Is this our new home kit for the coming season?

An eagled-eyed reader spotted the new Forest kit listed on the Sports Direct website; complete with a picture – which is interesting as we’ve only had ‘teasers’ so far from official channels.

It has details of our European triumphs, since this is the 30 year anniversary of one of them, as well as two stars either side of the badge.  It’s unclear where from this picture, but apparently – much like Everton’s kit, there is a ‘quote’ of some description built into the design, although I’m not clear whether it’s visible when wearing or on the inside of the kit.

Of course the other obvious change is the new Capital One logo, which is, well, not that different aside from an upside down Nike style swoosh around it – making it look more like a kitchen detergent brand than a Credit Card company – but given that I generally dislike sponsors on shirts anyway, I suppose it could be worse (Notts County are being sponsored by a Pest Control company next season!).

It also lends some credibility to this other picture I saw a while ago, but wasn’t entirely convinced by the poor camera quality that it couldn’t have been a Photoshopped effort (albeit a very good one), but it seems to me that it matches the Sports Direct kit – so is probably the one we’ll be seeing next season.

It’s pretty good, as far as kits go – as ever, there isn’t a great deal of originality of design – but there rarely is (although as we saw a few days ago, Derby’s kit is pretty unlike many other Adidas kits, and it’s pretty horrible – and Adidas is a manufacturer many football fans hold up as the leading light in kits lately).  I like the stars near the badge, less fussed about the circle of writing around it.  That said, I’m not an avid purchaser of replica kits anyway, so it’s not exactly important from a commercial perspective whether I like it or not!

I’ve also been alerted to this YouTube site, the user in question has been busy making Forest-related videos – personally I particularly enjoyed the Stan Collymore compilation – what awesome memories that awakened!  However there are comedic indulges too, the ‘angry football fan’ clip has been well used before, but now in amusing Forest-related fashion as well as the inconceivable idea of what it would be like if Colin Fray were replaced with Alan Partridge… hopefully more Forest-related amusement to come!