Commons: “I never wanted to leave Forest.”

He pleas in the Evening Post.  What a crock.  You had many offers did you?  That means you could have taken one of them and gone with goodwill from us, you didn’t, you went there.  In your time as a Forest supporter impersonator, you knew what the consequences of that move were.  It’s no good making excuses now.

His version of events differs somewhat from those Smoulds described.  I know which I believe.  Commons has, despite already dwelling in the very pit of contempt for most of us, sunk even lower in my estimations after this undignified outburst – he should just keep his mouth shut and let his football do the talking now, not try to justify his defection to us.

By all accounts he had a good game for the Sheep against Conference-dwelling Mansfield; which bodes well for the season – turning a 2-1 score to the Stags into a 3-2 win for the Sheep, I believe their first win under sex-nuisance Paul Jewell, who has also been spouting nonsense in the press. I am pleased to see that Smoulders is maintaining a dignified silence as the tubthumping from Dirtyshire continues to draw attention away from their mediocre haul in the transfer market.