The more considered Swansea match report..

Perchy scores, but its not enough...

Perchy scores, but it's not enough...

Swansea City – 3
Nottingham Forest – 1

It’s time for the more balanced ‘I’ve had time to reflect on this’ and more detailed ‘I’m not typing on a mobile device’ match report for this afternoon, although obviously it might be worth checking out the last few entries I made ‘in the field’, so to speak, for a sense of a more immediate reaction to how the afternoon was going.

Having picked up a few comments already, earlier updates were inevitably fixated on Forest -as I wasn’t going to sit tapping away about Swansea, now was I?  Of course I make no apology for my obvious biasedness towards my own team, but I don’t think I did so unduly.

I still maintain the scoreline was flattering; Swansea certainly played the better football, that was undeniable, and I imagine they trumped us on possession too; definitely in the final third – but you would expect that from a home side, wouldn’t you?  Forest definitely didn’t deserve to win, but I don’t think a draw wouldn’t’ve been an unreasonable result given the run of events – but alas we didn’t, so life must go on.

It’s ironic that the first half, where we were very dodgy in spells (quite worryingly long spells) we went in level, whereas we ‘lost the second half’ 2-0 despite putting in a much better performance, with Swansea looking tired and beatable until Martinez started to make some key substitutions which I believed were one of the factors that helped the home side win the game.

To clarify the scorers, it was a Britton shot that crossed the line after hitting Smithy, so unfortunately that must be an own goal for Smudger.  Perch rather than McGugan was the Forest goalscorer, Bodde as I described scored the rebound from his saved penalty, and then the final goal was a combination of an excellent cross by Gower which was expertly directed goalward by substitute Gorka Pintado.

I still maintain the referee was a complete homer.  Darren Pratley (the aforementioned number 8) was lucky to be on the pitch, with constant fouling and diving (most of which illicited a freekick from the referee, those that didn’t were not punished).  He had picked up an early booking, too.  I can’t call the penalty decision as it was at the other end of the pitch, although a Swansea fan commented on the ‘live update’ from full time that it was a dodgy one, and that’s no surprise.

The ineptitude of the referee climaxed when he gave us a throw-in, only for the Swansea bench to protest to the linesman who then intervened.  The irony being that it certainly should have been a throw to the Jacks, but having seen similar decisions being constantly given the wrong way throughout the match, it was annoying to see the referee swayed by the protestations of the home bench.  Idiot referee, and equally idiotic linesmen.

On to our players; Smith I thought was desperately unlucky really – could do a great deal about any of the goals – and perhaps given his recent performances against Swansea he was due a bad day (even if it wasn’t his fault).  The whole defence looked very shaky at times; Wes stood off Britton allowing the shot for the first goal, Wilson was uncharacteristically indecisive and both Bennett and Chambers were frequently over-pressured by the quick moving home side – particularly Chambers.

In midfield Perch was obviously a goalscorer, but was quite scrappy and certainly not performing at the level he did against Reading.  Neither was Moussi, who had some moments of brilliance, but several also of clumsiness.  McGugan looked useful at times, but needs to release the ball more quickly and play the simple pass.  Cohen was everywhere and for me was our man of the match, closely followed by Martin who looks a great talent, he just needs to learn to stay onside (or realise his teammates don’t think as quickly as him!).

Earnie had a good game in terms of movement and creating chances, but was let down by poor finishing on more than one occasion which could certainly have changed the game for the better.  That will come with time though.  Unlike Swansea, whose first substitute was on the hour mark, none of our substitutes really had the opportunity to make an impact on the game – so the ten minutes of McCleary and the four minutes of Newbold aren’t really of much note.

So anyway, I stand by my ‘we deserved a draw’ statement.  Certainly more so than last season’s performance at the Liberty Stadium; there’s no denying you could see who the home and away sides were from the performance, nor that there is a great deal of room for improvement in the link-up from midfield to attack in the Forest team (which will hopefully come once our injuries lessen).  We shall see.

As with the home game against Reading, I was disappointed with the number of Forest fans making the trip, just over 1,000.  Whilst it’s not the most inspiring of opponents over the season, and a long trip, and people are on holiday, it’s still a poor show really – as the home fans delighted in pointing out.  Perhaps people are saving their pennies for the trip to Wolves, I’m not sure, but I was hoping that we’d have a better following than that.

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  1. I must ask nffc, were you doing your roving reporting from an iPhone? And if you were, did the battery hold out for the whole trip? Only I have an iPhone and the wordpress application to go with it, so it’ll be cool to hear if it was indeed an iPhone you were using!

  2. Alright Peter, I was using a friends Nokia N-something… although people have told me that the iPhone would have the same capability, it seems expensive!

    The battery on my friends phone was significantly reduced, he wasn’t particularly happy with me, let’s put it that way!

  3. NFFC – Thanks for all the updates from your trip to Swansea on Saturday – much appreciated by part time away supporters like me! I see we have taken some stick from the Swansea fans for taking only around 1000 fans there. I’m sure it’s just the time of year as we always usually take good numbers away from home.

    I’m reminded of a TV programme called ‘Footballs hardest away days’ where a bunch of burberry clad Welsh teenagers calling themself the ‘Swansea Youth’ come to visit Notts County looking for a fight. They get lost en route and are late for the game, get kicked out of the ground, fight amongst themselves and one of them even gets punched by a Notts County fan. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV!

  4. Swansea fan talks out his ar*e!

    He even has the nerve to suggest that our bonfire dwelling neighbours have demonstrated a far greater and loyal away following than us!

  5. I was disappointed with the following too.

    Can only assume that folks are awaiting the more interesting fixtures of the season, but that’s a slightly disappointing excuse really. As is the holiday excuse.

    I do remember that ‘hardest away days’ episode 🙂

  6. The low turn out is a worry, as was the low attendance for the Reading game. Are people still on holiday, is it the state of the economy, or is this the inevitable consequence of three seasons of league 1 football? Whatever the reasons, the board should be doing all they can to make sure that the City Ground is full every week and not just rely on the fact that Championship football will attract fans this season (as it clearly won’t). If we start to lose fans in the next couple of seasons we may never get these people back which will be very dissapointing at a time that is actually very promising on the playing side. I suppose non-televised games like Watford at home and the more local forthcoming away fixtures at the likes of Wolves and Sheffield Wednesday will provide the first real indication of what the numbers will be like this season. Perhaps years of dissapointing away performances is an important contributing factor to the low away followings, as how many Forest fans can genuinely be positive about seeing us win at any away match at a Chamionship ground after recent years?!

  7. I went and felt nothing went right for us on the day, from the first goal onwards! The ref was a definate homer and it pissed down!.
    The away following was dissapointing.
    Did anybody see two blokes in suits jumping up and down after the Reds goal in the Swansea fans to the right of the Forest fans? That was me and my brother in law.
    We bumped into Earnie in the main entarnce after the game -strangley not with the rest of the squad.
    I just managed to get between his two minders and have a word – he seemed a bit shocked to find a Forest fan just there as he was preparing to face a barrage of abuse outside – thankfully he managed to leave without to much trouble.

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