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It’s been probably the worst kept secret of the weekend, after Guy Moussi let slip he was signing for the Reds.  He joins from Angers who are currently in the second tier of the French league, having just been promoted – sound familiar?  He’s 23 years old, and is a defensive midfielder; so presumably a replacement for Sammy Clingan (who I don’t think is a holding midfielder anyway, despite him being frequently deployed there).  £300k is the price being suggested for him, so welcome on board, Guy!

He’s agreed personal terms and is undergoing a medical, and according to the Evening Post, could be the first of several incoming players this week.  Andy Cole has been touted as a surprising addition to the squad, having been released by Sunderland after a not-particularly-involved spell with the Mackems. 

The remaining rumours centre around Stephen Clements from Leicester, who is said to be keen to leave the relegated Foxes.  Although judging by past transfer windows, there’s bound to be a few curve balls in the mix to give us a surprise or two.  Either way, it’s nice to see players arriving, albeit in the case of Moussi one I have no idea about.  Hearing Doughty speak about further signings and trying to build a team for us to be proud of, it’s hard not to get more than a little bit excited about the forthcoming season!

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  1. Like you said all baring a failed medical, welcome aboard. Clemence would bring us great & vital experience & a little more rivalry as well & if we somehow grab Best too as his names being thrown up 2 again it’ll soften the blow of Agogo, Clingan, the 2 U-21’s who’ve gone & possibly Tyson going since he’s turned down a new contract.

    Supposedly we’re offering Cole 25,000 a week 2 come 2 us. If that’s true or even close to the truth, then y wasn’t that money offered to the players gone/going as they took us up?

  2. Struggling to believe the £25k/week figure; unless it was linked to performance (ie, if you actually play and get a goal you get that, if you’re on the bench and come on you get less etc etc…)…

    I can’t imagine that we’d give him that kind of basic contract.

  3. Considering I have heard our max salary for last term was £6,000 and we would not match Derby at £8,000 for Commons (although not given the chance, I feel £25,000 a week is press speculation. Although nice to see Mr Cole in a Forest shirt as I am sure he can still bag a few in the CCC. I also didn’t realise what a low goals to game ration Best has, not worth the £2 million being muted at that rate. Does anybody know Kevin Philips status as he was leaving WBA…that would be nice.

  4. If Moussi does arrive, then at least there’s a ready made chant albeit with an eighties feel. I’m sure you all remember the Modern Romance ‘hit’..

    Ay Ay Ay Ay Moussi

    Would fit in well with Landscape’s Einstein Agogo (if he stays!)

    Sorry, I’ll go now…….

  5. Cheers Barrow, I’ve spent 25+ years happily forgetting Modern Romance and their bald trumpet player then you go and remind me.

    Moussi sounds a promising player, there’s been a few “Angers fans” on LTLF who, if genuine, are gutted to be losing him.

  6. Who else went to u tube and modern romance….nice to hear it again…It’s looking better now and as all football fans ,looking forward to the new season with optimism. I hope the target for the forest players will be automatic promotion,so if they have a bad season they will still be in the playoffs. I still hope we hang on to Tyson…

  7. Weve replaced like for like with much better players moussi is a hardworking tough tackling player and also a big aerial threat.Goals in earnshaw and pace and goals in anderson.

    we need another 4 players keeper ,central defence or right back ,experienced midfielder,and hold up forward.What do you recon nffc ?

  8. Andy Cole was born in Lenton, like me.
    However unlike me he can play football.
    Reminds me of our acquisition of an ageing Ian Wright – he banged in quite a few goals for us during his all-to-brief stopover at the City Ground.

    Beginning to all sound a bit more positive . . .

  9. On another subject for NFFC:
    As the seasons before us ~ how do we personalise those avators ?
    Do we have to sign up for WordPress ?

  10. I like the idea of a big, tough holding midfielder, although what are the odds of him playing in that position?!

    Sorry, am much happier now there are 3 new faces rather than just people leaving. Not sure Andy Cole is what we need right now but would be happy to be proved wrong.

    Just seen this on a LTLF thread. WHAT A W*NKER!!!!!!!!!!!,,10270~1336304,00.html

  11. ay-ay ay-ay moussi
    ay-ay ay-ay moussi
    ay-ay ay-ay moussi
    moussi… ay moussi

  12. Moussi is 100% on board. Team’s reported for pre season training & there off for a bath – soz, there off to Bath 4 state of the art training!! (state of what!! :lol:) Hey, & I’m not moaning either!!

  13. OMG, just went to that link, OMG – it’s judas!!! OMWord, please can s’one throw him a custard pie, (pref in his face 😆 ) if they see him in Nottingham please.

    I’d love to but I’m too far away….

  14. I don’t think he’ll be in Notingham any time soon.

    Also, throwing a pie into his face is just playing into his hands. It’s what he wants (and has been doing for the past few years)

  15. The signing of Garner really excites me.

  16. Shame that Chris, it’d make good reading!!! 😆 , oh well, we’ll just beat that team when we meet on a Sky TV match & break the hoodos too!!

    As 4 Garner, well Carlisle report that there is no move but won’t confirm any bid has been made by anyone. A 2nd site reports Cole 4 £25,000 & furthmore it seems as CC is not concerned about lossing Agogo – quote (from where I don’t know) “We do not expect him to be back at Forest. Junior has offers from a couple of clubs and it will be concluded some time this week. I don’t know where he will end up. He has a decision to make and we are waiting on that.”

    Take it which way you want guys but if we’re offering £25,000 a week for Cole to come then I think we should’ve offered more to Clingan & Tyson & even Agogo then let them go. As for Judas, his mind was made up a long time b4 we grabed promotion so I don’t care y he went esp after so many promises that he’ll stay & even the 1 year extension which woul allowed him 2 leave if we failed to go up. I’ve a feeling we’re offering 1st div wages for Championship level. If so, then £25.,000 is a bunch of newspaper stories esculating into an over priced player & @ 36 would be against the supposed youth policy at the club. Hence…. No, I won’t go down that lane again for now.

  17. Good question from K Hope..Can we have an answer please…Keep up the good work !!!

  18. Apologies, missed the question!

    Yes, if you register with WordPress you can assign an avatar, although the vaguaries of my work computer sometimes means I end up not having mine on display (like I suspect this post won’t have).

    You should get the same psychedelic icon for each of your comments though, assuming you comment from the same connection..

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