Forest track Prince Harry lookalike...

Forest track Prince Harry lookalike...

There seems to be reports suggesting we’ve signed Ben Watson; as far as I can ascertain, that’s not true – the People and now Sky Sports are reporting that ‘they understand’ we’ve had a bid accepted by Crystal Palace; which isn’t surprising.  It’s deadline day tomorrow, and they’ve made it clear already they want to cash in on the midfielder who has been holding out on a new contract with them.  That means they may well (and probably will) also accept the inevitable offer from QPR that will come in tonight or tomorrow.

Reports have intimated that the Watson would prefer to stay in the capital, and I would suggest that QPR are more likely to offer him bigger wages than us – making the competition a bit of a no brainer.  That said, as things stand there are no reports of the Hoops attempting to steal in and sign the player, so perhaps he’ll be left with no choice but either to stay and fester at Palace, or join the Reds for a fresh start – but then, do we really want to be a last resort?  Hmm, well, maybe.  I do rate Watson.

Of course, I have no idea at all how truthful such reports of his preferences are; compounded by a lack of clarity of whether or not the hinted-at reports of a bid accepted are anything more than just journalistic rumour-mongering and laziness; still, just 26 hours ’til the deadline as I type.  I’m not expecting any signings, so I’ll not be having any tantrums should none be forthcoming, particularly since Smoulds said as much.  I hope they surprise me and sign a right back, though.