Commons: “I never wanted to leave Forest.”

He pleas in the Evening Post.  What a crock.  You had many offers did you?  That means you could have taken one of them and gone with goodwill from us, you didn’t, you went there.  In your time as a Forest supporter impersonator, you knew what the consequences of that move were.  It’s no good making excuses now.

His version of events differs somewhat from those Smoulds described.  I know which I believe.  Commons has, despite already dwelling in the very pit of contempt for most of us, sunk even lower in my estimations after this undignified outburst – he should just keep his mouth shut and let his football do the talking now, not try to justify his defection to us.

By all accounts he had a good game for the Sheep against Conference-dwelling Mansfield; which bodes well for the season – turning a 2-1 score to the Stags into a 3-2 win for the Sheep, I believe their first win under sex-nuisance Paul Jewell, who has also been spouting nonsense in the press. I am pleased to see that Smoulders is maintaining a dignified silence as the tubthumping from Dirtyshire continues to draw attention away from their mediocre haul in the transfer market.

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  1. “Doesth the man protest too much???” – yeah dead right he does!

    By reading his comments it makes me believe the vitriol is already flowing….oh good.

    Silly boy Kris. I think you have totally underestimated the pure hatred that us Trees fans will pour on you over the months ahead.

    Buckle up my friend, you are in for one hell of a bumpy ride!

  2. 2nd that from a Sunny Cyprus!! I’ve already posted my thoughts twice so I won’t frustrate e/one again!! 😆

  3. Just a heads up – Derby beat Burton 2-0 a week before we played them so Mansfield was their second win under Jewell – conference is their standard it seems.

  4. Has he seen all the signings we have been making and is now wishing he’d not jumped ship? I can understand that he wants to get his own version of events accross but I feel it was much better to say nothing. The facts speak for themselves. What Forest fan believes that Commons could not still be with us if that is where he really wanted to be?

    I’m sure the D*rby fans will enjoy reading that he never wanted to leave Forest! He won’t last long there methinks…

  5. Ha ha, what a knob!!
    I also watched the interview you kindly linked on here for us nffc and I can now confirm he is as thick as a brick.
    To be honest I had pretty much forgotten about him (well, until we play them).
    Is there any way one of you computer genius’ out there could link this EP article to an official Sheep site? That’ll get ’em riled!

  6. One word. Judas!


  8. i think Kris ought to realise that no matter how or what he says, his actions 2 seasons ago when he signed on a one-year deal didn’t do anything to endear himself to the club or fans. He could have signed on for longer and then, if he was truly unhappy, put in a transfer but it showed he never really had faith in the club to get promoted. He also possibly knew if he signed on for longer and that if the club wasnt promoted, no one would come for him – hence the one year and then on a free. Whatever it is, he’s gone, done the most foolish thing ever as a forest player and wish he could just shut his trap instead of trying to rationalise his “feelings” for us.

  9. Off topic posts – a) Cyprus Red, where do u live? b) This is interesting piece of history & there seems to be a lot of lies & truths around the story and posts. This medal is on E-Bay & still is. Coincidence or not?

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