Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring!

As Corporal Jones might say.

That’s the message Kenny Burns has given in his latest column in the Evening Post, and the man speaks a lot of sense.  There’s delirium sweeping the airwaves regarding the disparity between incomings and outgoings at Forest over recent days.  Which is understandable, to an extent, but there’s a fair chunk of time to go for us to get the necessary reinforcements.

Of course, Smoulds and co did themselves no favours by proudly announcing that automatic promotion would give us the opportunity to ‘steal a march’ on our opponents in our transfer dealings; because aside from the protracted acquisition of Earnshaw, there’s been little other movement on the transfer front, whilst Commons, Clingan, possibly Agogo and almost certainly Grant Holt will have exited.

So, fellow fans, take a chill pill.  Of course, as the season draws closer we will almost certainly all be getting twitchier – by which point it will be fair enough to start criticising.  Hopefully a couple of signings will transpire over the next week just to still some of those over-active pulses doing the rounds on the internet.

Worse than the imbalance on the transfer front, we’re only on bloody telly against Reading for the opening day – well shit a brick, as if it wasn’t a challenging enough fixture without unleashing the Sky curse on us from the offset! 

However, rather than end by making us feel grumpy, take a look at what’s happened to Leicester City today… the Milan Mandaric circus down Fosse Way looks set to be on good form going into a new season!