You’re never Garner believe it..

.. sorry.  I have already got my coat, and will be calling a taxi imminently to beat a hasty retreat for my dreadful punning.  But anyway, I digress slightly.

Reports from news agencies as well as the rumour-mills suggest that our bid for Carlisle youngster Joe Garner isn’t as dead in the water as once thought.  A while back reports suggested a bid of £500k had been accepted by the Cumbrians for his services, which were subsequently denied by them – and then to confound matters they went on to have a complete overhaul of their board of directors.  And so a myriad of Joe Garner threads were allowed to drop off the front page of Forest forums as the next rumours took sway…

… well, it turns out that the rumour that first surfaced around a month ago (I’ve discovered that a poster on LTLF seems to be eerily accurate with his predictions so far) appears to still have some legs; albeit one of them injured of course!  The tricky with Garner is he’s still carrying an injury, although Carlisle’s preseason training photos do show him joining in with training, so it would appear his recovery time is better than has been suggested.

So, should it be true (and I always subscribe to the view that until I see that picture on the official site, then it could still go pear-shaped!), what are we to expect from him?  He’s a 20 year old striker, who started his career at Blackburn but didn’t break out of the youth/reserve teams – opting to join Carlisle on loan in the January window of 2007, where he signed permanently in the summer for £140,000 (with promotion-based add ons), he’s also been capped at under-19 level.

The Carlisle website describes him as “Strong and quick, with a tenacious appetite for goals, he is a player who likes to put himself about and who is very comfortable on the ball.  ACL injury ruled him out of the second half of the 2007/08 campaign, but his return is eagerly anticipated as he continues to work towards full fitness”.  Clearly highly thought of, and perhaps it’s no coincidence that his injury impacted Carlisle at a time when their grip on second was slipping badly last season.

That said, he’s under contract with the Cumbrian side until summer of 2010, so the reported fees of £500k seems a little on the cheap side; however, if rumours are to be believed, and I seldom do, then we might see him arrive at the City Ground this week – which would be exciting!