The referee’s a wanker..

It looks very much like it will finish Swansea City 3-1 Nottingham Forest.

That doesn’t really tell the story, as Forest have been much improved this half, and caught out by two suckerpunches from the home side (who, in fairness, had the better of the first half).

Couldn’t tell if the penalty should have been given, but since the referee has given anything and everything involving a Swansea player falling over, it might well have been one of many other dodgy decisions from the malleable official. Smith saved Bodde’s initial effort, but was helpless to prevent him banging in the rebound.

An unlucky day for Smith in goal so far. It didn’t get much better when Chambers was once again skinned and the cross was, in fairness, excellently directed past Paul Smith to give the home side a flattering margin to their victory.

Things that will linger in the memory is their cheating bastard of a number 8, the predictably brainless anti-English/Welsh nonsense and a gutless performance from the referee and his assistants, culminating in him changing a decision after ‘feedback’ from the Swansea bench.

Spineless bastard.

Swansea were probably marginally the better side over all, but it was marginal. Lee Martin looks good, and we did enough today to be disappointed with defeat. When we gave more attacking options available games like these will be wins.

We do really need a right back, though.

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  1. What chance that when the injuries subside a little (i.e. Cohen can drop back to his more natural midfield berth), Perchio might be given a run at right-back?

  2. I agree that Chambers has often been shaky at right back. Stick Perch there and make it his own. We’ll get the points back when swansea visit us…I’m sure the lads will be up for that one. Alan

  3. We’ll be alright, I’m more disappointed than disheartened. It’d be unfair to judge our prospects right now as most of our attacking options are unavailable.

    Sounds as though Swansea only nabbed it due to two strokes of luck and that’s not bad considering that there won’t be many teams that leave the Liberty Stadium with all three points this season.

  4. Can see your point mate – it’s an emotional time immediately after a game, and like Charlton last week, despite outplaying them we didn’t get out rewards and it’s easy to get a tad bitter about things. But after all is said and done we (Swansea) deserved our 3 points. If you thought the ref was bad, you should have seen the ref we had last week! Todays linesmen were awful too!

    We were due a bit of luck as Smith played 2 blinders against us last year, so a bad day at the office was bound to come sooner or later for him! Dubious penalty but the last goal was sheer class – one thing no-one can argue about!

    Safe journey home!

  5. Just fired up the interweb to read your report – disn’t ralise your were ’embedded’ with the travelling fans and giving a running commentary. The wonders of technology. Classic stuff … thanks

  6. I’m not sure of the benefit of this roving reporting.. To the Jacks fan, your last goal was class, no doubt. Still think we were good enough for a draw, it’s true we’ve had lucky results at your place of late; today our Liberty luck ran out!

    I hope we stop at a services, I’m starving!

  7. Didn’t make the trip to royston vasey unlike you loyal punters. Nevertheless listened to the commentary on Radio Notts & it sounded like the taffs just about nicked it. Enjoyed reading your running commentary of your day though.
    Certainly appear to playing a better brand of footy, just feel as though we still have one/two weaknesses. Both full backs being one of them. Whilst I like Chambers going forward he is particularly vulnerable when up against a half-decent winger. On a number of occasions he’s been the weak link; remember the Leicester chap on loan @ Bournemouth last season who gave him a roasting (in a non-News of the Screws way!) away last season?
    Anyway don’t get too disheartened Swansea were the best side I saw last season by a country mile. So bring on the Addicks

  8. I too was listening to the radio (it’s a bit f*cking far to go from Mexico every week) and it certainly seemed that Swansea were blessed with a 12th man and I’m not talking about their fans (a meagre 16,000 I heard which is a bit sh*t). And yes, on any other occasion I would be crapping my pants possibly thinking that this could be the start of a rut for our championship spell. But it sounded as though, in view of our significant absentees and a little bit of naivety in the Championship (though you would suppose Swansea may also suffer though they probably learnt very quickly after last week) that we actually played pretty well and were more than deserving of a draw. And even though Martin looks a class act and will do very well for us, he has only been at the club five mins having played two games already. Has he actually attended a training session yet?

    But the thing that guts me most about this loss is that Martinez was spouting a load of sh*te about not wanting our squad as he thinks his is much better and based on the amount he has spent, would not exchange his squad for ours. I was hoping, if nothing more that he would be eating his words. Sadly he has proved himself, for today at least, a decent manager as well as a gobsh*te. Pity! Onto Watford, our first test against a real Championship side (i.e. one that has neither just been promoted or relegated). I think this game will give us a slightly better indication of where we are at in this league. And role on September, October, etc. when some of our injureds get fit enough to play, especially Cole.

  9. what about the handball given in the first half which took place inside the forest box but was taken as a freekick 5 yards outside??

    your not the only one who can complain 😀

  10. It was certainly closer than the freekick, I didn’t think it was in the area, nor a deliberate handball.. Now I’m home a more considered match report will follow..

  11. Took my son to his first away match today.

    But from where I sat Forest were well below par. there wa only one passing team on the pitch… and it wasnt us!

    Defensively we backed off and failed to pick up players, we couldnt deal with a swansea side that were, to be honest, quite fluid with ‘pass and move’. Their good football showed us up all the more in our reverting to long balls far too often.

    Okay, so their first goal was a fluke (a bad rebound) and their second a dodgy penalty, but a draw would have flattered us. their keeper had little to do, and earnie looks ineffective in an isolated role.

    On the upside, our new Man U loan signing looks good (some immaturity showing in being caught offside, but it is GREAT to have someone who will run at players again). and the Moose is already a legend – he held the swans off like a minor inconvenience and already looks like our best player.

    So… Overall – a bad day. I hope an isolated one. And hurry up that treatment room magic – WE NEED ANOTHER STRIKER ON THE PITCH

  12. lets get sheringham in the team and have man utd’s old strike force. just for a laugh

  13. good game yesterday lads and lasses, i agree with some of your comments but i do think that our 3 goal was class.
    ernshaw did not impress me at all yesterday to be honest but im sure when paul anderson gets fully fit that he will bang the goals in for you.
    good luck for the rest of the season and im sure there will be more wins than losses.
    we will have to take the 6points of the derby when the time arrives no doubt.
    and as for them commenting about the away supporter;s yesterday at the liberty no doubt alot of people are on holiday.
    good luck to you all.

  14. Cheers Maggie; take 6 points of Derby and I’ll forgive pretty much anything! 🙂

  15. nffc
    not only have we got to do it lol yourselves also just remember.
    and i certingly will forgive anything lol

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