Let’s hope England fail in 2018 World Cup bid..

My desire, is always to be here, oh City Ground!

My desire, is always to be here, oh City Ground!

This is no anti-Doughty missive, I quite like our sometimes maligned owner.

However, his recent speil on the Official Site is little more than rhetoric – albeit nice to hear stuff.  One thing I did pick up on nestled amongst his words which piqued my interest, something that we haven’t really heard about for a while – and somewhat of a shift in direction compared to what we’ve been told in the past.

Here is the passage that drew my attention, and it’s made me somewhat excited about those mysterious machinations that were threatening to drive us from our beloved City Ground!

“Plans for our new stadium are progressing though this will always be dependent on the World Cup being held in England in 2018. If this is not the case, then it is probable that we would rebuild the Main Stand and refurbish The City Ground to give us all a stadium we can be proud of in the coming decades.”

So it is possible for us to rebuild the Main Stand.  The standard response to this very obvious suggestion has always been that it wouldn’t be allowed by the planners, but clearly that’s not the case.  Frankly, I would rather go without the inevitable hassle of England hosting a World Cup and remain at our spiritual home, and retain one of the dwindling number of grounds with some character and – in my biased opinion – the best setting in the UK.

So there we have it, some shift toward us remaining where I’m sure most of us want to remain.  A refurbished City Ground with a new Main Stand sounds much more palatable than the ‘Capital One Bowl’ scarring an out-of-town location, like so many of these new arenas do in environs surrounding us!

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  1. Im with you on this one NFFC. I spotted this message from Mr D in the programme.

    Lets hope WE dont get the 2018 WC then

  2. This looks like the same bull the chairman dished out to us,a week or so after the play off defeat last year,lets carry on with the team building and forget about the ground for now,we need a team that is good enough to put bums on seats,the club has charged us top price over the past years,with the present climate as it is it will take something a bit better to get people to part with 25-30 quid a game,,,,,,,good game today lads lets hope we can push on when the squad is fully fit……..

  3. very interesting comments from Doughty
    The very fact that the option not to continue with a new stadium is still an option is fantastic news
    Lets face some facts, we can attract max 40,000 if we play in the prem we simply dont need the larger 50,000 stadium being planned. Doubling the main stand makes far more sense. And of course Doughty has some influence when it come to planning permissions
    The City Ground is our home

  4. I also agree that developing the main stand and staying put is the much preferred option to a characterless, empty stadium in Clifton. And we’d have to change our favourite song.

    ‘Forest Bowl, oh mist rolloing in from the Soar..’

  5. I’m with you NFFC, I want to stay at the City Ground.

    I always assumed we were unable to build on it, which was one of the reasons we were moving. So if we can build on the Main stand I think we should, and save the money.

  6. I doubt anyone in Nottingham is beyond Doughty’s pocket so if he wants planning permission we’ll get it.

    Rebuild the main stand and tack on some up to date facilities and be done with it.

    Let’s face it even if we win another European Cup we won’t need 50,000 seats.

    I don’t want the WC anyway. Our transport network grinds to a halt every summer with just us locals on it. Hopefully London imploding during the Olympics should put everyone off the idea.

  7. NO to the WC in England as it means we lose our “home”. I don’t want to move from the CG for 3 reasons – a) Our home is just perfect where it is & moving definatly would effect even more att. towards the negative (what if the stadium is a flop in the end?) b) it’s right next to the bus station & train station so why make it harder to get there & also create more policing difficulties & c) My Brothers Godmother’s chippy is also in close vacinity & I’m sure many of you lovley Reds go & eat in there b4 &/or after the match – Carringtons is the name!!! 😆

  8. I wish we’d just get on with updating the Main Stand and be proud of having a ground with some character, and a perfect location. It would take some sustained success, plus decent away followings, to sell out a 40,000 seat ground, never mind a 50,000 seat bowl. We have such a great spot for our ground in comparison to teams like Reading and Bolton, why throw that away just to chase the FIFA money?

  9. no offence to England but I really hope they don’t win the bid for the WC. The CG will always be the home of The Reds – I can’t imagine not being able to walk my way from the train station across the Trent bridge, seeing the CG from afar with the words “The Brian Clough Stand”. Sometimes, settings like that outweigh all the modernisation in the world.

  10. When I first heard about the stadium plan, I immediately suggested that my consultancy colleague write to them to offer our services. I mus admit I had my work hat on that day. However, in truth, I agree with the statements made here. That picture of the City Ground next to the waters of the Trent is just beautiful. It would be a real shame to lose its character. It just needs some updates and extensions over a long period of time and one day it will rival all the others not just in terms of seats, but also character and history. Ok, work hat back on again (town planner by the way), I’d also be very concerned about the impact of a new stadium on the M1 and surrounding local roads.

  11. fuck your ground .i wont the world cup here .any way you could knock down your main stand.and maybe you will just about fill your ground…lol

  12. Fox 4 life we might not fill the ground every week but to us its full of history,something you would struggle to understand,enjoy div 1 and take your silly comments across to the sheep website its more on your level……………..

  13. fox 4 life – How’s Div1? You’ll never win a Euro cup comp., your ground is named after crisps & isn’t fit 4 anything except your team. The CG has been choosen for Cup finals & Euro games as well, yours? PS – u can’t spell either!!

  14. Fox, kindly use that language elsewhere. It’s concerning you find that you need use expletive’s in order to express your opinion. Your passion is clearly needless at the soulless bowl of walkers “stadium”

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