Just too good for us..

It’s not even half time, it’s four nil to Wolves, and it could have been more.

The taunts of “Championship, you’re having a laugh” might have some basis on this showing. Wolves are a good side, but we’ve made them look like world beaters today.

If I’d not left my coat on the coach I’d have been tempted to leave now! I can only imagine the second half surely can’t be worse, although with Chambers being turned inside out with every attack, this could end up a cricket score.

Very disappointing. Hopefully just one of those freakishly bad performances. We shall see, I suppose. A big let down for the big Forest following; amusing as the yamyam accent is, I tire of their taunts for which we have no answer.

An almost full Molineux witnesses their side batter the hapless Reds

The local leering yamyams, I almost wanted to see if it were true about their six-fingeredness by seeing Wolves score another...

The poor Forest fans, out in numbers, and ultimately humiliated.

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  1. Even the goal for us is put in by a Wolves player……

    Bad day at the office maybe but SURELY even CC must now realise Chambers is TOTALLY out of his depth???

    Bring on the post match carve up!!

  2. im absolutley gutted by todays performance im from walsall myself and m going to get a proper ribbing tonight i just hope what the other chap said is right and it is a one off because we were awful and defense looks terrible.

    as for chambers you can join the list mate, eaden, curtis, thompson, they were rubbish too.

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