A gen-ewe-ine publicity shot of Derby’s new kit..

I’m going to ignore the distasteful ones of Kris Commons holding his belly in whilst posing in the new white rag, in favour of this one – which I couldn’t have photoshopped to any further amusement!!

Thanks to one of the good folks at LTLF who spotted and posted it!

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  1. Well……….if it was ever in any doubt, pictorial evidence…….R*mmy takes it up the shitter!

  2. Germany ?

  3. πŸ˜€ thats a good spot

  4. Double posting sorry – I’ve already put this on your site’s “About” page, but having started this particular ball rolling . . . . .

    OK NFFC, I’ve created an account with WordPress and have uploaded an avatar to my new & unwanted blog site. Now how does that enable me to assign that avatar to posts on your site ?

  5. So long as you’re logged into WordPress (you’ll know this because down at the bottom right of this site it will say “Site Admin” rather than login, then it should happen automatically πŸ™‚

  6. God, that kit is awful. Its rubbish anyway, but that horrible badge on it just makes it even worse!! it looks like some kid has won a junior school design competition!

  7. so there all standing in line to have turns but what is she there for? Motivation? πŸ˜†

  8. Quality pic

  9. LOL Great sponsor..handy for when their season comes of the rails

  10. RE: Avatar
    Thanx NFFC . . my fault . . I’d not allowed scripts to run with WordPress.

  11. Their new signing with the long hair is quite fit!

  12. It is actually quite a strange sponsor actually. I know lots of people who go to watch Derby and to the best of my knowledge, none of them are planning on purchasing a high speed train this season.

    They must be hoping that Richard Branson is an avid watcher of “The Championship” on a Sunday Morning.

  13. Yes Barry, we said she’s there for motivation – where are ours ND??!! We’d like some better eye candy (other than the signings on the field) πŸ˜†

    Actualy Chris, the sponsors there because of the mass exodus & incomings at Derby but the real reason is for the end of the season when they’ll be using it on the trip down the football league in possibly Leeds or Leicster’s place – mmm, both names start with L as in Lies….. I’m sure it rings a bell somewhere in the back of ny mind but can’t think y…….

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