Agoing-going-gone to Zamalek?..

It would appear that Junior Agogo has finally made his move to Zamalek if this website is to be believed; which I can’t really say for sure whether it is or it isn’t.  No word on the official Forest website as yet, but then I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be completely on the ball.

A reported fee of 1.2million Euros (about £950k give or take) is a pretty decent price for him, in my opinion, and for 350,000 Euros a year (which my crude maths gives you around £5,400 per week), you can’t really blame him – as I wouldn’t pay him that much!  As it is, we’ve made a tidy profit on the fee we paid Bristol Rovers for him, and whilst he’s shown moments of decentness in League One, given his recent form, I’m not shedding too many tears.

So thanks for your efforts, Junior.  Before the African Cup of Nations he was undoubtedly our main threat, but upon returning didn’t look the same player at all.  Of course, all of this good will does rather hinge on our replacing him preferably with a better player – because whilst I rate Earnshaw (assuming he lives up to his potential) and Tyson, we do need backup to them, and frankly Grant Holt and Emile Sinclair ain’t it!

On to Zamalek, not having really known anything about African football before, I hadn’t realised quite what a history they have.  The ‘sporting club’ of which the football team forms a part was founded back in 1911 by a Belgian chap to rival the English-founded El-Ahly, also based in Cairo.  The ‘white knights’ have only gone under the name of Zamalek since 1952, however.  It will certainly prove to be a rather different setup than Forest for the Ghanian!

So, should this transpire to be true, then fare thee well, Junior.  That said, in the picture above, he doesn’t look too thrilled to be in possession of his new Zamalek shirt – given the link now, I might well make the effort to keep an eye on how he does at his new club.

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  1. My 5yo is gutted. Doesn’t want to go anymore. Have told him not to worry and that CC knows what he’s doing but the ‘yeah, right Dad’ look makes me think he’s wiser than his years. We will not get a better player for the same money which means Junior is not replaced or funds that need spending on other positions will be diminished. If Sammy goes for free then we’re hosed.

  2. U sure thats not a double? The last I heard (over the web) it was dead as they couuldn’t agree personal terms….

    If Agogo’s gone – he’ll be missed & he’ll need 2 be replaced asap. It also shows that we are not strengthening the team if we’r letting players go….

    Comments anyone?

  3. I can see that we need to get things sorted before gettign people in, ie give us more to spend and space and tells us exactly what we need.
    I thikn it’s important to clear out the people who are not 100% comitted to Forest, if they are looking elsewhere then get them out first. I think that KC going also will help the atmosphere improve in the backroom…..

    just a thought….

    I’m not worried abotu lack of signings, in fact I’m shocked we have signed Earnie already in a way, with the euro2008 going on in the background once thats done we’ll get some in – I have faith in CC and the backroom for signings.

  4. It’s never a good thing to lose good players, particularly those that know where the ‘onion bag’ is. What good is the money in the bank to us supporters?

    You are dead right NFFC when you say that (assuming this does actually happen) it hinges on whether he is replaced by someone better. But what do you get these days for £950k?

    This is further bad news as far as I’m concerned. How many other promoted teams have lost their best player and sold their top goal scorer?

  5. lost our best player? not sure about that. We’ve got a bargain, he was lazy and was always out in the town on weekends. he smokes too, would never have cut it in the ccc

  6. For what it is worth my opinion is that Agogo would not be a 20 goal a season man in the CCC (and that is what we need)and Kris Commons was not our best player(maybe our best creative player for the 1/3 of the season he decided to put some effort in).

  7. Interesting thoughts here. Who knows for sure if Agogo is or is not a 20 goal man in the CCC (oh, that feels good 2 write that)? Anyway, news in for the Carling Cup, (yep no mre JT cup!!) Morecambe land plum Forest draw at the City Ground.

  8. That’s not him in the picture!!!

  9. Another thougt guys, now we’re in the CCC don’t you believe the players who are “lazy” would step up a level to prove themselves even more? Agogo is exactly 1 player who I believe if he stays will do that especialy as he’s on fire in the African qualifiers. 3 goals in 2 gmes for a “lazy” player. Mmm, y do we need 1 20goal get when we can get 2 15goal players? That way you don’t realy on 1 player & b) an injury 2 the 20goal player isn’t such a blow…

  10. Agogo was ‘on fire’ in the African Nations, came back and did very little. He wants to go, his agent has been touting him around, so he goes with my best wishes and thanks.
    As for KC, on his past record I have doubts he will step up to the plate consistently next season.

  11. Agree with what Paul has to say, thanks and good bye. We’ve made a good half million on the deal with a few goals thrown in too, watch this space, Forest to sign Leon Best next week, he scores goals and makes them, not a bad three pronged attack with Nathan and Ernie eh? just need to plug that gap in the middle and buy a right back and we’ll be top of the table come christmas.

    you reds.

  12. Whilst it is all quiet at the City Ground in terms of the goods inward door losing Agogo and Commons it is certainly no disaster. Commons played spasmodically and when he was good he was very good but on other occassions invisible. Agogo was never prolific and certailnly not worth a big wage to keep him. It is now up to CC and the board to bring in the players we really need, another striker, someone wide left and a right back.

  13. i don’t think we will miss him much, the fact no-one in a decent league came knocking says it all. he is off for the money. on his day not a bad player and I will miss shouting “Forest are agogo” when we score !! but them I am just sad.

  14. Any chance of Harewood coming back? Earnie needs a big strong partner,and not Holt,although you never know with him coming off the bench what he might do. I expect Davies to have a good season,but we can’t rely on Chambers and Morgan to be up for all the corners, as swift counter attacks could catch them out in this division.

  15. Am I hearing right – Forest fans turning on players who were there favs but as soon as they look for the door we turn on them? How sad & pathetic some of you lot are. If we were still in the 1st div I’d agree. We’re a CCC club & talking about promotion to the Premiership. Yet, Commons gone – good ridance to Judas – he still hasn’t told us why he’s left. I disagree with Agogo though & I’ll stand up & suppport the player. If it wasn’t for him & Tyson we’d still be in that division. Wake up – that’s 4 players gone out the door. Clingan is not a Forest player. He is a free agent & I’m sure he’s been talking to other clubs. He’d be a fool not to.

    Wake up & smell the coffee, we are not going for automatic promotion because if we were we’d be keeping both Commons & Agogo. Where’s the money the chairmans said he’ll put in? For transfers & not wages? Sorry, this is not a team building to go up – not yet at least, & it doesn’t look bright at the moment for us Trickies. 1 in, 4 out & 1 out of contract. 4 goalkeepers (3 youths) & we want another 1. They are the raw facts & at the same time it doesn’t look good.

    Somebody on another site has a short memory & said Best has had his chance & missed the boat – the deal fell through because Coventry didn’t want to sell. What makes us think they want to now?

    I didn’t mind too much when Commons left, I was furious with him when we discovered he didn’t even speak to the board or CC. Now Agogo’s all but gone (Good luck – you will be missed!!). Now I’m furious with the board & management. CC better hold on to Clingan or else I will serious look at his credentials as a manager. 3 1st teamers leaving after PROMOTION if Clingan goes too.

    Pre-season is closing in & all we know is NO COMMONS, NO AGOGO (ALMOST), NO CLINGAN (NO DEAL), 2 UNDER 21S LET GO & 1 SIGNING EARNSHAW. (He’s got a good record in this league but wll he settle?). So to all the pro CC fan’s – why are you so pro CC when he is poor in the transfer market & tactics too? To further my non-backing of CC – look at the players whov’e left & blossomed. Top of the list is the 20goal+ & more if he hadn’t got injured Jack Lester…..

  16. & 1 more thing, other clubs are refusing to let players go unless they’ve got cover – us, we’re letting them go anyway. As for contracts, thinking about it they should have made both players offers which would only be valid if we’d gone up. In this way, we’d have been covered for Commons & Clingan.

  17. While I was a big fan of Junior – I tuned into the African nations cup religiously to watch him play for Ghana, I don’t feel this is a bad move for Junior or Forest.

    There seemed to be a lot of undue hype surrounding Junior after his goals in the african nations cup, they were scrappy and he seemed to be one of the weaker players in the Ghana team (Let’s face it, he was a third division striker at the time). It seems like his hero status in Africa and his agent seeing greater earning potential elsewhere has made this move likely for the past few months.

    While he was great for us last season I’ve never had the feeling he could step up a level to championship. When we signed him he was a 4th division striker who has made the step up a to 3rd division, he isn’t the quickest and the championship is likely to be a step too far. So he’s got what he wanted a chance to play in the top flight somewhere (will also end up playing on the continent where his star is rising and maximise his income) and also give Forest funds to invest in a player who is proven at championship or younger with greater potential.

    Unfortunately, we were 3rd division for 3 seasons and have bought players from lower division teams or players that have not played in the to 2 tiers, we have to make sacrifices to build a team equipped for playing in the championship. Let’s not get too worried about the lack of replacements so far (nothing much seems to be happening anywhere), I would rather hold out and buy quality rather than Calderwood splashing out on any old tut. Agreed previous seasons have made us Forest fans a bit sceptical but let’s try and stay positive for a while longer.

    So good luck junior, thanks for your contribution in getting us up last season – I hope you do well in Egypt and come on Forest lets build a team worthy of the championship next season.

  18. Junior aint good enough for the Championship. We make a profit on him. ‘Nuff said!

    Now come on CC and ND, lets sign some decent players!

  19. On the Foret site it says undisclosed fee for agogo and wigans site confirms1.2 million euros as they can now get their man. I see the Best saga is starting again. As I said a month ago,He would probably come here, now to partner Earnie. Lets see !!Alan

  20. I have heard a rumour that the friendly between us and Everton is part of a deal being brokered…

  21. Reading first up. Cracking start.

    Sat 1st Nov away to the shaggers.
    Sat 21st Feb we complete the double at the CG.

    October into November looks like a tricky period.

    At home to Donny Boxing Day should be a belter.


  22. Damn right, Promoted vs Relegated is always a tempting start for a sky fixture!! Good that it’s a home fixture – sure to be a sell out. I think we got a tought August 2 start with, never minfd the rest of the fixtures.

    Now the fixtures r out, it’s time 2 up the stakes i say….

  23. WHY AMI GETTING NERVOUS LOOING AT THE FIXTURE LIST? I hope we do get some experienced replacements who can stay calm,put their foot on the ball,and help to dictate play. I sure hope Sammy Clingan re signs for us. We are going to need him!!

  24. I hope Clingan signs for us cos. after looking at the fixture list I feel we are going to need him,and a couple of other experienced players

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