Agoing-going-gone to Zamalek?..

It would appear that Junior Agogo has finally made his move to Zamalek if this website is to be believed; which I can’t really say for sure whether it is or it isn’t.  No word on the official Forest website as yet, but then I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be completely on the ball.

A reported fee of 1.2million Euros (about £950k give or take) is a pretty decent price for him, in my opinion, and for 350,000 Euros a year (which my crude maths gives you around £5,400 per week), you can’t really blame him – as I wouldn’t pay him that much!  As it is, we’ve made a tidy profit on the fee we paid Bristol Rovers for him, and whilst he’s shown moments of decentness in League One, given his recent form, I’m not shedding too many tears.

So thanks for your efforts, Junior.  Before the African Cup of Nations he was undoubtedly our main threat, but upon returning didn’t look the same player at all.  Of course, all of this good will does rather hinge on our replacing him preferably with a better player – because whilst I rate Earnshaw (assuming he lives up to his potential) and Tyson, we do need backup to them, and frankly Grant Holt and Emile Sinclair ain’t it!

On to Zamalek, not having really known anything about African football before, I hadn’t realised quite what a history they have.  The ‘sporting club’ of which the football team forms a part was founded back in 1911 by a Belgian chap to rival the English-founded El-Ahly, also based in Cairo.  The ‘white knights’ have only gone under the name of Zamalek since 1952, however.  It will certainly prove to be a rather different setup than Forest for the Ghanian!

So, should this transpire to be true, then fare thee well, Junior.  That said, in the picture above, he doesn’t look too thrilled to be in possession of his new Zamalek shirt – given the link now, I might well make the effort to keep an eye on how he does at his new club.