Something to be cheerful about..

Whilst some of you perennially hopeful types might still be disappointed in Forest’s lack of participation in one of the most talked-about transfer deadline days in history, listening to the news this morning gave me an unexpected lift.

Last night was the first round of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.  And we’re not involved in it!  Hurrah!

The transfer window came to a close with Forest making another bid for Palace midfielder Ben Watson, who didn’t want to join us for both geographical and for greedy bastard reasoning; frankly, whilst I think him a tremendous talent, if that’s his motivation, then I don’t really think we’ve missed out.  I would only want a player who wants to be here (although I could possibly make an exception for Robinho as Manchester City clearly have!).

Rumours linking us to West Ham United’s American defender Jonathan Spector were apparently a complete invention by some rumour-peddling mischief maker, which is a pity as his name has endless punning potential.  Although from reading up on him in the hope there was something in it, it would appear he’s quite an injury liability, as well as being a bit of a jack-of-all-trades across the back, rather than the steadfast rightback we’ve all started craving.

So, after a few days of respite, from 8th September we can start loaning – and I’m sure the rumours will start again in earnest!

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  1. They’ll start b4 hand u can be sure, CC has a habbit of loan players too!!! Let’s hope he has a jem or two up his sleeve as he’s produced so far in the market this season. Moussi a revelation, Cole with his endless experience at the highest level, Earnie can’t stop scoring & back in the Welsh line up too, only Garner we wait for to see if he has the same effect – am I singing CC’s praises, well for the transfers so far yes!! For a tactition – not yet but he has produced excellent home results so far…

  2. Did you see that they tried to compare Keegan to Sir Brian on newsnight tonight?

  3. Now it´s quiet here ,as the news is all about man city, who would you buy ? I´d have Messi on the right and Kaka in midfield and drogba ? up front.
    Back to Forest, I hope we get a good experienced right back on loan for the season. and possibly an experienced holding midfield player. Lets pray Earnie gets through the welsh game in one piece….. Alan

  4. So sad to see what is going on at Newcastle United. If this is what football is like in the premiership perhaps we should count out blessings with Doughty and stay in the CCC ?????

  5. I agree with Paul. With Briatore at QPR saying he decides how they spend his money and not the manager and with all of the on-goings with Newcastle, West Ham and Man City (Hughes knew nothing of the Robinhio signing – although its not a bad one to make without his knowledge I admit!) , I think we should be grateful that a true Forest man in Doughty is in charge at Forest and we have a very prudent transfer committee that works with the manager and thoroughly checks the suitability of our signings.

  6. It looks like Scotland took that fat guy on board and as a result they share the fate of that sheep-molesting team of the Midlands! On the other hand, Earnshaw started for Wales but was substituted after 62 minutes in a very hard Welsh victory against Azerbaijan.
    Oh Yiannaki, it was so, so close… Dammit.

  7. JPT is a pointless trophy in my opinion. its for all the clubs that finsih midtable and this is their only real chance of silverware.

    as said i’m glad we aren’t in it

  8. Sir BC (RIP) wouldnt agree with you forestsupporters (Anglo-Scottish Cup, Zenith Data Systems Cup, Simod Cup, etc, etc…). Dont get me wrong, Im glad we are not in League One anymore, but a Wembley appearance and some silver I certainly could have done with (good for the Club’s reputation and the players’ morale), so Im somewhat sorry we never won it.

  9. Anyone remember Flip Le Flem´s goal against Bunley…Many years ago? One of the best ever scored at the city ground….Memories…. Alan.

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