Should we worry about our attendances?

Empty seats, to be expected?

Empty seats, to be expected?

I commented after both the Reading and Swansea games that the following from Reds fans was somewhat disappointing, and it appears that the supporters of other sides see fit to comment upon it too.  Should we be worrying about the below par attendances we seem to be attracting?  Are people still on holiday?  Is the credit crunch biting?  I’m not really convinced that either of these factors can be considered.  After three years of misery in League One, I had hoped that the last gap promotion – and subsequent acquisition of players – would have generated more interest.

21,571 for the Reading game (although there are rumours of some double-selling of tickets, that’s still a low turn out).  The cup game for Morecambe was always going to be a low turn out, but 4,030?  That’s poor.  And anticipated too, since the club only opened the Main Stand for the game.  Only just over 1,000 Reds fans made the trip to Swansea to be part of the 16,611 crowd at the Liberty Stadium at the weekend, which given our typical away following is to me a disappointment; which leaves me feeling totally unable to even predict an attendance for the Watford game!

The Reading game was on TV; true – but I don’t think that makes up for a great deal.  It’s true that many fans might have foregone the familiar trip to Swansea in favour of reacquainting ourselves with grounds like Molineux or Hillsborough in coming weeks; but again, a following of just over 1,000 is a very poor show for us – it would have been last season too, or the season before.  So why are people voting with their feet now of all times?  It does seem a mite strange, doesn’t it?

Should we be worried?  Well I’m not really sure.  Forest must surely be looking at their gate receipts and wishing it were more, though, mustn’t they?  Or are my expectations too high?  Are you currently staying away from watching Forest?  What’s driving it?