Forest to land United’s Martin on loan?

United youngster Lee Martin - apparently Forests latest loan signing?

United youngster Lee Martin - apparently Forest's latest loan signing?

The Mail Online seem to think so.  Rumours are rife around the place that ‘it’s a done deal’ and it will apparently be announced tomorrow morning; which remains to be seen of course – although it doesn’t seem beyond the realms of possibility since Smoulds mentioned after the Reading game that he was keen to strengthen with a Premier League loan quickly.  However, he also mentioned strikers and experience.

Now, despite being clearly a fringe character at Old Trafford, despite his lack of years, you couldn’t really accuse Martin of a lack of experience.  He’s had loan time with Rangers, Plymouth, Sheffield United and Stoke City – so he’s been around and about for a while at our level and beyond (well, it is one of the two Scottish sides who could claim this accolade!).



Whilst we’re talking about Scotland, it appears that an obscure former Forest midfield, Kris McCommons, has been called up to the Scotland squad – which made me chuckle, not sure why.  It of course, lends itself rather beautifully to immature jokes involving the girth of aforementioned player, and a certain Austin Powers character of Scottish descent too!

Anyway, back on to more savoury topics – it would be great to have a good loan signing on board – despite how dreadful our last loan from Manchester United proved to be!  There are interesting rumours from Forest fans and even other fans that we’re signing Marlon Harewood on loan from Aston Villa; frankly, I can’t believe this is true – however, it is true he was at the game on Sunday – but it’s also true he’s not an unknown visitor to the City Ground, harbouring an understandable soft spot for the club he was at as a boy.

Would love to be wrong, though!

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  1. i hope he signs, will he be able to play vs morecambe?

  2. I would think not; I think he’d have to have signed today before noon for that.

    Plus obviously United would need to agree to him playing in cup competitions.. which, given that it’s apparently a season-long loan, they might well do – although I imagine there will be the facility to call him back incase of injury crisis, so perhaps they wouldn’t.

  3. If it’s a season long loan you’re not allowed to put a recall clause in, so I’d imagine he’d be available for both of our cup matches this year.

  4. Haha, you cynic! 😀

  5. His name has been bandied around for a while now and when I first saw who was printing the article (the Daily Mail), I thought it might be there usual sh*te but then I would be more than happy to be wrong. Martin made mention of his time at Sheffield Utd saying he liked it and would like to go back. I heard they had joined the chase, though Birmingham seem to have dropped down a little, not being able to guarantee regular first team football. I am pleased that Forest are looking to close the gap and would be more than happy if he joined. As you say NFFC, I too hope he doesn’t turn into another Michael Stewart, who for all his alleged talent was an absolute pile of blob! Nice article!

  6. Time will tell but I don’t think this is suitable for the kid (or the team) as we already have strikers apleanty coming back during the season – I believe a months (or 2) loan of a player would be more benificial to all. Especialy if it’s an ex-red coming back

  7. Signed, and sealed

    A fantastic signing for us. This lad can’t get in the Man U team for obvious reasons, but it’s a credit to the club and CC that they can convince the guy and Ultd Forest is the best choice for him

  8. Indeed.

    Sounds like he may just be here til January but will be allowed to play tonight if the paperwork’s done in time.

    It’s great to get a Man U reserve team member but he’s no striker is he?

    Onwards and upwards eh, lets batter Morecambe tonight and be confident for Swans game at the weekend.

    “The Mouss, The Mouss, The Mouss is on fire” … what a player!

  9. According to ‘The Sun’ its a done deal – 5 month loan.

  10. I hope CC has the sense not to play Ernie tonight. We could do without losing another striker to injury.

  11. When Paul Anderson signed on loan I watched his interview on Forest World and I thought how sad it was to hear a player who had just signed for us say that his ambition was to play for the Liverpool first team. Therefore, I’m not pleased that we have taken another youngster from ‘the big 4’

    I know we need to be realistic about where we are in the football world pecking order these days but I’d prefer that we show faith in our own ‘proper’ forest players and blood our home grown talent!

  12. See comments from Manure fan Andy Cooper on Lee Martin. Are we merely providing a shop window so United can make some money from selling him?

    Although another fan says ‘hes been looking better and better every year and you can see that he is trying to be like ronaldo which isnt a bad thing!!’

  13. Do we really car what Man U’s or Liverpool’s intentions are with regard to loan players? Surely if they do a job for us, then everything is fine.

    Obviously if they are turn out like our last Man U loanee, then it’s not so good!

  14. It’s official, welcome aboard Lee!!!

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