Forest track Prince Harry lookalike...

Forest track Prince Harry lookalike...

There seems to be reports suggesting we’ve signed Ben Watson; as far as I can ascertain, that’s not true – the People and now Sky Sports are reporting that ‘they understand’ we’ve had a bid accepted by Crystal Palace; which isn’t surprising.  It’s deadline day tomorrow, and they’ve made it clear already they want to cash in on the midfielder who has been holding out on a new contract with them.  That means they may well (and probably will) also accept the inevitable offer from QPR that will come in tonight or tomorrow.

Reports have intimated that the Watson would prefer to stay in the capital, and I would suggest that QPR are more likely to offer him bigger wages than us – making the competition a bit of a no brainer.  That said, as things stand there are no reports of the Hoops attempting to steal in and sign the player, so perhaps he’ll be left with no choice but either to stay and fester at Palace, or join the Reds for a fresh start – but then, do we really want to be a last resort?  Hmm, well, maybe.  I do rate Watson.

Of course, I have no idea at all how truthful such reports of his preferences are; compounded by a lack of clarity of whether or not the hinted-at reports of a bid accepted are anything more than just journalistic rumour-mongering and laziness; still, just 26 hours ’til the deadline as I type.  I’m not expecting any signings, so I’ll not be having any tantrums should none be forthcoming, particularly since Smoulds said as much.  I hope they surprise me and sign a right back, though.

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  1. Lets hope tomorrow is a bit more fruitful than the last few deadline days.

    Example, pressing F5 on newsnow until midnight to see if we have signed anyone, only to be dissapointed.

    Watson would be a top drawer signing.

    You reds

  2. I’ve decided I’m definitely not hanging about like previous deadline days watching the newsfeeds… but I probably still will 😦

  3. Full-backs.
    That’s whats required. I said at the end of last season Bennett and Chambers would get found out against decent players, and so it’s been proved. Although a lack of cover from the wingers isnt helping them.
    Not sure about Watson though. I would have thought that any pick from McGugan (if he learns to pass a bit more), Moussi, Perch and cohen should be good enough for this division. If we do happen to get Watson then maybe drop Cohen and Perch back into the full-back positions…?

    Crap really, all last season we moaned at Calderwood to stop being so bloody negative and attack more. When he does its against one of the divisions best teams and we get hammered.

    Us fans know nothing!

  4. left back and right back is what we are desperate for every forest fan can see it surley calderwood can, if we dont change them pair quickly were gonna get some hammerings this year especially away from home.

  5. for all his commitment and fist clenching 10/10 but for his defending on saturday 2/10 awful julian bennet and the less said of “monkey boy chambers” the better. Perchy and moussi ok-ish cohen was pants, tyson and ernie a non entity up front, morgan and brekin looked slow and cumbersome, smithy start shouting at the back four cos they making you look stupid mate !!

  6. maybe the crown should pick the team as it seems to me we all know better than calderwood,really for a manager why cant he see what will all can we are desperate for a full backs and to go to wlves with an attacking formation like he did well you got the result.Good job he is not a general leading his troops in to battle we would get slaughted seek some advice calderwood next time you pick a team

  7. Harsh words for a horrible defeat. How many of you are writing this because of the 5-1 defeat? Why are you jumping on the players after some great games? Fear of failure in this league, wanting to get out of this league in the 1st season? Correct me if I’m wrong but how many teams have done that after coming up from League 1? None to my memory. We lost 5-1 but CC & the players need to learn from this defeat. I said jokingly CC out – that’s exactly what it is a joke. So far bar the Wolves game he’s done well. He’s got his players right in the market (bar injuries who are on the way back & the unknown Garner). He’s managed to sign Andrew Cole as well, so he’s done well so far.

    When we next play away, then is the time to see if we have sorted out this drubbing or not. Until then, let’s get the Burnley game out of the way 1st then to the next match. for now CC stays. (& that’s from me who last season wanted him out!)

  8. Hmm, next away game is against Preston. 2nd in the table and looking every bit as good as Wolves so far…

    Deffo need a new right back.

  9. News in via the TeamTalk QPR page – Watson’s turned us down. Time for change of plan…

  10. Warnock confirmed just that. He said no, preferring to stay in London and cash in the QPR money. Good riddance. I’d never want a player who doesn’t want to play for my side anyway.

    Now that I’ve seen Chambers play I repeat, we NEED a full-back. I still got hopes on Bennett though he was also shaky at times (I saw the Reading game), and may be my favorite for his Forest passion but his skills are at least questionable.

    Nevertheless, I would not think we should have a problem finishing at least mid-table. Please take into consideration that up to now we have played only vs teams that are highly considered to fight for promotion (Reading, Watford, Wolves), plus Swansea whom we knew from last season what kind of a force they can be, especially at home. We haven’t lost to two from the last seven, like you know who.

    When we play Burnley, you’re hopefully going to understand what I mean. Then comes Preston, another high-flying one. Just think that when we have everybody back, We are going to play teams that are a good match for us. And it won’t be too late. Vassilis speaking!

  11. We are building a championship team. Consolidation is what we need.
    The first target should be to get enough points on the board to avoid relegation then build from there.
    Lets not jump on the players/manager/chaiman/tea lady just because we took a spanking from a very good team and yes we are going to get beaten a few time this season – that’s football.
    Of course the manager and chairman know where we need to strengthen, we just have to do it with the right player at the right price.
    Patience my Red friends.

  12. Thumbs up for Paul!

  13. I hope Paul gave his backs a good slating.. Chambers, as we all keep saying is not good enough at right back, and opposing teams will soon realise how to get behind our defence. I´m sure this defeat will make everyone from the manager down, more determined and this could prove a blessing.
    I know our play off competitors will all have a hard time at swansea and wolves.
    I still expect us to finish in a play off position . One things for sure..It´s going to be a long and exciting season in this division as so many teams,on their day,can beat anyone else….Hang on for the ride !!!! Alan http://www.website.ws/alansand

  14. Alan – your optimism is good – play-offs we all would love but for the moment let’s keep our feet on the ground before take-off. Mid-table & anything higher is a bonus – let’s build on the stones we have & push on our youth to the next level – then we can avoid spending silly money on top players (especially when we already have them 🙂 ) & simultaneously pay off our Chairman too.

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