It’s good to be back post international break!

Gosh, I hadn’t realised I hadn’t updated the site in about 10 days – but well, given the novelty of international breaks, there really hasn’t been much to write about, has there?  Those little stories of note that have occurred over the last couple of weeks have partially passed me by as I’ve been distracted with life in general – but fear not, I have not abandoned you! (As if you were worried!).

Of course, the continued stream of injuries seems to be merrily taking victims still, Julian Bennett the latest to succumb, which isn’t ideal as we only have shuffling or reserve options to cover him.  Given the number of muscular injuries hitting our squad, it does rather make you question the training and/or medical care that our players are being treated to.  It could just be bad luck, too – and given I have little or no knowledge of sporting science, that’s the only conclusion I can draw in fairness.

So after a break we face Burnley today, our first opportunity to address that mauling by Wolves at Molineux.  I was worried about this, as I am with most teams that have good options on the wing, so the good news is that Eagles is suspended for our visitors; however they do still have options – and with confidence low in our fullback department (even when at ‘full strength’ – notwithstanding Jules’ absence), that is where I would expect any opponent worth their scouting salt to focus their attacks.

Today is also the day when our dear neighbours can achieve the unachievable, and go for a full year without winning a league game.  The fat scouse amateur porn star leads his hapless misfits out for another afternoon of potential humiliation at the hands of Sheffield United; unusually I’m sure the Yorkshire club travel to Direby with the good wishes of all the decent folk of Nottingham with the sincere hope that they can secure a very amusing anniversary for the beleaguered manager of the Sheep.

And so, without further ado I shall wend my merry way to the City Ground in reasonably high spirits; we must approach the game positively – as we have done in our home games so far – and should we do so then I feel confident of a positive outcome, despite injury concerns and ongoing issues around some of our defensive ‘qualities’.  

In Fantasy Football news, Gavin Cotterill is the early pace setter amassing a formidible lead (largely to having numerous Wolves players in the fold!).  After a reasonable start, yours truly is now predictably tumbling down the table by the week… we shall see if today’s action changes our fortunes.

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  1. Things not looking 2 bright at the mo r they?

    Oh well, I was informed it wasn’t a pen – is that so?

    & the Sheep won 2day – damn!!

  2. Not agood day,but as we know anyone can beat anyone else,and sometime we must have a rub of thre green. No one expected burnley to win today,and I´m sure no one expects forest to win on tuesday. With Preston attacking I know Earnie will relish a bit of space given to him. I expect McCleary to start and with Sharp and Tyson,Hopefully we can get a result.. Alan

  3. Sharp…?????????

  4. Yes – who’s Sharp? U taking the mickey out of CC for throwing in Joe Heath for a debut?

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