Commons finally turns traitor..

Much like our signing of Earnshaw, it’s taken a while, but the seemingly inevitable defection to Derby County by Kris Commons was formalised today, as he took his thirty pieces of silver and signed a three year contract with the newly crowned worst Premier League team ever.

He makes up the sixth signing for them, which is quick work from Paul ‘sex pest’ Jewell after his well publicised desire to rebuild his side from scratch after last year’s shameful showing.  It’s interesting his targets seem to be players who’ve plied their trade in League One and below for most of their careers; hopefully Commons can follow in an illustrious line of players who’ve left us for them on not really gone on to greater things.

Now, on to Commons.  I am naturally disappointed that a self-confessed supposed Forest fan could ‘do the dirty’ on us.  Clearly he wanted out, since he didn’t even stick around to listen to what Forest might offer him, and equally Smoulds was quite quick to release him too; methinks there is more to that particular relationship than simply a desire to get paid more.  Although I’m sure that helped.  Residual bitterness about frequent appearances from the bench perhaps contributed to make him want to move on.

Make no bones about it though, on his day Commons is a cracking player; anyone who needs reminding then take a look at the first half of the Forest v Yeovil game on your DVD (if you got one before they sold out!) to remind yourself of what he’s like at his best.  Not only did he snag a great goal, he tackled back, he passed well, and he was the epitome of team player.  He worked hard, he – like the rest of the team – was clearly desperate to register a win for the Reds.

Now try to count how many times you’ve seen a performance like that from him; there lies the consolation.  For all his talents, Kris is a very inconsistent performer.  Whether that be due to managerial motivation or just his natural state, I’m unsure, but he’s played under a number of managers for the Reds, and of course at Stoke, whose fans gave us similar feedback upon us signing him.  On his day he’s a devastating, match-changing talent.  Most of the time he’s a frustrating, ball greedy so and so – or he’s injured, of course.

So I can, hand on heart, say that whilst I would have like to have kept him on, I don’t believe he is worth the kind of wages that are being bandied about that Derby have supposedly offered him.  If he decided to follow the pound signs, then I would have wished him well had he chosen any club other than Derby County.  If he hadn’t hammed up his supposed love of Forest in the past, it would be easier to swallow, but those words just seem so hollow and pathetic now.

Not that I really believe a footballer can ever really be a fan in the true sense; it’s too much of a conflict of interests.  The problem is is when players make such claims, many regular fans will latch onto these comments and assume it means the same as it does to us.  It really doesn’t.  In Commons’ case though, I can’t believe he couldn’t have secured a similar move elsewhere if he really wanted away, in which case I would have wished him well… as it is, clearly I hope he rots!

Even before the fixture list is out I might nip down to Ladbroke’s and see if they will offer me odds on him being unavailable for the fixtures next season against Forest through either injury or a strategic suspension.  What with Earnie moving the other way, it will certainly add much more barely-needed spice to the eagerly anticipated reacquaintance with our dearest of neighbours.

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  1. Of all the clubs to sign for, you deserve all the stick you will get Commons, you sheep shagging traitor and Judas.

    I suggest you buy some ear plugs if you play at the City Ground next season. The stick you will get will be even more than when Stanley Victor returned with Liverpool, yes Liverpool not Derby our fiercest rivals.



  2. He’s a Notts lad, claiming to be a Forest supporter and leaves us for them – ‘The worst Team ever’. I think that we deserve some sort of explanation and his reason for not even talking to Forest about staying.

    Perhaps it is the fact that we know what a good player he can be that makes this seem so disloyal? I don’t wish him any harm. but I do hope he gets as fat as Reidy and that Chambers chops him in half next season !!!


  3. hey every1,…, Commons has an official website where he can be contacted or more generally abused for being a greedy judas

    just follow this address and enjoy : particularly the ‘contact me’ section

    up the reds!

  4. I may be shot down for writing this, although it is not that I disagree with you. But you made the point in the article that Football Players cannot be true fans like the John Q supporter. And this is where I completely agree and therefore don’t feel so bad about it. Yes he professed a passion for Forest, yes he was quick to leave for more money, etc. And in one sense he will deservedly get a lot of stick. But on the other hand, you cannot beat him up for making a business/career decision for himself? There is no such thing as loyalty as far as your employer is concerned, and anyone would take a better job for the pay rise (unless extreme circumstances apply). Jamie Carragher (he is the first one that comes to mind) has been a professed Everton fan his whole life and still checks on how they do. And who does he play for? To be honest, I don’t care about Derby, they’re not worth it. I just hope we can push on as a team and cement our place in the Championship, or possibly do a Brizzle. To be honest, I’d rather here about our next signing than about Commons’ departure. Uuuuuu rreeeddddssssss!!!!!1

  5. Why do u guys care that much about the worst team ever in the Premiership is beyond me. Commons has never really been anybody’s fan, I don’t think there’s any possibility he has loved the club so much as, to cite a couple of examples, Morgan or Bennett. Jules may not be as talented as Commons, but we all can see (even me, that I have seen him play only a couple of times) that something happens in him when he dresses in the Garibaldi. But you are right NFFC, in general there’s no place for this kind of sentiment in today’s footy.
    I am totally against any kind of abuse on Commons’ site or elsewhere. That will only show how much we are grieving for losing him and how much we are afraid of Derby that got to sign him, and I’m sure neither is the case. He made a choice, that’s all. Don’t make Derby fans believe we will miss him. I personally won’t, I want players with desire to play for my club. And I want to see Davies and McCleary blossom next season.
    And for God’s sake, don’t anyone even think of blaming Calderwood for his departure, which would have been last year had CC not persuaded him to stay. The guy is all about money, period, that’s why he had agreed on the deal before even finishing the season; he was THAT confident that we would stay in League One, and this is what lowers him in my eyes and nothing else.
    And if I happen to be in the CG for the game against Derby (that’s a hard one, depends on the fixtures a lot) the only thing I will deign to sing is:
    Nothing else.
    Nobody is above the Club. U REDZ 4 EVER!

  6. So the Mr “I support Forest” has become a Mr “I love making love to animals that go Baaaaa!”. He can move out of Nottingham now because all he’ll get is foul language & critcism for a long long time. Longer than Ronaldo got stick for – much longer.

    Anyway, let’s forget about him ’till he shows up @ the CG 1st game of the season (when his only excuse is none!!) to see how much a Forest supporter who turns his back on his club is loved by fellow supporters.

    Anything he may have to say is too late. Why? It’s been too long since you said you’re leaving & not a word of why.

    An yway, enough 4 now – as Pachuca Red said “I’d rather here about our next signing that about “Judas” departure”. Now why would anyone in the Championship join the worst Premiership team ever & a team which is being ripped apart??? I wouldn’t go even for outrageous money – If that’s the case, could Derby go into administration??? Oh the irony if that happened…

  7. By signing players from lower divisions Jewell might be of the opinion they are on their way up, rather than looking for big guns from higher leagues who are on their way down.

  8. Forget Commons. He occassionally played fantastic for us, sometimes awful. Unfortunately he could turn a game and that is what we’ll miss most next season. But now he’s gone, and thats that.
    Yeah, I’ll enjoy slagging him off twice next season (if he plays), but I’m more interested now in how Nottingham Forest are shaping up, not KC. If he is of the same temperament as Gary Charles and Stan Collymore he wont last long in either game anyway.

    Jobbo, was that a sly reference to Earnie…?!

  9. This is not good, Commons p*s*** off 2 the Rams, no news on Clingang signing & now rumours intensifying that Agogo is agogo to Egypt. What the heck is going on?? If either of these two join the train out of here & I fear it will, then I will seriously doubt Forest’s intentions of supposedy going for the Premier league- It’s reported that a bid which matches Forest’s asking price has been accepted. (Sky & Sporting Life).

    CC, ND and the rest of the management – what are your REAL intentions? Don’t say automatic Promotion because I no longer believe it. Infact, the seasons not even begun & I’m begining to doubt CC very much already….

  10. Clingan without a g that should’ve been!! Soz!!

  11. Yiannaki, please relax. As with Commons, Agogo will be more than adequately replaced.
    Let’s not get on to the managemnet team at the City Ground just yet, there is along way to go before all the comings and goings are fianlised on Trentside.

  12. Even though he has already signed Earnshaw and lost just a player that wanted to bugger off anyway, he is already getting stick?
    Oh no, not again, sorry but I won’t have any of this. It’s crazy….

  13. I meant CC of course, the usual stick victim with or without a cause

  14. Paul, Vasilis & anybody else who wishes to give the vote of confidence to CC because he took us up. I respect your views but don’t let wool be pulled over your eyes. Latest news from the CG – CC says he won’t block the youngsters paths to the 1st team.

    Pull the other 1, that’s y you let 2 U-21 internationals go. Agogo adequately replaced – like so many other players or is our memory short term. Lennon came & gone before we knew it. Southall left & not replaced until the following season.

    We’re meant to be building, not dismantling. Sorry guys, but I expect better – not worse…

  15. Vas, a question – says Clingang & Agogo also left the club – who would you blame for a trio of 1st team players leaving the club who are now a Championship side? – the manager, the board or all 3 players? (& not just Vas the question is to but all of us fans.)

  16. Get this now Holt hatters – Calderwood has said Holt’s going nowhere & everybodies got a fresh start.

    Now, for those who have short term memories – wasn’t Holt the top scorer 2 seasons ago. Because last season, he didn’t do so well your anxious to get him out. Shame on you lot who call yourselves fans.

    Commons though, is a different cattle & story…

  17. Met a bloke once, whilst at Stoke, George Eastham (ex-Stoke, Arsenal, 66 squad player) said Commons was all-right but not committed. Enuf said, we saw it last season (in div 3) … move on

  18. Easy one Yiannaki, I think I have said enough already about Commons and who kept him last season (and this is how he repays him). If Agogo leaves, it will be only logical after his mind was blown off on the CAN and when he returned he had no drive at all, we all know that dont we. Now Agogo says he wants to stay, seeing that the only serious offer he has is from an Egyptian club for Gods sake. If he leaves I wont bother, but I will if he stays and plays like “I belong to a higher league” (like Commons used to at times or Andy Reid in the past) because he doesnt. As far as Sammy is concerned, the fact that the clubs after him are neither richer or more famous or more ambitious than Forest, plus under CC he really blossomed as a player and won a starting place in Northern Ireland (and kept it), will make him stay if he is smart enough. If he’s not, well, no one will be to blame and certainly not CC, who has always been starting the first XI with him, almost never benching him!!! And I dont want stupid players in Forest, plus I have always said nobody is irreplaceable, in sum I want him very much to stay but I won’t cry if he doesn’t because I want players who WANT to play for FOREST, as romantic as it might sound.

  19. And let me clarify one thing, Yiannaki and all anti-CC fans: I support him not because he took us up, but because whether you like him or not his record shows that he is a young manager who can have a good career. He has two promotions and three playoff appearances in just five years of management! And if someone argues about him having lots of cash at Forest, what about humble Northampton? Even the great BC had not achieved that much in such a little time period!
    And I will remind you for the last time (I hope) than when Sir Brian took over, “sexy” on-the-grass football or not, we finished mid-table in his first season, 8th in his second and in only his third we grabbed the 3rd (and last promotion) spot on the very final day, which we wouldnt have had Bolton won (remember, the older ones?). Just like this season, correct? So BC was great but CC was just lucky? No, the truth lies in the middle. I am sure that there were moaners in Nottingham back in the 70s too!!!
    Of course, Sir Brian went on to win the League, the League Cup and the European Cup. I am not saying that CC will do the same (which is far more difficult nowadays than it was back then, I hope no one objects to that at least), but for cryin’ out loud, he built the strongest defence in the whole Football League and took us out of the L1 misery, which a more experienced manager like Ginger was not able to do, let’s give him a bloody chance!!!

  20. Vas & anyone else who thinks I’m anti-CC. I’m not, he’s not giving me any reason to be confident. I like to take facts, he’s proven himself at lower level league football but he has failed to win the fans. We grabbed auto-promotion because we won & they lost at the end of the season.

    CC and the great late Brian Clough (R.I.P) can be compared for the moment as both managers took 2 seasons to take us up – well Cloughie did it in a season & a half.

    I’ll make it clear again I am not anti-CC. he took us up, yes. He’s earned & deserves more time but unless he convinces most of us that he can do what others haven’t in the Championship (& yes, it’s still early days) I will be cautious of his management. He has not proved sucsesful in his transfers & you can blame that on being in the 1st Div. yes but not totaly.

    So. we all wait to see what will happen. The one thing for sure is this – unless a player signs on the dotted line, it’s only rumours.

    Vas, Agogo said that b4 news filtered through of a bid from Egypt so you can strike that off and the remark about cash – what cash???

  21. Guys, I’m anti-CC. There, I said it.
    Now, the reason I dislike Calderwood is because over the past 2 seasons he has presided over some of the most awful, turgid, diabolically inept performances we have witnessed for many years. Performances where the players have been played out of position, played with a lack of cohesion, desire and passion. Games where the team has run out of ideas, looked to the manager for inspiration (or just guidance) and been met with an impassive arms folded stance.
    However, the promotion game against Yeovil was possibly one of the finest days seen at the CG for 30 years. The team won promotion, with CC in charge. So he ultimately delivered what he promised. For that alone he deserves my respect, and has earned a chance at taking us into the top half of the Championship and dare I say it, the play-offs….
    Two things:
    1, Donny lost their nerve and blew it.
    2, Brett Ormerod won us promotion.
    Thank God Leeds cheated and got caught, and that Doncaster capitulated, otherwise it would be Peterborough away next season.

    I don’t like to sound downbeat after such an amazing end to the season, but unless Calderwood gets Clingan and Tyson to sign again he will be making a big mistake, in my opinion.
    Still, I’ll be there again next season, with the family, doing our best to wake up the Trent End!!

  22. Be upbeat – we got promoted and we can all look forward to nect season in the CCC.

    three points:-

    1. Donny didn’t lose their nerve, they lost on the last day to a team fighting to survive – it happens.
    2. The Leeds situation was the same for all teams in League One
    3. The season is 46 games long and over that period Forest finished second and were promoted.
    4. Our unbeaten run in was promotion form in anyones book.
    5. Thankfully Doncaster then beat Leeds and also got up, which they desrved for finishing 3rd.

  23. Mattyboy couldn’t agree more.
    Now the dust has settled my view is this. Calderwood was asked to get us promoted prefferably automatically – which he did. Although I am not one of his biggest fans I thank him for that.
    However…….. the reality is that the top six were far and away better than the rest of the division yet we lost to Luton (relegated) twice, Gillingham (relegated) Bournemouth (relegated). We also drew at home with Bournemouth and Crewe (nearly relegated) twice with Bristol Rovers (nearly relegated).
    In reality Calderwood’s tactics particlarly in the first three quarters of the season were suspect and the football was poor. All those people saying Calderwood deserves an apology (including the NEP editor – idiot) should take off thier rose tinted glasses, which they found after that superb win over Yeovil and although superb was based on Donny losing therefore could have gone either way.
    I believe that the jury is most firmly out on Mr Calderwood.
    The question is where will we be at Christmas ??

  24. I don’t wear rose tinted glasses or expect people to apologise (as they are entitled to their opinions) however I do believe that luck evens itself out over a season and Forest were in a position to finish second on the last day and did. It was the points gained over the whole season that put us in that position, who we did or did not beat doesn’t really matter. Forest accumulated 82 points over 46 games to finish second and if we were lucky on the last day, we were unlucky on other occasions prior to that.
    ND has put his faith in Colin and we should back him and the team from the start of the season – keep the negativity away and you never know what might happen…..

  25. What a season, what a difference a game makes. URED, rose tinted glasses – exactly. Like I’ve said, the cotton wool has not been pulled over my eyes because we got auto promotion on the last day of the season.

    Donny & Carlisle didn’t bottle it on the last day, they bottled it in the last 3 (match days)!! where we managed to keep our guts & finally win more that 2 in a row. Oh what was that – FINALLY won more than 2 in a row. Yes, that word represents the whole season. Does anybody disagree that we had the best SQUAD in the league. Note, the emphasis.

    The race is 42 games in the league but consistancy is the key. We only produced that consistancy at the end.

    “Before Christmas”, I’d like to see who’s here for the start of the season, nevermind ’till then. The uncertaincy over Clingan & Agogo is not good for us. I wish Agogo’s agent drops dead (ok, maybe not that bad) but stops medeling in the players affairs when there’s no problem. We are NOT a 1st division side anymore & next season (2009-10) who knows what might happen. If Agogo’s happy so he should tell his agent to shut up and let him concentrate on being a Forest player. BTW – he got another 2 goals the other day again… Note to ND – the more he scores, the more you can ask 4… y don’t u price him out of the market??

    We need to keep the players we have & add to them. Not lose & replace them…

    1 last thing, 2 keep the negativity away Paul (& I’m all 4 being positive) we need 2 have s’thing 2 encourage that – so far we had 1 in, 3 out (including the 2 U-21’s released) and 2 players who we don’t know what’s happening with the 1 a free agent.

  26. Matt, You’ve simply said that I’ll be behind Forest next season but if we muff it up I told you so. CC got us to 2nd in a piss poor division. Even if we’ve got some great characters who we’re all grateful to for their heroics they are no way great players. I love Forest and want them to romp all the way back to the premiership, we’ll do that by all sticking together and sticking with a manager. The constant change of managers over the seasons have seriously damaged this club, CC may not be with us for 16 years but he’s earn’t a shot in the championship and he’s got a good record, he might turn out to be the best thing thats happend to this club for along time, he’s certainly the best manager we’ve had for the past few years. Get behind him get behind the team and let hope it’s a good start to the season.

  27. Dan, I did say that he’d earned my respect. Of course I’ll get behind Forest again next year, and unlike a lot of fans if it does start to get a bit sticky I’ll carry on singing and backing the players as oppossed to booing at half/full-time. My mood swings are reserved for this blog (thank you nffc!).
    I just want to enjoy my football. It costs me a lot of money at the start of the season renewing 5 season tickets, and as anyone with 3 kids will tell you a fair bit more buying the shirts and tracksuits etc, before you get ’em all a drink and hotdog!
    We also have to travel a long way for home games, therefore it’s a family day out. For that reason I dont see the point in me getting all mardy if things have gone against us, if I do then the kids will eventually decide not to come with a grumpy old man and stop supporting Forest. Unthinkable!
    My point is that after all the effort I put into Nottingham Forest, I expect to see some kind of effort back. And too often that has been lacking.
    You’re right about constantly changing managers, it doesn’t do us any good, and he probably will turn out to be the best we’ve had for many years. But only if he learns quickly. Some of the teams next season will hammer us if he muffs his tactics on the sort of scale he did last year…

  28. Just like Greece last night – sorry Vas, that was poor from the European Champions.

    Anyway back 2 the Reds, no news on anything. All quiet….

  29. Matt, I understand where you’re coming from completely, we’ve been tortured for the past 5 seasons and I realise how important it is to let off steam. We are in their hands and apart from the results, the football as a spectacle has been pretty poor. I know we were lucky on the last day of the season but hope that there will be better opportunity to play better football in the championship. I’m sure the football at city ground will improve with a step up in quality so long as the group of players we have get to grips with it early enough. I’ve more faith in CC to do a better job than Jo(K)e Kinnear! I want to see good footy but I feel we need consistency too, only time will tell if CC is the man. Here’s hoping for a good start.

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