Fantasy football.. with Forest players in it?!

Enter now!

Enter a Championship-focused Fantasy Football game, and take on yours truly in a private league!

I’ve never really entered into the whole Fantasy Football boom, largely because they are focused on the Premier League and that feels rather far removed from anything I watch on a week to week basis.  So it was to some degree of excitement that I received an email about an online fantasy football game centred on the Championship!  So I’ve duly entered a team, not that it will be any good!

I also thought it would be of potential amusement to set up a ‘league’ for fellow Reds fans who read the blog; so if you click here and register; and then to enter the NFFC Blog league, you simply need to make a note of the pin number 3110 and that should see you entered alongside my own selection.  So get registered, get your £10m spent on a winning group of players, and that’s it – should be a giggle.

Depending on the uptake I might even try to sort out a prize for the winner; with the obvious proviso that any teams including Derby players will automatically not qualify for any kind of prize!

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  1. Execellent idea, NFFC. I have played the prem leagues before for fun but the championship one is so much better. As you say, a lot more interest in this division plus now there will be something riding on the players, particularly the forest boys who I picked who I hope will do well for the club but then also for my league. Well I look forward to doing battle with the other trickies. I have to say I would prefer to come last in your little league and see us win promotion though. Uuuu reedddssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Telegraph do one for all lower leagues.
    This is the link to their Championship game:

  3. Off topic/on topic/related topic – 2 the point – Todays Sun has a triple Forest related articles – 1 on our Strikers Cole & Earnie, 1 on Clingan saying he was right & an indirect article relating to new signings for Coventry. A door has opened for Best or not?

    That’s all 4 now, will read report on Sats match l8r.

  4. More Forest news in the papers – full of it today – the Indipendent online has a whole page dedicated to us & our signings & Judas going to the Sheep – even comparing it to the Utd-Real tug of war!! & the seasons not kicked off yet!!

    6 days to KO…

    As for Sat night, good to see Earnie get 2 (& a lot more to come we hope). Roberts had a valuable 45mins in goal but let in 2 in the final mins. A valuable lesson for him it will be even if it was a “meaningless” friendly. A lot of valuable time for other players too. Good to see Reid showing why he’s been picked for England, the 2 Mc’s also giving CC food for thought. The real deal is starting & I’ll be happy to see CC continuing playing these kids/reserves in more meaningful matches. It’ll be v. interesting vs Reading on Sun…

  5. i have submitted a team, my only concern is the mousse it not well, he is looking very pale !!!, come on not derby fc

  6. I’ve signed up, I look forward to collecting my prize at the end of the season!

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