Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring!

As Corporal Jones might say.

That’s the message Kenny Burns has given in his latest column in the Evening Post, and the man speaks a lot of sense.  There’s delirium sweeping the airwaves regarding the disparity between incomings and outgoings at Forest over recent days.  Which is understandable, to an extent, but there’s a fair chunk of time to go for us to get the necessary reinforcements.

Of course, Smoulds and co did themselves no favours by proudly announcing that automatic promotion would give us the opportunity to ‘steal a march’ on our opponents in our transfer dealings; because aside from the protracted acquisition of Earnshaw, there’s been little other movement on the transfer front, whilst Commons, Clingan, possibly Agogo and almost certainly Grant Holt will have exited.

So, fellow fans, take a chill pill.  Of course, as the season draws closer we will almost certainly all be getting twitchier – by which point it will be fair enough to start criticising.  Hopefully a couple of signings will transpire over the next week just to still some of those over-active pulses doing the rounds on the internet.

Worse than the imbalance on the transfer front, we’re only on bloody telly against Reading for the opening day – well shit a brick, as if it wasn’t a challenging enough fixture without unleashing the Sky curse on us from the offset! 

However, rather than end by making us feel grumpy, take a look at what’s happened to Leicester City today… the Milan Mandaric circus down Fosse Way looks set to be on good form going into a new season!

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  1. Let’s sign all the Turks – they just don’t know how to lose (sorry, Yiannaki)

  2. The way I now see it is, they have got rid of these players and on reflection after i have calmed down and read Kenny Burns article, it makes sense.

    Agogo, came back from african nations and didn’t look bothered, believes in his own hype, just an average 3rd division player, you have to ask yourself he is nearly 30 and the 3rd division is probably the highest he ever played. Says it all really.

    Commons, the time was right for him to go, yes good player on his day which we saw once a month if that, is he really worth the money Derby have paid for him in wages? I think not and Forest were very wise not to break the bank to keep him.

    Clingan, yes again good 3rd division player but unproven in the championship, Wolves got rid because he wasn’t upto standard, I didn’t realise he only scored 1 goal for us, he didn’t set that many up also so for the money he wanted, again is he really worth it? I think not.

    Holt, well we all new his time was up and lets face it the 3rd/4th division is his level, he did a job for a couple of years but he would never cut it in the championship. Good luck Grant, no hard feelings, hope you bang a few in for the Shrews.

    Forest surely wouldn’t be that daft to dismantle the squad without better replacements, the names being linked seem better alternatives to they who have left, lets hope they pull these transfers off. Afterall we have jumped a level and we now need taking to that next level, would the players left have taken us to that level? We will never know but I doubt it very much.

  3. I agree with senor Burns too – let’s sign a few players that want to wear the Garibaldi, not self interested w@nkers, who aren’t as good as they think they are. Look at Turkey – in the semi’s, through on self belief and then there’s Wrongaldo – on his way home after Portugal failed (at least now he can get on with the serious work of increasing his salary without the distraction of football). Let’s sign more of the likes of Jules & Kelvin I say.

  4. Yes, big Kenny has a point. Alhough it’s easy to find fault with Sammy now he’s gone, I cant remember too many people slagging him off the past 2 seasons he’s barely missed games and cleared up a lot of mis-placed passes from his fellow midfielders with his high workrate. (and boy we missed him at the end of our failed play-off run year before last when he bust his ankle…).
    So while I agree generally with whats been said, I reckon our biggest problem is that we are letting players who made our 1st team squad leave, without really replacing them. So we start life in a much tougher league with a weakened squad. I like Thornhill, but if he really was better than Clingan he would’ve started ahead of him. Same as our other reserves, and that is 3rd division standard. This year we are playing teams who’ve experienced playing at Old Trafford and Anfield, not Pontins level.
    That’s no slight on our reserves who have played magnificently all year, and rarely let us down when called on, but I hope you see my point.
    My real gripe is that Calderwood seems unable to inspire the respect and confidence of his players, and that fact will not have been lost on the players he’s now apparently trying to sign.

  5. By the way, I renewed my 5 season tickets yesterday. The lockers behind the counter were still jam packed with season ticket books…….come on guys, I’m not a grumpy old b****rd during the games, come sit with us!

  6. Whats happening …even the rumours of incoming players are drying up …. ?
    Whittingham and Anderson must be off …….
    and Whats happening on the goalie front ?
    leon best ? Its the usual pre season angst …..

  7. Semis Turkey are not- thank god but yes, the national team has got great resilience. (Prob spelt the word wrong but heck). It’s all systems go at the CG – the gates are wide open, offers are supposedly coming in & players coming back after failing to reach terms for the zillionth time (ok, maybe not that much but you get the point!!).

    Latest offer according to the Bristol EP £750,000 for Tyson. Forest supposedly want @ least double. The Notts EP supposedly contradicts this!! OMG!!

    Still awaiting news on Holt…

  8. Life-long red here supporting from afar (Dubai) and long time fan of the blog – great, well written and objective work. Particularly delighted about the promotion as they don’t broadcast League One football out here on any channels, however many Championship games are shown, so I get to watch my beloved team on the very first day!

    Any chance you could post a link/transcript of the Kenny Burns column – we don’t get many Nottm Evening Posts out here! Cheers!

  9. Hi mate, I thought I’d linked it in the article but clearly forgot!,-fans-ur1248471.aspx

    There you go!

    Incidentally, is basically the Forest section of the Nottingham Evening Post online 🙂

  10. Oops, Turkey r in the semis! I was on the net on Fri evening/sat morning following the match on Skysports. Obviously when the live scores showed FT & 1-0 Croatia I turned off & hit the sack. Didn’t even look the next day 4 the report. So until a few mins ago I was in the dark about the great escape! Hell no, they couldn’t win the group, Greece did yet there in the semis! Ouch!:(

  11. Morning all,

    Another week in but still awaiting things to clear up. What things you ask I’m sure. Well. the is he or is he not Agogo to Egypt? Is Holt off to the Shrews for £150,000 (rumoured)? Will Tyson sign that extension on the table & is there a stumbling block again (ie Money!)?

    We’ve lost 2 main players as they were out of contract & signed else where, Agogo is agoing but not agone and there’s no word if any of the contracts offered have been signed either.

    Let’s not forget, the reserves played numerous teams who were in the league above us last season so they do have some experience of a higher level but not as 1st team action. That should have been done last year – too late for that now…

    We’ve got some good kids but they’ll need wise heads to help them continue to come through -err, where are they all gone? Oh that’s right, let out the door….

    The Omedrod saga continues in the will he or will he not join us permantly?

    Here we go again, being all negative 😦 Soz, I see no positive news coming out of the CG yet so as much as positive I’d like to be I can’t. Prove me wrong CC & ND but as my cousin asked me (not that I’ve got a clue) “what the hell is going on?”

  12. Yes I have it on good authority – the cleaner at Forest as ever- that we going to sign 5 more players. Alice Duffield from Everton, Marjorie Doors from Arsenal, Bethshiba Berlin from Dortmnund, Griselda Griseli from Slavia Prague and my Aunty Doreen from Notts County, good on yer ladies, shame the blokes cant rustle up a few names as well…………………….

  13. It’s all going to happen in JULY !!!!!

  14. We await July but believe u me it’s gonna take a few damn good names to convince me CC is the man. When 3 main players leave the club (has or hasn’t Agogo gone?) it doesn’t look good at all. Not 1 bit. I know I keep going on like a broken record but you do not sell your 1st teamers after promotion. As for those knocking back Agogo – a bigger stage he step up if you haven’t noticed. The same applies to all the players. All this talk about Nottingham players and youth players is b***s**t. (Sorry but I’m pisssed off now).

    If I hear another word on CC being a great manager I’ll start abuse, he’s got a poor track record on signings so far (he has undiscovered a gem or two) and all this talk of building his team, more excuses from the fans. He’s had 2 seasons to do & now 4 players have gone 100%, 2 are almost there too and talk of Tyson going is gaining ground. Lossing Commons to Derby was bad (because it was to them not for any other reason), lossing Clingan to the Canaries, ooof. Selling Agogo with no replacement – not good esp. since it’s still doesn’t seem a done deal

    Then we’re asked to be patient & stay positive – my backside I will be positive but patience is still there, for now.

    That’s my morning rant gone & done with. Try to have a nice day & remember – it’s only a game!! (Try saying that to those in Football!!)

  15. CC is a great manager, he signed Smith, Agogo, Chambers, Wilson, Ormerod, and discovered a certain gem called Lewis McGugan. Start abusing Yiannaki! 🙂

    Didn’t you start yet? Turkey for the Euro!!!! 😆

    Just pulling your leg my good friend, I am very anxious myself although as optimistic as ever. Try to chill out, go to Petra tou Romiou for a nice swim…. Cheers

  16. Holt’s now officialy gone, NFFC about an hour ago. So, 5 out, 1 in.

  17. I’m not bothered about the lack of players coming in. Its those that are leaving that make me feel uneasy. Losing Commons is a big blow. As everyone keeps saying over and over again, players get more time and space on the ball in the Championship. Time and space Kris can, and will, use to devestating effect. I must be alone in believing the “fat lazy sod” as he’s affectionately known will be sorely missed.

    Losing Sammy is not such a blow in terms of the player himself who I believe we can replace – at a cost – but his departure speaks volumes for the club as a whole. I’m dissapointed he’s gone and wish him well for the future.

    Agogo – really not bothered. He needs replacing at this level anyway. Thanks for the fabulous contribution during the first half of last seson Junior – your grit, determination and effort was superb from August-December. After that you were one step away from useless. Bye.

    And now we have the news that Grant Holt has signed for Shrewsbury for 170k. When the story broke that we’d accepted an offer for him, my opinion of Calderwood and the club changed. Its now clear that there is a plan unfolding and allowing these players to leave is a good sign that Doughty and Calderwood are very serious about our challenge next season. They are cutting the dross and replaceable from the squad.

    Looking forward to the next couple of weeks when we’ll hopefully see some talented players join the club. It won’t take much to give us a strong looking starting 11. Smith, Bennett, Wilson, Morgan, Chambers, McGugan, Perch, Cohen, McCleary, Tyson and Earnshaw looks a pretty decent lineup as it is. Bring in another couple of strikers, a creative midfielder and we’ll be rocking. Still think we need another centre half too.

  18. The story that we are chasing Clemence (EP, so may not be true!) is at last a bit of positive news. From what I saw of him last season he was by far and away Leicesters best player. IF we get him that’ll be sammys replacement sorted. Not as mobile maybe, but certainly a good passer.
    Radgie, I’ll miss Commons’ quality too. I was one of the few in the Trent End that didn’t slag him off. But now he’s gone thats it. I’m not a vindictive person usually, but he really does deserve all the abuse he’s got coming (unless he breaks his leg early in the season, PLEASE!!) for way he’s done what he’s done.
    Let’s hope Davies and McCleary stay injury free though, the squads looking thin at the moment….

  19. Clemence would certainly be a good replacement for sammy. I’ll believe we beat wolves to his signature when I see it. It’s nearly July !!!!

  20. All going upside inside out at the CG – Mirror rumours Tyson rejected new contract & Forest bid for Boltons Icelandic striker. So who’s to blame – ND is NOT pumping money in but selling players to cover new wages – that’s what he meant. Believe me, if Tyson goes you can belive me that wwe are looking at a relegation battle b4 ko & you can knock me back all you want but if I’m right – which I’ve been on a no. of occasions – you’ll be remembering my words.

    I await to see when all this clearence ends & who comes in. Also, will NFFC clear up if Tyson has rejected a deal & if Agogo has rejected terms at the Egyption club?

  21. Tyson HAS to be offered a new improved contract, and yes he is worth it !whoever we manage to bring in..

  22. It looks like we have signed Anderson and there will be more on the way as we move into to July.

    So can we please stop moaning and lay off the manager and chairman for a while(I know it’s hard for some of you). Rest assured they are working to bring the right people into the club.

  23. Yeah yeah yeah Paul, I wish I had your confidence but so many time in the past they have failed to show us that & this summer we’re seeing much of the same.

    On a brightrer note, the LOAN signing, exactly that a loan signing, of Andersson from the Kop beating Swansea is a good sign that we are not all that bad. A kid who has talent but has not played 1st team football at this level b4. He has his feet on the ground that’s for sure though.

    Now maybe we can hear a bit more news on the supposed depature of Agogo & where things stand with Tyson. Those are the 2 which I want to hear about now…

  24. £100,000 loan fee for the Anfield youngster, Forest are thought to have trebled Swansea’s bid to win the race for his services – and the money came from where? Oh thats right, offloading Holt & supposedly Agogo. Then they say don’t point fingers but ND said very clearly I’ll back Forest now they go promoted. Has he?

  25. Yes, he has! Have some patience… how many other teams have spent £2.6m on a striker in our division?

    More will come, and I’d much rather have Anderson, albeit on loan, than Holt.

  26. Seconded

  27. So form player of the season to dud of the year Holts gone & all because CC refused to play him in the position he earned it from.

    that’s in the past but should not be forgoten. I hope CC hasn’t brought players in to play them out of position like oh so many others. There also seems 2 be another signing about 2 be announced in the next few days as said on the official page so we’ll see who comes in.

    NFFC – this seasoon, no one else yet… but there’s still time…

  28. thank you (usefull)

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