for a few games. Some of the ‘youngsters’ who haven’t experienced higher levels before are being found out and will need time to adapt and raise their game.

    Keep confident and keep supporting – it will be a long season, but we are playing good football and can be a match for the majority of teams in this league.

  4. Smith is clearly the weak link. He exerts no presence of his box and lets crosses float across his 6 yard box every time. OK so he is a good shot stopper you tell me one goalkeeper that isn’t. He is also as quiet as a mouse, which isn’t a positive influence on the players around him.

    I do believe though that we are playing good football on the whole and should we cut out the mistakes and actually take one or two of the chances we are creating we will soon get to mid table obscurity. I agree that Cohen has been superb.

  5. Redric, not having a man on each post for corners is very poor defending so I agree with you, but its not rocket science to sort it out. It cost us the first goal against Watford and more importantly last night. Why don’t we do it?

  6. Ask CC why the players are not marking on corners or in general. I been hacking on about a midfield player but I really think now it’s a defender with CCC experience we need.

    As for Smith the weak link – he might have no presence in the box but last season who many times he kept us in the game? 1 season good next season bad. Get real… Next think you’ll want him out like some players who’ve gone to their new teams & been on fire….

    Says something don’t it. Yes – I’m not CC’s biggest fan but for now he’s still learning & he hsn’t done all that bad – Southampton are below us at the moment.

  7. Yiannaki – Get real yourself, not sure how you can witness Smith alround contribution from sunny Cyprus!. Last season yes, he did keep is in quite a few games. However much like my previous post, that is his job. A classic example was his wonder save against Burnley on Satuday – it was his fumble from a cross/corner that lead to the opportunity for Burnley, so for him to get the praise for the save is very short sighted.

    And yes – as my first post suggests I wouldl like a replacement keeper brought in, and for someone to coach Smith how to improve his game so he can be a top keeper.

  8. Smith should not be mad a scape goat. He is a quality keeper, though I do think we need an experienced back up.
    It is the small things we need to work on and the players have to quickly realise that mistakes at this level will be punished.
    We have a young team full of promise so get behind them.

  9. I’m not making Smith a scapegoat by any means as I believe with every player at the club – if there is someone out there within our means who can do a better job I would want him wearing the garibadi. I honestly believe Smith has many strength’s however I believe his glaring weaknesses outweigh them at this point in his career.

    I see the goalkeeper position as well as right back and centre back the most obvious areas we could strengthen. As a case in point I think our central midfielders of Cohen, Moussi and McGugan are fantastic players, however I was very pleased to see CC going for Ben Watson as he would improve the first XI.

  10. Unfortunatly with Watson he wanted too much. Something which was not on… Surley there are other players to look at. Is Best really worth it to rock the boat again? I know he’s out injured but …..

    We need to see our injured players back up & running & that’s not helping the team very much.

    Chaffey – who praised Smith for the save u refering to?

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