More signings expected soon?

It’s always a risky prospect for the possibly beyond-bronzen looking Smoulders (apparently he’s being sponsored by Cuprinol next season) to comment in the press that things are moving on the transfer front.  Indeed, I seem to recall he’s done so before only for bugger all to happen due to last-minute hitches, so I would hope that this kind of announcement on the official site would mean that deals are remarkably close to being struck to bring more much needed depth to the Forest squad.

We’ve been linked with Helguson and McCormack over the last few days, although the whispers I hear (which are wrong as ofter as they’re right, I might add!) point towards Barry Nicholson from Aberdeen; which would be another excellent piece of business in my opinion.  Whilst the hair-tearing has been going on it’s clear that Forest have been out working on addressing our concerns, and It’s quite right that they do so in relative privacy.

So I’m heartened, I am hoping that Smoulders has learned from his past similar comments to the media which turned out to be a little optimistic (or, perhaps more pertinently, patent bullshit!) that what transpired to happen.  Whether it be attempts to lure Neil Danns or sign Leon Best from Coventry, he’s said similar things to these and then failed to land his man – for whatever reason.  So having had his fingers burned, perhaps now he is commenting because he knows that things are practically in the bag.

Certainly it gives a renewed reason to check the news feeds and message boards a bit more frequently than I have been doing; because frankly the summer months does tend to bring out the worst in those particular channels of information!