What to do with an old Commons Forest shirt?

A few days ago Sean emailed with this great suggestion; I don’t tend to buy Replica Kits so the idea had never occurred to me.  However, spending a good number of hours amongst Forest fans over the last few seasons I’ve noticed a fair few fans sporting a kit with the name of Kris Commons on it, which is of course a rather unfortunate turn of events given his defection to the evil place (and predictable subsequent injury!!).

Now, given the timings I imagine a fair number of those shirts will have suffered an unfortunate fate, or at the very least a good piggling to enable further wearing; well, there’s an alternative way to deal with the difficulties on having the name of a shirt-kissing Judas on your back, for a small investment and hopefully an understanding member of the Forest souvenir shop staff.

With Commons sporting the number eight shirt, there’s a helpful pun you can go for – you’d have seen plenty of folks with the ‘I 8 DERBY‘ combination, well if you do have a Forest shirt with his details on, then why not ask the kind folks at the Forest souvenir shop to simply add ‘ALL THE PIES‘ underneath the number 8, giving the appropriate message of ‘COMMONS 8 ALL THE PIES‘?  Better still, if you are a fan of replica kits, given the churn in players we have these days, you’re probably better off not honouring any of them by getting their name on it!

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  1. I can’t help feeling you’re being a trifle harsh on the fat-arsed Kris, it’s natural he’d gravitate to the the land of mutton and fat-arsed ewes.
    My favourite VIZ letter (and given the gems that have appeared, that’s saying something) was this one:-
    “If, as Freddie Mercury claimed, fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round, isn’t it about time that the city of Derby received some recognition for its contribution to astrophysics? – Neil Sedgwick, Nottingham”

  2. Which gane did he kiss the badge in the picture? I never realised he did that, what a twat!

  3. I think it’s pie in the sky to suggest I have the up-toast respect for Kris as a human bean, but it does irk that he lard-ed it up as a supposed Forest flan whilst he was here only to defect down the A52 😛

  4. Judas Judas 8 all the pies, then he ran down the A25 (backwards!!!), he went to the Rams to change his plan, now instead he’s eating all their pies!!

    At least he aint eating any Rams, or else he might be getting the P whatever!!! 😆

  5. Well i gave up having names on my shirt years ago, i had Stone on the back of my shirt and a week later he did his knee in against leicester, left it a couple of years and then had taylor put on the shirt in an attempt to raise his morale, that very game he was sent off against coventry at home, in the first half, and we losr 4-1. i’ve never had a name on the shirt since, nor will i again.

  6. How about using the shirt on a burning effigy to serve a lesson to any other Forest player who may consider defecting in such a traitorous manner.

  7. Taylor’s name on your back Dave????

    ‘king hell , I gotta admire you for that!!!

    That sure takes some cohones mate, it really does….


  8. off topic, but we’ve signed Garner today 🙂

  9. Good morning all,

    On topic – EP reports Commons was told to wait until the end of the season for a new contract and was never offered in the end – So who’s lying CC, ND or KC? Someone is that’s for sure and ths does not look good on Forest. KC also states he believed they were waiting 2 see which league they were in.

    Now I’m goona comment here further, y has he taken this long to say something? Is he trying to transfer the blame? Is he trying to be the not so Judas? Are CC & ND in union at the club or do we have a split? Are the players with CC or is there a lack of belief in his abilities? We’ve replaced the depatures adequetly but I still feel we need another player with CCC experience. 10th August is the big KO but we’ll see if there’s any more incomings. That’s y I believe we should go & get Best as he fits CC’s criterias perfectly & also has CCC experience.

    Now if he’s good enough for us is a diff. matter, he could turn out to be a flop with CC in charge (that’s not taking anything away from CC) but unless he comes, we’ll never know for real.

    That’s all for now, & I’ll post this elsewhere more relevent as well.

    You Reds.

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