Sammy on departing..

They dont call him andsome Sammy for nowt... well, they dont call him that at all!

They don't call him 'andsome Sammy for nowt... well, they don't call him that at all!

Most interviews like this are predictable, a new signing eulogising about their decision to leave their former club and join a new one, whilst carefully not alienating the club they have just departed.  I must admit, I was very disappointed when Sammy left to join Norwich – because despite valid criticisms about his lack of attacking productivity, he’s been a decent player for us.

Of course, in the light of Commons defecting Sheep-ward, it means that Sammy’s own departure has inevitably seen the midfielder leave with more wishes of goodwill than ill, and certainly that’s true from me.  It’s interesting the way the article, from a Norwich site, is almost hinting at a “are you sure you made the right move, given Forest’s additions?” line of questioning.

Having glimpsed what is presumably Clingan’s replacement in Guy Moussi, it has somewhat eased the worries at his departure.  The Frenchman – on very limited evidence so far – looks to have more attributes for the holding role that I was never really convinced was the position Sammy would excel in.  The enigmatic and unpredictable Commons is a difficult entity to replace, should you wish to aside from that devastating one game in six. 

The consistent Clingan definitely did need a replacement though, and hopefully in Moussi we have not only replaced, but improved on the Northern Irishman.  Sammy appears to have been lured by the prospect of working with Glenn Roeder; which is about as veiled a dig as you can get for Smoulds – but I doubt our bronzen leader is losing too much sleep about it!