At the Liberty Stadium..

And so the Liberty Stadium. A miniature Pride Park-like flatpack affair, with exciting local amenities such as Rossi’s fish and chip emporium, as well as a sun tan centre which no doubt Smoulds will have been taking advantage of, given it is predictably raining!

It’s a quarter to two, and our Welsh hosts have yet to open the turnstiles, and the police are stopping too much wandering – not that the immediate surroundings exactly invite furthur exploration.

Maybe it’s a deliberate plot, spirits amongst the fans are quelled as they shelter beneath the stadium awaiting the turnstiles to open. I’m sure once we are inside (an announcement has been made that the turnstiles will be open in ten minutes) the atmosphere will start to build.

I’ve got Lewis McGugan in the sweepstake, so I’m hoping the mercurial midfielder can notch our first league goal!

Sinister hand prints with police in the background

A dubious welcome to the Liberty Stadium

I can't stand the rain...

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