Men against boys

An outstanding performance from the home side combined powerfully with a particularly inept showing from us to give a 5-1 scoreline which – in all honesty – flattered us rather than Wolves.

I dearly hope it’s just an off day combined with tiredness from Wednesday’s exertions against Sunderland. And also that Smould’s decision to sub Chambers means he has spotted that he isn’t a right back.

Still, at least we lost to a good team – unlike Derby! More later, if I can be arsed!

A lairy local, one of many making the way out of Wolverhampton marginally more amusing

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  1. Although we lost to a team who undoubtedly will be fighting for the two top spots in the division, the capitulation was a little worrying. Whilst a firm believer in open attack-minded footy we’ve got to be a little realistic when we travel away to the top teams in this division.
    Whilst I believe that our two full backs are particularly vulnerable when faced by good wingers & our two centre backs (today) susceptable when faced with real pace, it doesn’t help when there is a lack of defensive cover from midfield. Unfortunately, we are not going to sweep all before us & so @ times are going to have to be a lot more pragmatic in the set up of the team.
    Anyway nevermind @ least this will be a reality check for us & even better @ least the sheep lost AGAIN.

  2. I suppose it was our “bad game” of the season. A warning to Calderwood though, we are watching closely as to how the players recover from this embarrassment

  3. mmmm …this is a wake up call I think we all needed maybe …
    Our defensive record so far this season is starting to suggest we should have strenghtened here as well as upfront …..Chambers in particular is struggling at this level …and whilst Smithy has started well ….he is not always commanding a crowded
    box as we know ….. so we will need to get Wilson back soon and more worringly
    our options for right back need immediate action if we are to get things back on track
    I think mid table is looking a stretch on the away showings so far ….

  4. You really are a tactision Mr Calderwood fancy going to Wolves with an attacking side i had my doudts about the line up we should have gone there to frustrate them and tried to hit them on the break,very nieve if you ask me and to throw on three subs at same time well if that wasnt desperation then i dont know what is. I am happy though that you only have a one year contract savaged by the wolves

  5. The bubble burst today and we got spanked.I think half our team is still spent from wednesday ,however today showed up immaturity and welcome to the real world.We need another 4 players to compete.

    right back

    commanding centre half

    midfield playmaker

    6ft 2 centre forward

    What do you think nffc

  6. I agree we need a right back, I think we need a better left back too. I’m not too concerned with centrebacks, but a playmaker in midfield yes – Ben Watson would have fitted the bill here had he been lure-able to Nottingham.

    There’s no denying I watched the dimension that Iwelumo brought to the Wolves side and wished we had a player like that.

  7. yea also agree with you fella ive heard reports we have signed watson midfield dynamo is a welcome addition.I also think we have to be realistic midtable finnish is a huge success for us this year as long as we do the sheep in style and retain cloughie trophy.
    u reds

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