Congratulations to record-breaking Derby County..

Dedication, thats what you need... if you wanna be a record-breaker!

Dedication, that's what you need... if you wanna be a record-breaker!

We know that numerous record books have been taken up with the achievements of our neighbours recently, lowest tallies, fewest wins – all manner of past records left shattered by the wondrous incompetence of the Rams.  So, to cheer those of us still smarting from defeat to the Swans, you’ll be pleased to know another record has tumbled by the wayside for our dear sheep bothering neighbours.

In losing to Doncaster last weekend, Derby managed to equal a record to which Cambridge United had been not-so-proudly clinging on to since 1984.  That being, the record for the longest number of consecutive games without achieving a league win.  That record was 31 games, and this afternoon, in only scraping to a draw against a wasteful Bristol City, Derby staggered to the heady heights of 32 consecutive league games without a win.  Although I believe that Cambridge achieved their effort in a single season, which is perhaps something that will never be bettered!

At this point, Hull City having played a single game have gone a quarter of the way to not succumbing to Derby’s lowest ever top flight points total, by notching a win in their first game today – however, the news on Stoke City is not so good, with betting companies apparently already paying out for the Potteries side to be relegated from the top flight this season; just try to last ’til April and with more than 11 points please, Stokies!

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  1. ok i take your coments and that were s..t at the moment, but believe me i along with lots of other derby fans are hoping we lose!! the sooner we get rid of pj the better hes made us the joke of football nobody wants him here its the board no money story again and no one else will do the job with no money to spend so take the but we’ll become good again when we get rid the manager and the board put there hand in there pocket we’ll b ok, anyway im glad your back up means we can have some good games.

  2. I too can’t wait for our first meeting! Must admit I’m surprised that Jewell has lasted as long as he has; he doesn’t seem to have made much progress with all his signings so far, but I suppose it’s early for his latest batch to be judged…

    … looking forward to November, as yet it’s too early to feel either nervous or confident as neither of us have got off to exactly brilliant starts.

  3. I can’t believe that people are calling for PJ’s head. D***y should take a leaf out of Forest’s book, and think very carefully about bringing in a new manager, however he has completely restructured a team, and in my view very that’s very unwise.
    Also I’m dumbfounded that you let your club slip out of the hands of Paul Gadsby! We all know that Americans are asset strippers, and with the current economic climate how can you expect investment from a company who’s equity is 70% property…

  4. It’s not fun being a Derby fan recently, but at least we are higher in the table than the forest gumpers 🙂

  5. No you’re not, cheeseroller. It goes on goals scored not goal difference. Sorry!

  6. Sadly mattyboy, I believe goal difference comes before goals scored – at least it does in the majority of league tables I’ve checked which does indeed place the Sheep above us.

    After two games.

    Gosh, I think I might go and slit my wrists!…

  7. I had to put them on my alansands laughand relax page. Put alansand in google and scroll down . Alan

  8. Scroll down to laughand relaxlittle paddy for the page and the for nottingham forest fans !!

  9. Jewell is a really good manager. As far as i’m concerned he can’t be held responsible for last season as the damage was done before he arrived AND thats not blaming just Billy’s signings, but the situation the club found itself in after the three amigo chairmen screwed us over. Billy wanted to sign better but his hands were tied & i dont blame him for walking. Jewell has only had 2 games with HIS team so give him some time. The reason we have never realised our potential is because we have been too quick to sack managers. Look at Fergie at Utd…continuity and patience is needed for success, otherwise you just have to begin the process all over again.

    You Raaaaaams!!

  10. Derby broke another record at the Doncaster game too – 33,000 full house for the 10th consecutive match…I know the City(?) Ground doesn’t hold that many people, and nffc probably doesn’t have that many fans, but 21,000 for a CCC opener?

  11. Can’t argue with Derby’s impressive attendances, nor ours being disappointing… is 33,000 for ten consecutive home games really a record though? I can’t see it 🙂

  12. Belive me – it is when you are playing as crap as we were…

  13. More salt to DCFC wounds – another defeat to make it 33 without a league win – & we’re now 3 pts clear & a goal more too!! Baaaaa!!! You Reeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

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