Molineux musings..

Molineux is one of my favourite grounds to visit. With two “Brian Clough Stand-like” structures on either side of the pitch, although one is arced, and two big single-tier banks at each end, a proper ground.

It’s something akin to how the City Ground might have looked had our halcyon days stretched further into the eighties – although, of course, the setting for our ground is so much better! Wolves also smartly site the away fans on the side rather than in an end, on a shallow tier – whilst we shall make a racket, it won’t be as loud as it could be if we had an end!

It’s been around 15 years since I’ve been here, then I was celebrating a Collymore goal than ultimately was only sufficient to get us a draw. Wolves are a pretty hot prospect this season, with a lot of wing play I’m concerned about our fullbacks, so we need to live by the old adage of ‘the best form of defence is attack’ and hope Smithy continues his awesome form!

But for now, the sprayer is dampening the flanks, and I am being compelled by my companion to head to the concourse for a beer. It’s good to be in a proper ground, given the number of meccano rubbish that litters this league. Bizarrely the PA has just started playing ‘Tie me kangaroo down’ by Rolf Harris.

The Steve Bull stand, housing the Forest fans in the lower tier (eventually)

Billy Wright and Stan Cullis stands

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  1. 4-0 down! Fucking shambles! WE NEED A DECENT RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Egor – u beat me 2 it!! WTF!! CC out – nah, just messing 4 now!!! But what the heck is wrong 2day? S’one tell me!!!

  3. Ok, we lost 5-1. I said it b4, I’ll say it again, we need a player with that Championship experience. We are poor away from home (2 defeates 8 goals) & let’s not get carried away by beating Watford at home.

    At least Derby lost (again). Me thinks they’re enjoying that spot. -))

  4. Looks like most of our players who have started well did not play today. Were we too confident? Did they believe cc when he said we could go straight up?! It was a really sore one to listen to, must have been painful being there

  5. Redash – if CC has said that then he’s a fool if u ask me & has his sites far too high especialy as he has never managed in the CCC. Anyway, let’s see how they react in 2 weeks time…

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