Fantasy football.. with Forest players in it?!

Enter now!

Enter a Championship-focused Fantasy Football game, and take on yours truly in a private league!

I’ve never really entered into the whole Fantasy Football boom, largely because they are focused on the Premier League and that feels rather far removed from anything I watch on a week to week basis.  So it was to some degree of excitement that I received an email about an online fantasy football game centred on the Championship!  So I’ve duly entered a team, not that it will be any good!

I also thought it would be of potential amusement to set up a ‘league’ for fellow Reds fans who read the blog; so if you click here and register; and then to enter the NFFC Blog league, you simply need to make a note of the pin number 3110 and that should see you entered alongside my own selection.  So get registered, get your £10m spent on a winning group of players, and that’s it – should be a giggle.

Depending on the uptake I might even try to sort out a prize for the winner; with the obvious proviso that any teams including Derby players will automatically not qualify for any kind of prize!