As good as a new signing?


Paul Smith celebrates signing a new two year deal!

An announcement from Forest pleased me enormously today; goalkeeper Paul Smith has signed a new two year deal which I dearly hope signals his desire to stick around and be part of Forest’s future – which will be brighter with him between the sticks.

Along with the defence, he can take enormous credit for a whopping 25 clean sheets last season; an achievement which provided a significant foundation upon which the dramatic promotion was built.

Like most Forest ‘keepers in my lifetime, he’s had his critics on the terrace – and whilst he, like any player, isn’t perfect and has areas he can improve, he’s a fantastic goalkeeper and a real credit to the squad – so his committing furthur time to the Reds is unequivocably good news in my book.

That said, I do think it is important that we have viable backup and competition for Smudger – be it by a loan signing or a commitment to push one of the Academy goalkeepers into a permanent contender for first team action, because whilst I have absolutely no qualms with Smith having the number one jersey, I want to make sure we are covered incase of injury which currently we are certainly not. However, having Smith secured to a longer deal is definitely cause for happiness!

Bring on the Mackems!

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  1. I agree, NFFC, an excellent piece of business.

    I was often critical of him last season, especiallly about his indecision sometimes in his 6 yard box but as you correctly point out, 25 clean sheets really says it all and he must be doing right!!

    First game of the season for me tonight and I cant wait!

  2. This is good news…yes, he has his critics (myself included sometimes) but some of the saves he made last season were amazing. I wonder how many points he won for us by keeping us in vital games?

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