Is there anybody out there?..

It’s all gone so quiet, hasn’t it?  With the European Championships underway, yet still strangely uninteresting aside from Spain and Holland putting in impressive displays, I must admit I’ve tired of the rumour-trawling and had decided to wait for confirmed news to filter through, but there’s not much of that really either.  All in all, quite a dull time indeed, hence the lack of posts since over a week ago.

It was indeed confirmed that Forest will be facing Everton in a preseason friendly, which along with Sunderland gives us two top flight opponents at the City Ground to start the season off.  A welcome rise of prominence, and something to look forward to – although £12 for a ticket seems a bit steep, and the lack of Upper Bridgford availability for the games seems to suggest the club feels the same way – particularly with the Sunderland game being shown on Setanta to boot!

The hottest news for us at the moment appears to be the ongoing ‘will he, won’t he?’ saga of Junior Agogo’s courtship with Zamalek of Egypt.  Reports have ranged from ‘we’ve signed him’ to ‘that’s not really Junior’s agent!’ to ‘They won’t pay him enough.’  To be honest, whilst I quite like Junior, if we can get a good fee for him, then he’s not exactly irreplaceable – and indeed, in signing Gollum from Derby we arguably already have done should he depart.

I’d like very much to see some news on Nathan Tyson and Sammy Clingan being offered new deals – they’ve both been predictably linked with moves elsewhere in the Championship; they would both leave big shoes to fill should they do so.  We continue to be linked with Anderson of Liverpool and Whittingham of Cardiff in the popular press, which makes sense as they would both act as replacements for a certain unspeakable one who is now encamped at the wrong end of the A52.

The only thing the Official site sees fit to comment on in recent days are Agogo’s fortunes for Ghana, peddling tickets for the preseason games, the advantages of subscribing to a premium rate text message service to get the fixtures at the same time as everyone else who will be watching the websites with interest… oh, and the tantalisingly unexciting ‘sneak preview’ nonsense with the new kit, which will basically be a red version of Everton’s new kit (with some writing in a circle around the badge, and two stars above it).

I await news of signings with interest, without panic just yet – but make no mistake we do need to strengthen for the coming campaign; I hope that Smoulderwood has learned from his reticence to do so in the past – although I like the fact he’s talking of not going to players who turned us down at League One level, let’s go for players who want to come here and earn their place in the team.