Let’s laugh at Derby – already!

The would-be amateur porn star vents his frustration at missing out on a bit of nookie with a ropey bird..

The would-be amateur porn star vents his frustration at missing out on a bit of nookie with a ropey bird..

It’s true that he who laughs last laughs longest, well, perhaps it is – and since we’ve yet to play, against strong opponents, on dreaded Sky, perhaps it’s ill-conceived conceit to be laughing at Derby.  But I can’t help it.

When the fixtures were announced, Paul Jewell must have felt both chuffed as hell, and nervous, to draw the playoff winners Doncaster Rovers at home to start the season.  Surely his reassembled Derby team would be able to see off these new arrivals and herald his first league win as manager of the Rams?  Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to keep waiting, Paul – because thanks to Lewis Guy, Donny have gone to Pride Park and claimed a one nil scalp to start the season.


Reading lessons for a Derby youngster..

Reading lessons for a Derby youngster..

And that can give us hope, as we too await a showdown with a recently-relegated-from-the-Prem variant of team – not that Reading are the same prospect that Derby are; but even so, it’s reassuring.  Reading through the Derby Evening Telegraph live text commentary briefly (which felt suitably dirty), it appears that Commons had a good game (come on, like it or not, you’re interested!), but his teammates were somewhat less impressive – if he carries on his one game on, five games off levels of consistency of his Forest days, then they could be in the shit!

Commons treats his teammates to an alluring whiff of his pre-match meal...

Commons treats his teammates to an alluring whiff of his pre-match meal...

Amongst the last comments on the match feed is this little gem, “Any positives at all – other than Commons?” asked a Derby fan called Vim.  After a minute’s pause, the typed response was worth waiting for… “Honestly? Not really.  Albrechtsen and Stubbs looked good.  It will be interesting to find out what happened to Stubbs.”  I make no pretense that now we’re in the same league, I show quite a big amount of interest in how the Sheep are getting on; and today made happy reading for the start of Paul Jewell’s latest attempt to build a team of note at Pride Park!

The other nice thing the DET provided was some amusing pictures for me to play with, on opening day – a magical day, even more magical when Derby have picked up where they left off last season and – well, continued to live up to their ‘Derby Nil’ moniker.  Anyone fancy laying a bet that Paul Jewell will last ’til Christmas (I mean in his job, not getting caught on camera with a dodgy slapper!)… thought not!  Well done Doncaster, just like the last day of last season, the first day of this sees Nottingham raising a glass to your results!

Although of course tomorrow the laughter might well be coming back upon us from t’other end of the A52, I shall grant the final word to the football genius that is Paul Jewell…

The wisdom of Paul Jewell, as he ponders yet another dour defeat for his hapless Derby side

The wisdom of Paul Jewell, as he ponders yet another dour defeat for his hapless Derby side

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  1. Nice article…I hope Forest players and supporters note that Bristol City and Birmingham both scored the winning goals in the 90th and 91st minutes of the game !!alan http://www.website.ws/alansand

  2. Did you see how much PJ was sweating in his post match interview and how loud the boos were at the final whistle? I’ll give him 6 weeks!

    I haven’t read a match report but I saw their line up included 2 completely unpronouncables I’d never even heard of. Despite their clearout and new faces, they don’t look like they have much of a team.

    It’s very sad that Commons chose to go there. I still think he is a top quality player and a match winner but I feel he has made a very poor career decision.

  3. I’m not laughing yet. I must admit to loud cheering at 5pm, but I’m saying nothing more until tomorrow evening!
    Talking to a member of the Donny staff before the game and he was confident of a good performance and victory.
    I’m even more nervous now about tomorrow……..

  4. Hang on Mattyboy..It’s a long season and everyone can beat everyone else.
    I’m sure we shall spend more time this year looking at other results,and we have exciting times ahead when all our players are fit.
    I’m very optomistic because of the nice blend of players we have and the players cc can bring on if things are not going our way.
    I certainly expect a playoff position. It’s certainly going to be exciting !!! Alan http://www.website.ws/alansand

  5. I was driving past PP yesterday and my 5yo son put his window down and flicked a bogie at the ground.

  6. well I think dirty derby will pick some wins up away from home
    Jewell said “instant return to the prem” how very silly his comments are, but then we’d expect that wouldn’t we

    derby are a very arrogant football club

  7. Hold on -1 game & we’re condoning Derby to the drop – Hey, I like it!! 😆 Oh yes Derby losing 1-0 @ home & we got a point when it should’ve been 3. An ace start to the season & we’re already above Derby!! Anyway, cup duty on Wed & league on Sat. Hopefuly we’ll get passed Morecombe without 2much struggle & no injuries either….

    As for the Swans – 1 match at a time pls…

  8. Is this a joke? a certain “Judas” has received a call up for Scotland!!!! How the heck can Judas be called up 4 Scotland? Will s/one explain??

  9. ….and more disgruntlement was evident when winger Kris Commons raced clear but fired well wide from his less favoured right foot. (Report in the Mail on Derby’s game last night 3-1 in ET!!)

  10. to the Sheeeeeeeeepppp!!!! BTW

  11. In the league their Crap but in the Cup their in the draw for the next round after scraping a 0-1 win away. ….

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