Thoughts on the Everton friendly..

Jason Lee in action in Forest/Everton matches of yesteryear..

Jason Lee in action in Forest/Everton matches of yesteryear..

As I mentioned yesterday, I was unable to make it down to the Everton preseason friendly in person – however picked up an email this morning from a friend who did venture down to Trentside to take in the game.  His comments seem to tally with those I’ve read around the forums and other match reports, but it’s heartening reading, and does make me a wee bit more exciting about the season which is so close to thrusting itself upon us…

… also, whilst searching for an image, I couldn’t resist using this one of Jason Lee playing against Everton for us, despite it having the most tenuous of relevance to the story!

Alright mate,

Did you go down last night?

I thought although it was a friendly and played at a slow pace we knocked the ball around well.

I was impressed with Stephen Hughes. He is a good player at Championship level and is capable of doing what we bought Lennon for except he is several years younger and more mobile.

I liked Moussi as well. I thought first half he looked a little lost and appeared clumsy but as the game went on he seemed to get more into it and he is very strong.

Earnshaw looked bright and eager but I thought Lewis was the star. He ran the show for me. He still tends to over do things on occasions but he has got talent there is no doubt about that. I just wonder how long we can keep him for.

Great news that we have signed Joe Garner. It was no coincidence that Carlisle’s better form started towards the end of the 2006/07 season when he signed then their promotion push went off the rails a bit when he got injured in the second half of last season.

From what I have seen of him he not only has pace, skill and can finish but he has that aggressive streak in him that some of our players sometimes lack. I just hope he isn’t going to be cursed with injury.

The concerns I do have is that Smoulds may feel that he has to play Andy Cole, big name player and all that, when his best days are behind him. I’m not saying that he hasn’t a role to play but at his age it should be coming off the bench and not as first choice striker.

My other worry is that Smoulds still sees Chambers as a right back when his best position is centre half despite his early season form last year. I think he would get found out at Championship level. Last night when he came on for Brecks, he went to right back and Perch who is probably the more natural fullback went into the middle. Now it may have been to give Perchy a bit of a breather as he had been up and down the wing all night as there was no winger in front of him due to the 4-3-3 system but we’ll have to wait and see.

I must say it was great to be back at Fortress City Ground and I can’t wait for the season to start properly now!!

Heartening stuff; it certainly echoes the sentiments I’ve heard from lots of Forest fans that Stephen Hughes has demonstrated he’s worth offering a contract to – as well as general levels of impressedness about the new signings and players from last season alike…. tick, tock, tick, tock… not long left, I wonder whether there will be any more signings out of left field?  Rumours around Ben Watson are fairly unsubstantiated as yet – Hughes of course is a probably addition… I just want the season to start!