Watford highlights are up!

Lee Martin celebrates opening the goal account for Forest..

Lee Martin celebrates opening the goal account for Forest..

Having managed to miss both showings of ITV’s ‘The Championship‘, and being too stingy to shell out for the hit-and-miss ‘Forest World’ offering, I was quite impatient for the Virgin Media highlights to be made available for the Watford game.  And here they are.  Which allows a spot of reliving of what was a very exciting game punctuated with moments of deadly attacking, and – let’s be honest – rather remiss defending.

Also, in a ‘wink wink say no more‘ kinda way, those of you like me who missed the ITV coverage may want to click on this link.  There, I shall say no more on the matter!

Post-match it was interesting to hear the manager’s comments, Smoulds was understandably very pleased – but underlined the need to improve in defending.  He also made mouthwatering comments hinting that the best is yet to come as we await our injured charges to return to full fitness.



“It was an open match and the league looks as if it is going to be that way, there are more dangerous players up front in this division. There will be more threat from the opposition and we have to be more diligent with what we do, defensively. We cannot allow goals to happen that have happened in the last two games.  Games like this will be on a knife-edge. When we were good we were excellent, but there were also one or two juvenile mistakes that cost us.”

“We have a great foundation, we have a great work ethic – and we have shown that we have people with talent and ability.  I have always believed that, but we have a platform for them to go and show that.  We are going to get better, we will be a stronger unit as players come back.  And I said it would be nice if we had some points by the time we got to the stage where we had everyone fit and available.”

All the match previews and many comments after reinforced that fact that Watford came to the City Ground expecting to get something; which in itself still jars with me.  I’m not one of those “we’re a massive club, we’ll win everything!” types of players – but it does come to something when you’re expected to lose to Watford at home!  Aidy Boothroyd had the follow to say after the game:

Boothroyd, without his call-centre attire!

Boothroyd, without his call-centre attire!

“It was an entertaining spectacle, we have won one, drawn one and lost one now.  We had a similar lesson at this stage of last season, against Leicester, and this is a lesson for us again.  We were slow out the blocks, we clawed our way back into it. Forest kept coming and they scored again – but we came back into it again.  Then we got done by a set-piece that hit the post and they followed up on the loose ball quicker than we did.”

Hang on a minute Mr Boothroyd, getting a wake-up call by losing to Leicester is fair enough – we are not in that league of shitness!

“I wouldn’t want to take anything away from Forest, they played really well and the game was an entertaining spectacle – I am all for that as long as we win more than we lose.  We got in a situation where we allowed Forest to get into the game, because we did not make good decisions with the ball.”

Perhaps most heartingly though, he said later:

“Forest have spent some money, it is a big club. You can smell it in the air around the place, there is history here.”

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  2. We’re going to have to capitalise on these smug attitudes. The annoying reaction down here in the Ipswicch area has been ‘glad you got promoted, that’s six easy points for us’. Can’t wait to stuff it right up em.

  3. Gutted doesn’t work on Mac 😦

  4. Keep those YouTube links coming… For some reason I can’t access the Virgin media content here in Canada.

    Thx, Mike

  5. The Virgin Media highlights are restricted to UK connections, which is why I always try to find alternatives where I can with a mind to international fans 🙂

  6. Great Article. I was pleased to click on your link for the commentary.Fantastic ! As I´m not in the Virgin territory …T.V we´re talking about…I really appreciated that.
    Interesting to note the attendence at Pompey for the visit of united was only 20,540 which puts our watford attendence into perspective. Feeling GREAT !!! Well Done !! Hope we can keep Martin and Tyson. They both seem to be enjoying themselves !!!Alan http://www.website.ws/alansand

  7. I think we should start a “Keep Lee Martin” campaign!!

  8. Yeah, we could start a group on Facebook about Martin, count me in. Many thanks nffc for caring about international fans who cannot get Virgin. I think Martin’s first goal and Moussi’s through-ball to Earnshaw for the second were the highlights of the game.
    And I’m so happy Tys hasn’t lost his flair in the area!!!

  9. By the way guys, can anyone tell me what Boothroyd needed the microphone for? Who was he giving instructions to? Do his players have a built-in receiver on their shirts’ necks? Or was he taking orders from his chairman, or guru, or God, you name it? Please fill me in, I feel like still living in the Stone Age.

  10. I hear off the grapevine that Martin may well leave Man U to further his career. I had the chance to watch the Portsmouth game, and they had a lot of other young kids on the bench. If he was rated that highly, surely that would have kept him to cover. He’s also well travelled on loan, and I reckon would be a scoop if we could get him.

    It’s now the fashion to have the mic and talk to someone upstairs, could well be God, plotting our downfall, clearly didn’t work!

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