Fascinating City Ground fact..

It’s amazing the things you notice in a very sombre City Ground. There aren’t many here to see Forest take on Sunderland in the Carling Cup at all. Sunderland had more fans here for the friendly I think!

Anyway, as the players enter the pitch, I noticed the “wavy” bits of the Forest tree created in the seats of the Brian Clough stand are created by combinations of the seat itself being white, with a red back and vice versa (see attached pic to see what I mean!).

Not being a regular in this part of the ground, I thought it was quite interesting! Now, on to the game! C’mon you Reds!

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  1. It’s just like watching QI with interesting facts like that….

  2. oh dear

  3. HMmm….. The wall paper overlaps a quarter of an inch behind me telly, Get a life…..

  4. I like that. My little boy is chuffed to bits this season as we’ve moved down in the Trent End and now sit in white seats! (The first two at the very bottom left corner on the E of TRENT) He loves it. He would love a half red, half white seat even more so I will not be showing him that photo nffc!

  5. Sorry it doesn’t quite float your boat, Kev.

    Radgie, if we get a home draw in the FA Cup you could always relocate to the BC Upper – given the likely pricing and subsequent take-up of tickets I imagine you could easily snag yourselves a “half and half” seat a piece!

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