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As the tempers fray around the internet, and as Forest fans get increasingly despondant, Forest have been quietly going about their business to redress the balance of incomings and outgoings so far this summer – and have pulled off quite a coup in doing so.  Paul Anderson has agreed to a season-long loan from Liverpool, opting to join the Reds rather than Swansea City, where he enjoyed a successful loan spell last season.

He fits with Forest’s fixation on young players, and is also relatively local – hailing from Melton Mowbray, so in a way we’ve replaced somebody with a pie fixation for somebody who hails from the town of pies!  Certain an impact player in midfield which is something we’ve craved particularly with the absence of Commons, although despite capable of operating on either flank he’s primarily considered to be a right winger as far as I can make out.

Checking out some Liverpool site previews (which leaves a bad taste, but after all, they did loan him to us!) suggests that he’s hoped to be a breakthrough player in their first team – of course, those who remember Michael Stewart will remember United hoped similar things for him; but it’s a promising sign that we’re taking on a player with prospects who is very much in the mould of player type we are craving.

So well done Smoulds and co, although don’t go resting on your laurels, we need some more!!

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  1. Awaken the joys of multiple threads on Forest forums worldwide whith fans getting excited. “Where will he play?” “oh Calderwood you are my hero” and the obligitory Millionth “Anderson Signs” thread with some tacky pciture of a fat bloke putting a sign up for Anderson Pies!

    Am I a miserable git?

    Good signing it seems, I am sure the majority of fans are pleased. Certainly the ones who were looking for Marthur, Calderwood and Doughty to be burned on crosses will calm for a moment.

    Is it just a select few or have given up giving a toss on rumours of signings and just patiently waiting for the season to start?

  2. How did Anderson play against us in the 2 games against the swans?

  3. I didn’t go to the Liberty Stadium, and don’t recall a great deal other than him getting injured at the City Ground! 😆

  4. As the swans were deserate to resign him for this season in the championship,with the respect I have for their manager,thats good enough for me. I hope it doesn’t mean excluding McCleary as I can see him and Davies on the wings. At least it’s a start !!

  5. That’s a turn up for the books, I didn’t expect him to sign for us. So well done Calderwood.
    Now to get Tyson tied into a new contract and I can start eating a bit of the humble pie I’d left over from last season!

  6. I do not think anyone (Bar Danns) can resist Smoulderwood’s charm!

  7. Good signing. Doesn’t bode well for Davies though, does it.

  8. We have to accept that this management team are not going to do transfer dealings in public or the press. It is obvious they are going quietly about there business and I for one am more that happy with what dealings have taken place so far.
    It is still only June, so shall we let the baord and manager go about their business without certain sections jumping all over them (probably not!)

  9. Tyson has been offered a new contract, but he has not signed it. He clearly wants more and he’s probably worth more but I’m with the club in not wanting to offer him bigger money at this stage. He needs to prove himself as a championship grade striker and that he has got over his injury problems. Yes we take a risk that he may leave for nohing at the end of next season but so is tying down a player on a big contract that we have already committed to play for us next season without any real proof that he can make it at this level or is fit enough. I real like Tyson and want him to stay, but does anyone else think his finishing is a bit suspect?

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