Congratulations to record-breaking Derby County..

Dedication, thats what you need... if you wanna be a record-breaker!

Dedication, that's what you need... if you wanna be a record-breaker!

We know that numerous record books have been taken up with the achievements of our neighbours recently, lowest tallies, fewest wins – all manner of past records left shattered by the wondrous incompetence of the Rams.  So, to cheer those of us still smarting from defeat to the Swans, you’ll be pleased to know another record has tumbled by the wayside for our dear sheep bothering neighbours.

In losing to Doncaster last weekend, Derby managed to equal a record to which Cambridge United had been not-so-proudly clinging on to since 1984.  That being, the record for the longest number of consecutive games without achieving a league win.  That record was 31 games, and this afternoon, in only scraping to a draw against a wasteful Bristol City, Derby staggered to the heady heights of 32 consecutive league games without a win.  Although I believe that Cambridge achieved their effort in a single season, which is perhaps something that will never be bettered!

At this point, Hull City having played a single game have gone a quarter of the way to not succumbing to Derby’s lowest ever top flight points total, by notching a win in their first game today – however, the news on Stoke City is not so good, with betting companies apparently already paying out for the Potteries side to be relegated from the top flight this season; just try to last ’til April and with more than 11 points please, Stokies!