Forest can’t Clingan to Sammy..

This has come as a bitter disappointment to me; today Sammy Clingan has agreed to sign a deal for two years at Championship rivals Norwich City once his contract at Forest expires at the end of the month.

There had been lots of speculation linking Sammy to fellow East Anglians Ipswich Town, and to Queens Park Rangers too – but it’s the Canaries who have captured his signature in their first signing of the season, and it represents the third significant departure from the Reds after Commons and Agogo have both moved on since promotion just over a month ago, with only Earnshaw coming the other way.

Whilst I’m yet to panic, it does concern me that our players are being lured to teams who – on the face of it – shouldn’t be any more tempting a proposition than we are.  Of course, if suitable replacements are secured then that’s fine, but it’s always worrying when a transfer window starts with rather one-way traffic.

Sammy tends to get mixed reviews from Reds fans; personally I’m a huge fan of his contribution since he’s been with us.  For us his energy has largely been deployed as a combatitive holding midfielder rather than the forward-bursting role he plays for his country.  I’ve seen him referred to as ‘Sammy Sideways’ and ‘Sammy Centre Circle’, which I feel does him a massive disservice.  He’s been excellent at breaking up play this season, and to me I think he’s a massive pair of boots to fill.

Upon the capture, Norwich manager Glenn Roeder said:

“I’m extremely happy to secure the signature of Sammy Clingan. He is a player we watched a number of times during a successful promotion season at Nottingham Forest last year. We felt that he was the driving force in their midfield and we look forward to him continuing his career in an upward curve with us.  He is a Northern Ireland international with lots of experience. Having met him he struck me as having the drive and motivation that I’m looking for in my players.”

Sammy himself declared Norwich a ‘big’ club compared to Forest’s mere ‘good’ club status, it doesn’t bode so positively for Forest that he singles out the manager and facilities as his motivation for choosing to move on.

“I’m absolutely delighted to be joining a big club like Norwich City. I’m leaving a good club, Nottingham Forest, to join Norwich and I’m really looking forward to trying to get them promoted to the Premier League.

“Once I had spoken to Glenn Roeder and viewed the fantastic facilities at the Club it was an easy decision to make. I knew of Glenn’s managerial reputation, working with big name players in the Premier League and hopefully he will help me become a better player too. I was very impressed with what he said and his plans for the future – it really caught me and now I can’t wait for the first game.”

Of course, players have to talk the talk when they sign for a new club, but I am left very disappointed that he clearly felt that Forest couldn’t compete with Norwich in these areas.  Forest now have a job on their hands to find credible replacements for three key players from last season, arguably they have done so for Agogo by buying Earnshaw, but boy oh boy could we do with some incoming signings to ease everyone’s worries.

Good luck Sammy, except against us of course – I for one have appreciated your contribution to our success last season, and I’m sorry you didn’t feel it right to stick around to take it on a step.  Smoulds and co.  get your fingers out and get some signings made!

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  1. Becoming concerned that our wage structure is not competitive in the Championship. We hear about a plan but if players like Commons and Sammy can get 50% rises in salary you can se why they would move on, that is of course unless there is still a deep rooted problem at the club that mean people want to move on as Tyson is yet to sign an extension.

    Lets hope by this weekend we all can sit back an take releif when we hear of new signings.

    The big concern which I think the web site should discuss is the fact that 25% of our transfer team, the Football consultant is covering euro 2008 for ITV when if we have ever needed a focus for new signings it has to be now and if he’s not available then he’s no good to Forest. So Mr Pleat you have also gone for the money…….Mmm

  2. Absolutely massive loss, this one. I just hope Calderwood stuns us with a couple of big signings pretty quick.
    Gutted I am, he was our player of the season in my opinion.
    So lets have a re-cap…
    Smith, bit iffy sometimes, no cover or competiton
    Bennett, gonna get found out by good wingers
    Chambers, did okay as a makeshift rightback, but see Bennett…

    Right, I’m stopping there before I get too depressed!!

  3. its a worring feeling of deja vu ….everytime the club has the chance to show how it means business in recent years ,,,it has come up short in the transfer market and more worringly in retaining its key players ….I cant see why Doughty talks about the premiership with this go backwarss policy …im looking at a hard season ahead
    unless Calderwood has saved all the cash for Anderson/Whittingham

  4. Once or twice when he was interviewed during the season,he hinted then that he would always play Once he knew what formation the manager might choose and where he Might play. It sounds to me that there was not too much respect for CC. As I said we definately need a Roy Keane type now to control our midfield, and keep everyone going. I just hope we have a good start in the league….

  5. I was going to get a season ticket once they came out, I am now going to wait to see what players we sign.

    We have major problems right now, commons, Agogo and Clingan gone, we did need 5 players before they were sold.

    Deja vu from when we sold Campbell and Cooper then got relegated.

    Sort it out Forest for fuck sake

  6. Am not bothered about Commons going or Agogo but Clingan is a suprise and a worry, I assumed the exodus would come if we failed to get promoted. It’s got to be the wages on offer because no one apart from a Canaries fan would believe that they’re bigger than us. I’m not convinced that cc will get the players Forest claim to be targeting, we lost out in the 3rd Div by not offering enough money. I understand the policy of sourcing players with Forest in their hearts but am not sure if there will be enough quality Nottingham born players prepared to play for some small change, a packet of spangles and perhaps a match ticket for their Nanna.

  7. Gutted!

    Only just heard this and Im really disappointed. Norwich bigger than us? Do me a favour!!!!

    Its got to be about money……it always is!

    • Suprisingly i know him he is engaged to my sister and to be honest he said norwich is some team to be and look at them now premiership , sammy is a great guy plays football for passion not greed.

      So think carefully what you write.

  8. Patience, chaps, patience.

    Yes we’ve lost 3 very good players. But the transfer window doesn’t close for a long time yet. More – our reserves also deserve a chance, as CC has already said. Obviously, they will need some experience to guide them, and Sammy had that by the bucketload, being an international, as is Agogo. But Commons and Agogo are clearly only motivated by money. Look at what Leeds did last season with a bunch of hastily-cobbled-together misfits and a ton-and-a-half of team spirit. If we get in three people who want to play for us, week in week out, then that counts for a lot. Clearly they need to be at least Championship quality (which Agogo isn’t, and we’ll soon see in Commons’ case). After that, we need competition for places (GK at least), but all is not lost.

    Chins up, and enjoy the summer!

  9. Right, that’s it – my fears have been confirmed & now Clingan’s gone too. 1stly Mr B – language mate – we’re all frustrated but keep it clean here. Don’t take this blog to lower levels. Egor – y is it only money? We can’t be offering them the same still? If so, then ND has to take the blame for not putting his money where his mouth is. Forest Forest – yes our reserves deserve a chance but CC is not a man of his word. If the reserves were to get their chance we’d be seeing them on the bench more often. I’ve been banging on about it for a long time but no-one listens. Now we’re in the CCC it might be a bit too late for some to develop. We’ll see about that but CC only talks. He said I’ll push youth. Oh yes, out the door. I’ll play youth – yes, those you like although you have managed to get 3 of them through even if 1 was a winter signing (McCleary). So no, I don’t see CC in the glowing light that so many others have for him because he took us up & if you ask me it was the squad more than CC who got us up. Now, 3 of that squad have gone. They have 1 thing in common – they were under CC’s management. Who’s next out the door?

    I’ve lost faith in CC & ND is not keeping his promise either as our 2 players out of contract have gone & Agogo has gone for whatever reasons. 3 main players gone + 2 youth internationals let go = loads of experience left. Earnshaw is a good signing but we need a few more like him to have any chance to stay away from trouble because that’s where we stand with the squad we have right now…

  10. Massive loss. Simple as.

  11. Take the blinkers off lads. Norwich are a far more attractive proposition than Forest if you want to play for a team that stands any chance of doing well next season. Christ the games we won last season we did our darndest to lose. I can only recall TWO home games all season when the team actually played well. I think we got promoted by not being quite so bad as everyone else rather than being significantly better than everyone else. We’ll get found out big time in the CCC unless we make some quality signings. And that is not going to come cheap. We’re looking at spending around 2m to replace Commons and at least another 1.5m to replace Sammy. Add that to the 2.6 we’ve already spent on Earnshaw (to replace Agogo) then thats 5m spent without actually adding to the squad. Just how large a transfer kitty do you think we have?

  12. It is only June. The players that have left can easily be replaced. Forest will bring in other players and next season we will see Lewis, McCleary & Davis all playing bigger roles than they did last.
    Have faith, lets not start slagging of the management and chairman in mid June !

    If you take a look around there are not that many transfers happening at present because it is only June and most of the players are on holiday. Activity will pick up after 1 July.

  13. From the EP – Forest had a wage packet they were not willing to break. So there, all the proof needed to show ND is not true to his word. The exact quote “It is understood that the Reds did offer Clingan an improved deal to stay, but were unwilling to match the wages offered by Norwich, who have broken the bank to sign the player ahead of competition from QPR and Ipswich.”

    So if ND says I’ll back Forest financially, it means no wage increases or @ least no massive pay rises. Read what u want into it, the bottom line is ND will not back up his words with money unless we reach the Premiership. Even then I don’t know if he will.

    No ones slaged off the Chairman & Manager yet, but I’m damn well close to it. All I’m doing is pointing out what was said and what’s happening and it shows to other potential players that Forest will not pay extreme wages this season ether. Since that’s the case, then we look to be in for a long hard season & I hope, sincerly hope, that I can be proved wrong.

    Radgie, point made – ND promised to back the team & hasn’t yet again & Earnshaws been covered by selling Agogo.

  14. have we offered Ormorord a new contract?

  15. Of course Sammy chose Norwich over Forest. They have bigger crowds, a more experienced manager, more chance of pushing for the play-offs and they offered more money. My arguement is that it would have been cheaper paying him more than it would be replacing him.
    Players that run all day long, can tackle, rarely get booked and can also play the simple passing game are rare. Therefore expensive to buy. Not a problem for Colin though, as he is unlikely to replace him. Don’t forget, 2 days ago he was confident of keeping him, so I doubt any potential replacements had been checked out. Indeed, are there any?? Young Mr Cohen has got an awful lot of work to do this season…
    Mind you, the reserve team captain and “future of Nottingham Forest” (CC, after the Peterborough game earlier this season) Alan Power can maybe step up to the plate. Eh? What? He’s been let go on a free too?? Oh…………..

  16. Alan, I doubt it, even though he certainly earnt it

  17. Yiannaki, perhaps ND is saying he’s not going to add 50% to someone’s wages who he doesn’t feel is worth that extra gain? Is Commons worth an extra 50%? I don’t think so in the slightest. Is Sammy that great?

    Still, i’m hoping we sign some decent players in the next few weeks!

    Also, don’t believe all you read in the EP. In fact, don’t believe anything you read in the EP!!

  18. Alan, The situation with Ormorod is complicated by the fact that Preston have told him he has a future with them ?

    However, I for one would like to see him added to the squad for next season.

  19. Its not to good if we lose one of our better players like Sammy to the mighty Norwich.I still do not have any faith in the people that run our club,CC included,i no i sound negative but the football dished up last season was sum of the worst i have seen in 32 years watching the reds,we still seem to find it a problem getting players to come to the club,but no such problem with players leaving.I think we need at least another 4 very good additions to the team 5 if we get another keeper,i no we put a bit of a run together over the last seven or so games but for Donny and Carlisle self destructing do we think we would have gone up ,i honestley dont,ND and MA have said they will back the club well lets see it Earnshaw is a start but 3 players cant see a future at our club,lets start matching the so called BIG clubs like Norwich or we will struggle to sell our club to any decent player that might fancy a move to the city ground.

  20. bloody ell I feel like slitting my wrists after reading all that! Come on lads let’s try and transmit a bit of long needed positivity into the club!

    Yes some of the football was poor but let’s not forget we were playing in the third division (!) where the majority of the opposition teams gameplan was to stop our players playing…whilst I’m not saying we’re going to set the division alight what remains of the squad should still do OK (mid-table).

    However, my main point is all this talk of paying huge wages to players who probably don’t deserve it anyway… have you all forgotten what got us into the mess we were in in the first place? It was the paying out of huge wages on long contracts to average players – yes we will have to pay fees and decent wages to get decent players but if they are players who can take us to the next level (imagine Commons or Clingan in the Premiership?) then surely that’s a better strategy to take? As for Agogo the guy’s a bit of a footballing nomad – I wouldn’t have much confidence in him in the CCC – too hit and miss.

    SO let’s see what happens over the next few weeks and then the first few games of the season… if we are as pants as you all think we’re going to be then fair enough have a moan then and tell me ‘I told you so’ but for now…. let’s just bask in the fact we’re out of that $hite league and get behind the boys when they run out for the first game.

    Yoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Reeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddsssssssssss

  21. A friend at the club has just told me that Forest are in talks with three players after agreed fees

    Matt Oakley £500 k
    Marlon Harewood £3.5 million
    Paul Anderson (Season Loan) £250 k fee to be paid

    also still in discussions with Cardiff over Whittingham and Brighton over Brill.

    Watch this space!!!

  22. Harewood seems rather fanciful!!

  23. The bookies are obviously not impressed with our recent outgoings. We’ve gone out from 25- to 33-1 to win the league and there are only 6 teams with longer odds than us.

    So, if you think we are about to sign lots of quality players, why not have a cheeky fiver on it!

  24. Good thinking Aylesbury Red!

  25. You never see a poor bookie ! The odds are about right for us actually winning the league.
    Though after the past 3 years, mid table safety will do me this season (obviously finishing above the direby).

    Would love to see Marlon back in the Garibaldi though.

  26. JG – we have no real idea of what was offered but surely you can’t be serious in that number? Money talks, it’s true. We’ve seen Commons gone b4 the season ended (we only knew that afterwards) & become Judas (y Derby? You trying to make a point?). Clingan gone as has Agogo. Power, Bastinas let go too. Nothing on Omorod (the forgoton man) & only Earnie in.

    So, where do we point fingers @? As for not believing the EP, I only quoted what was put out – it is also backed by the official site too. What’s done is done, the questions are who’s really coming? Can we steal Best from our Midland rivals? Is Harewood really coming back to the CG? Any surprises up CC’s sleeve (but no repeat of Lennon pls – what a big baby he turned out to be!! :lol:)?

    Bedfordred – I agree with you not 2 be negative but we really can’t help it when all we see r players leaving the CG gates not to come back. CC & ND have never backed up their words so what’s gonna change in the CCC? At least with ND, nothing has.

    I’m all 4 backing the boys & I’ll be doing that at 5pm (CY tIme!!) on the big KO form over here on the island of love. Pre-seasons round the corner & the squad is weaker than when we got out of League 1.

    BTW, in Cyprus it’s been transfer madness as the top teams who are off to Europe scramble to finish their squads. As for the little one, well they’ve all but done with their transfers too & the league doesn’t start till Sep…

  27. Yiannaki, I only really see losing Clingan as a bad move. Commons: too inconsistent and too fat. Agogo: Not good enough. Ormerord is a Preston player.

    I’m not sure you what number you are referring to in your post, but the very first post referred to a 50% increase in wages. Obviously it’s hard to quantify that if you don’t know the original salary, but I’m not sure Clingan is the sort of player to set the Championship on fire. Wolves certainly didn’t think so.

  28. LOL. If we can’t compete with Norwich in terms of wages being offered then how in gods name Penguin Red does your friend think we can compete with Wigan, Fulham, Stoke and Rangers for Marlon?!? And Villa have already knocked back a 4m bid for him so why would they accept 3.5? Get yourself some more reliable friends.

  29. Perhaps Penguin Red has been confused by the Riddler? or tricked by the Joker?!

  30. I keep telling myself it is still only june,and I’m sure some signings will come in next month.Cohen is right that games should be more open at home this year and wish I could be there. I must say I was impressed with the wolves hospitality packages for Forest supporters. A good way to raise money. Do we have packages like that available for visiting supporters? As a caterer I am curious.

  31. I have an official Forest Calendar hanging proudly in my kitchen but everytime I go in there I have Sammy Clingan staring back at me, the traitorous wretch. I just went in there to make a brew and there he was, staring back at me with his 30 pieces of silver and Delia Smith recipe book. I’m afraid to say I ended up defacing him somewhat!

    What’s worse is that July’s picture is Commons!!!

    Next year I will let the missus choose the kitchen calendar.

  32. You guys – come on – get with the cause. Just speaking to my mate who knows the cleaner at forest and he reckons that Stan Collymore, Roy Keane and Teddy Sherringham are coming back to play, who needs Commons or Clingon ? If only………………….

  33. Oh and I forgot Nigel Clough is the new manager……………

  34. Nice Mr Angry, nice ones. We can keep dreaming. If the EP is right, the next player to leave the CG gates is Holt. The exodus is on…..

    JG – I never said anything about if losing a player was good or bad but since your pushing the point, yes – any 1st team player who helped you gain promotions is bad. So there, I said it clearly now and the fingers are being pointed.

    Pre seasons coming & we’re seeing the squad taken apart with only 1 player in…..

    Aylesbury Red – Things can be worse that that…

  35. Agogo’s not going! He’s forgotten how to spell his name, so hasn’t signed the contract! He’s blown it!

    Where now Mr I’m too gogogood for Forest???!?

    There’s only D3rby, or the third division!

  36. My official Forest Calendar has Nigel Clough! It’ll be 1992 again before you know it…

  37. somewhere on the web someoner wrote if we put “Sir” Brian Cloughs skeleton on the bench we’d play better… Well, if we did maybe ND would stop saying so much rubbish & start backing his supposed team & not mouthing off!!

  38. Soz, I’m just getting v. frustrated with all this transfer season & it’s only end of June – still pleanty of time to go…

  39. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Promoted? Get some league 1 up your poo-pipe you alien-headed freak!!!

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