Musings, ponderings and growing impatience!

Sometimes when you have an afternoon off work, you just have to have a muse and a ponder. It’s the Friday before the season starts, which is inherently a good thing, but with the slight frustration of an extra days wait until the dreaded Sky trucks rumble into the Brian Clough Stand car parks to herald our arrival back into the Championship on live TV.

I’m exceedingly excited about the return of regular trips to the City Ground, that goes without saying. I’m also nervous; I’ve been pleased with our signings, but am worried by our injuries. Whilst Reading may have lost Shorey, they still look like strong opponents to kick off our campaign. There was an entire league between where we both resided last season, it does make you think! Then again, there was with Derby too, and they’re gash!!

To have unrealistic hopes and dreams for this season has been all-but beaten out of Forest fans who’ve been around a while. You know who you are if, like me, you needed to take a moment on promotion day to compute the fact that we’d actually achieved something! But despite the paper-thin squad, despite the strength of some of our opponents, despite a manager whom I was oft deeply critical of last season, I have an unexplainable underpinning of optimism this season.

By that, I don’t mean I’m prophecising a consecutive promotion – I might add – just that I have a feeling that Smoulds might just prove to be a decent manager, and we should be okay. Not spectacular, but satifactory. And frankly, that’ll do me for now!

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  1. I can’t remember Cloughies comments on going up to div 1 when he was asked if Forest were going to consolidate their position,but I know it was something like We are going to thrash, Liverpool, Man United etc .!!!,And you know the rest…Automatic promotion should be the Target of the Forest squad and if they don’t achieve that they should be in the playoffs. Attitude is Everything. Lets hope the Forest Fans give every support and encouragement and become our 12th man !!! Come on you Reds.. Anything can happen in this division and positive play will win games. We have the squad to do it !!!!alan

  2. I was just looking at the preview on the official site and shuddered when I saw our line-up the last time we played Reading in April 2005:

    Powell (Harris 74)
    Commons (Doyle 70)
    Dobie (Bopp 85)

    Subs not used: Hjelde, Doig.

    What an awful side! No wonder we went down! Makes me feel a lot more confident about this year’s squad…

  3. season ticket holder in capital one U1 035 J

  4. I’m feeling optimistic about this season, however with our current injury crisis with strikers I’m thinking that this weekend will prove very tough.

    Hopefully we can scrape a win or grab a draw and give our players confidence however, Coppell is a fantastic manager, he is a bit of a master tactician.

    He has grabbed points off all the big 4 in the Prem and I think this Saturday he will set his team out just like everyone did when they visited the CG last season and try to stifle us, hoping to get the CG crowd on our backs to unsettle the Forest team and force mistakes.

    Let’s hope we start at a quick tempo and get the stadium buzzing. YOU REDS!!!

  5. Given the injury crisis, I’d take a draw against Reading. I also have no issues with us playing 4-5-1 for this game with Earnie recieving support up front from the likes of Cohen and Davies pushing forward. I desperately hope he doesnt play 5 at the back, that would be too negative for a home game.

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  7. Can’t wait. Bring on the Royals!

  8. I love to be optimistic as you lot are but I’m being courtious (I think I spelt that right). I hate to be a bubble burster but we got 4 main players out – ok, 1 we expected anyway but Earnie has a lot to show especialy since he has just got a recall to the Welsh squad. I’ll settle for a draw but I fear the curse of Sky will strike…

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